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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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“Stuck in what!?” “Can’t you see?” Abel asked. “It’s what he was saying. His mind is lost” “What are you talking about? How did you know what to say to him?” Abel shrugged as the big boy took a threatening step toward him. Bart crossed the fire; his thick muscles bunched up and ready to fight. Abel could hear footsteps behind him and assumed it was Jason who made the noise. “I…I didn’t” Abel defended himself. “It just seemed to make sense. He’s wrapped up in it. I thought I could talk him out of it” “Out of what?” Bart demanded as he took off his shirt and threw it to the ground. He unbuttoned his pants and started to push them down as he glared at Abel.

“Your friend is trapped in a nursery rhyme” He looked at Bart and Sean, hoping they would see it.

Sean was pulling off his clothes as Bart’s body began to shift.

“Find him! Search everywhere!” He grabbed Abel. “Tell your men what happened! I want everyone after him! Go!” He pushed him away and Abel began to run from camp, glad to be free of Sean’s attention.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague It took three minutes before the teenage boys were replaced with bulky Werewolves. They charged into the woods splitting up and fanning out in the direction of the black Wolf…but it would prove useless.

Chase was gone!

Michael grabbed his head and swayed on his feet. Silas and Ryan traded looks as the Alpha struggled with sudden disorientation. The big man groaned. “Something’s wrong” Silas looked around the ruins of the farmhouse. “Clearly” He said dryly.

Ryan didn’t like the constant baiting of the Grand Alpha that Silas found so easy to do. The man was far too powerful to annoy, especially now.

“My power just took a hit!” Michael fought to stand. He planted his big feet in the ground and bent his knees slightly to steady himself.

Silas watched him carefully. The shared power of an Alpha was pack magic and a pack was a new thing to Michael. It was what bonded the Leader to the Followers. For most Alpha’s this was used as communication, as a means to control, but Michael had been drained! His power had been sucked down like water through a straw. He felt the rift in the air. It was sudden as if the empty space in which they stood could be ripped. Silas took a step away.

“What the hell was that?” Michael finally lifted his head and looked around. “It’s coming back. It felt like a truck drove through me” “Sean was affected by your attack from the Vampire” Silas offered. Michael looked at him hard. He didn’t realize that Silas knew that. “It appears your bond is for more than just control” Michael shook his head. “Sean can only take from my physically. Only when I offer it. He has no such bond with me” Ryan and Silas traded uneasy looks.

“Something’s wrong with my Son” Michael told them.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Silas gave him a hard look and then stepped away from him, walking around the barn until he faced the woods. Ryan moved near to watch but far enough away not to distract his master. The big man closed his eyes and concentrated.

Michael started to walk up but Ryan raised his hand to stop him. He shook his head but said nothing.

Silas moved his head slowly from side to side and after a long two minutes he opened his eyes and turned to them. “Bart and Jason are Wolves. They are running” Ryan looked at Michael. “Can you feel your Son?” The heavily muscled blonde man looked at him and Ryan immediately stepped back and dropped his eyes to the ground.

“No” The Grand Alpha stated boldly.

“No?” Silas asked with disbelief. “You’re the most powerful Werewolf in North America! What do you mean you can’t feel him?” Michael walked toward the other Alpha, his big feet sending the dirt up in small clouds. The power began to radiate from him. They stood face to face; Michael even in this state dwarfed the strength of the other man.

“I haven’t been able to feel him since the Vampire was killed. At least not like I could before” Silas looked at him in question.

“I can feel him when he’s near. I can feel his intent when he’s close by, but I lost the ability to sense him when he’s out of sight” Silas took in a deep breath and blew it out. “I don’t believe it. That shouldn’t be possible. You did bond with him when he first changed?” “Yes, I…” he started and then decided not to tell Silas that he actually bonded with Chase twice, once as a man and another as the Wolf. Chase had changed during both bonds, first into the black wolf and then into the black wolf with golden eyes. “When Chase was enthralled by the Vampire’s bite I lost my connection to him. All I felt was the Vampire” He sighed. “Then Helen destroyed it. It took me days to recover. When I did I realized I couldn’t find Chase the way I could before. I still felt him, but not like I used to” He looked to the woods. “He’s out of range” Silas had heard enough. He waved to Ryan to come forward. “Summon the rest. I want Andreas on his feet even if it kills him. If his Alpha isn’t here to command him, then I will! We go after Jason and Bart” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Ryan nodded and didn’t ask questions. He ran for the others as they searched the area and tended to a wounded Andreas. Silas watched the man run with satisfaction. Nothing made him happier than unquestioned loyalty. “Your Son is with them. If something is wrong with him it may have something to do with your daughter and what happened here. We get the pack back together and regroup. We’re too thinly spread” Michael nodded. Silas wasn’t an Alpha because he was stupid. He thrived in command and since Michael had no pack of his own to order around, he let Silas do it instead.

The remaining men gathered around, Andreas looking weak but ready. Silas looked him over. “You work for me Wolf and unlike your absent Master, I won’t tolerate disobedience. You’re the only one besides him that has experienced this” he pointed to Michael. “You stay near us at all times. I want to know the moment you sense anything” Andreas nodded to him and within minutes the battered farm was populated by a large pack of adult Werewolves. They ran into the woods toward Bart and Jason’s location. It would take several hours to travel, even at top speed. It would take them deep into the dense forest and right through the barrier erected almost a hundred years ago.

It wouldn’t stop them. They would pass through without knowing the consequence. The barrier would not alert them to the danger. It would not guide them to Emma or Chase…but it would do one thing.

It would leave them at the mercy of the Witch.

This was the second mistake Silas made. As the massive Wolf ran beside his pack, he had no idea it would be, for some, the last time.

Michael led the way because he wasn’t meant to follow. He knew the camp well and had hunted there for years even before he married Wendy. His thoughts drifted to his beautiful wife, so powerful and yet so helpless. He thought of his daughter and how her tiny hands gripped his neck tightly whenever he carried her. He thought of Chase, but for only a moment, because his mind skipped as he did. Instead of his Son, Michael’s mind began to loop over and over again with one sentence.

“My…what big teeth you have”


They were coming for him, he could feel it. They were far behind and spreading out. Adult males were right behind and fanning out in a hunting pattern. It didn’t matter; all he could think of was the danger miles and miles ahead. Whatever she was, she was powerful; far more so than the Vampire.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He ran easily through the trees. The ground shifted and met every step he took, every root, every vine pulled out of the way as he did, although Chase was oblivious to this. He felt a mass of power far ahead.

It seemed childlike but adult at the same time…male and female, human and animal. He could make no sense of it, although it seemed like the female was more dominate than the rest. It was the child aspect that bothered him the most because it was out of place with the rest. There was a warm energy associated with it that Chase couldn’t find in the rest of the creature.

Worse still, it felt familiar.

His jet black body was invisible in the night and he barely made a sound as he moved. It would take him a long time to get there, even if he ran full speed for hours he might not be in time, but he had to try.

Michael ran faster than anyone, his mind still trapped in a loop like a song he couldn’t stop thinking about. He shook his head and tried to clear it, but it wouldn’t stop. He ran faster, leaving mounds of dirt to cloud the air behind him as the others tried to keep up. He was the Grand Alpha, if there was an enemy nearby he would face it head on and unafraid.

He just had to get to Chase. Get to his Son and make sure he was alright. Then he would find Emma and kill whatever took her.

He had been an Alpha for a long time and more powerful than any pack of Wolves or an army of Vampires. He wasn’t used to defeat…but this time was different. The Witch wasn’t his enemy; at least not directly. She didn’t care about him. She didn’t care about his strength, his willpower, his command over others. She didn’t care that he hunted her or that he brought others to fight with or for him.

They were irrelevant.

All she needed was the child.

The rest were meaningless.

Michael’s great muscles pumped and flexed as the ground gave way and small trees cracked as he brushed by them; his massive body leveling the forest in his wake.

He headed right for the barrier.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The Witch lifted her arm and allowed the Raven to land on it. She looked into its eyes and pulled the thoughts from its mind. She saw Emma making the doorway. She saw her wrapped in her red cloak and smoke black boots. She saw the Litch almost touch her and then wisely pull back at the Raven’s protest.

She knew the girl was close, but she couldn’t come to near. It was almost time…time when the forest would only allow Emma to approach. The black power of the Witch would trigger a number of defenses that the Druid warned her about.

Arnell had told her much, not that she had a choice.

It had taken a long time and a great deal of magic to drag the secrets out of the woman before she met her death. It was delicate magic to keep thoughts intact while taking them by force. It wasn’t the first time the Witch had done it over the centuries to be sure, but that kind of magic was for Wizards and healers, not for one of the dark arts like her. She preferred a different kind of magic, but it couldn’t be helped, there was no other way to get the information she needed. Only three women knew the truth and location of the Book. If she failed with one, she would only have two more chances to get the truth before she would run out options. She knew the forest was seeded in magic, and here, surrounded by so much nature; the power of the Druid’s was not to be taken lightly…not even by her.

The Raven rubbed its face on her sleeve, happy to see her. She allowed it to hop to her shoulder as she floated over the ground, making sure to stay behind the child. She would have to stop soon or risk the traps laid out hundreds of years ago. She cast out her power as gently as she could and reached for the girl.

Yes. There she was, about four miles ahead and walking forward. She had small legs and her steps would eat up little ground as she moved. The Witch was patient though, she would ensure no one would interfere with the girl, not her Mother, not her Father and not… The Witch froze in the air. She dropped to the ground and lifted up her arms in defense. The Raven flew away, afraid.

Something was wrong!

She slowly turned counter clockwise, her eyes open and alert. To the right she felt nothing. Her magic reached out and out for miles, until it bumped against the inside of the barrier.

Still she turned.

Now she faced south.

She felt the Litch. It wasn’t moving. Her temporary companion was doing as she commanded. It waited for the Wolves to come, ready to kill them. Her power moved by him until she felt the barrier again a few miles in front of the foul creature.

Still she turned.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Nothing to the west, except the barrier. She felt cold trapped under the dome of magic. Reaching out the way she did only reminded her of how vulnerable and just how trapped she currently was.

She turned until she faced north.

There it was again!

It wasn’t specific. It felt like a Wolf, but not. Her power ran over it like water over glass. She couldn’t discern what it was, but it was moving fast, right toward her. She slowly rocked her head on her neck as she decided what to do. She couldn’t stop, she was too close. Was this something the Wizards did?

Something the Druids arranged?

No. They didn’t deal with the life of flesh, only plants. The Gods they worshipped had nothing to do with flesh magic, but that of nature.

It could be the Wizards, but their power was easily defined. They worked with complex spells while Druids worked with flowing, natural magic. A spell from the Wizards would be like the barrier, not like this. Not twisted as it was.

This was something she had not encountered before, and the Witch didn’t like that at all. She ran her bent fingers over her lap and rubbed them clean.

She didn’t know what was coming but she was sure it knew of her. She looked around at what she could use against it. She still had time. At the speed it was coming it wouldn’t reach her for another few hours.

That was plenty of time. She looked at the Raven far above her on a branch and looking down. At her command it flew off to keep track of the girl, careful to stay far enough away to not trip any magic.

The Witch had to prepare. She didn’t know what was coming for her but she was sure of one thing.

There was going to be a fight.

Emma wasn’t tired. She had been walking for hours but the black boots kept her from feeling anything.

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