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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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She was at peace enjoying nature and the way it spoke to her as she moved through it. She could see, even though it was night. She didn’t know how, and didn’t care. In fact, she didn’t care about anything.

There was something ahead of her, something beautiful, calling her name and wanting her to come closer…and so she did.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The boots on her feet wavered about an hour later until they fell apart in a puddle of dark smoke, dissolving in the air and leaving her barefoot. The magic of the Druid’s was powerful here and the spell was made to break apart at the feel of raw magic.

Heavy vines moved toward Emma sensing the dark power. As they wrapped themselves around her tiny frame the magic was gone, leaving only the child behind, unmarked by Witchcraft. She was Druid, full of power and bringer of life. The vines caressed her and pulled her along, happy for her presence.

Emma smiled and reached out to touch them in turn. Each became greener at the feel of her small fingers and quivered in delight as she moved forward, the magic of the Witch no longer a threat to them.

The ground shifted and Emma was welcome into the sacred ground leveled so long ago by Naomi Puller. It would still take over an hour or more to reach the Tree but there would be nothing to stop her, she was a child of nature, a welcome guest; family in fact.

Emma moved forward, her tiny feet now touching the cool ground. The spark of nature moved through her small body with each step she took and she could feel the power of the Tree all around her. It was amazing. It was like swimming in a pool of pure water, soothing and refreshing.

Still Emma walked, her red cloak billowing behind her. She held the small bag in her hands as she walked…its weight full of possibilities. The Witch wasn’t stupid. Emma would now be beyond her power and undefended, so she provided her with the best weapons possible. Without the power of black magic to back her up, she gave her a means to defend herself as a last resort.

Emma had no idea what was in the bag. She didn’t care, she walked forward happy to be so deep in the forest with all her friends nearby. She was oblivious, that like the Witch; she would have her own battle to fight.

Daruth had to travel by foot. It wouldn’t be wise to bring the woman in her condition to the airport. She had accepted his gift after her explained what he was. She didn’t take long to decide. It was her intention to die at his hands. She didn’t want to suffer months of pain from the cancer that had spread through her body, she just wanted release. When she saw Daruth’s beast she gave herself freely, thinking he was a gift from God. She had no idea what he was or what he could offer. When he left her the first time she realized that there was more to the world than she knew, and maybe she wasn’t doomed after all.

So she waited.

Again, he came to her.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague When she woke and found the handsome man beside her she wasn’t afraid, she was relieved. Maybe he would take her now, and free her from a painful death.

It was then he made his offer.

She could live.


There was a choice to be made. He could make no promises to her. She might come over on her own, or she might not. It was her will that would see her through, he could only open the door for her to walk through.

“The cancer?” she asked.

He nodded his head and told her the cancer would be killed by the beast, provided the beast accepted her at all that is.

Then he added. “It will be painful” His warm eyes looked at her. “But it will pass, as all things do” They talked awhile more until she nodded her head. “I want it” Daruth stood up; his hard body covered in muscle and reached toward her. He held out his hand and she took it as he pulled her to her feet and embraced her.

“It’s easier this way” he said softly, kissing her neck. Her arms moved up around his warm body and she leaned into him as he worked his way to her shoulder, his soft lips sending shivers down her spine.

They had spent most of the night having sex. Her body was spent and weak and still he wanted more.

She would have never imagined anyone could have the endurance he did. His body was hard and fluid at the same time. His muscles were strong but gentle as he held her up and supported her weight with ease.

His mouth moved to hers and he crushed his lips over hers, sending his thick tongue deep inside. She sucked on it as it rubbed itself across her wet lips and she felt her body respond. It was unbelievable that she had any desire left…but there was something about him that she found irresistible.

As they kissed he softly began to growl and she felt her pussy clench. His arms became thicker and warmer as she sucked at him. His fingers grew and she felt the tips become points that sharpened with every second.

Before she knew it she was on the ground. She spread her legs eagerly as his heavy cock pushed between them, stiff and pulsing. The head of his big dick opened her up and she threw her head back and cried out as he sunk into her.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The fire crackled nearby when she opened her eyes. His muscled body was swelling up and hair was covering his hard flesh. His face was the last thing to change. His handsome features began to shift as his teeth grew and filled his mouth. His eyes blazed with power as his ears moved and grew tall on his head.

She closed her eyes and gave herself to him with a moan. His big cock swelled and swelled until she felt she would be split in two by the thick, furry sheath. The next ten minutes seemed like an eternity as he pushed and pulled his huge shaft into her body.

She felt herself tip over the edge and she came hard as her pussy gushed over his beastly prick.

That’s when he bit her.

His sharp teeth sunk deep into her shoulder but he didn’t pull away. She tried to push against him but he held her still in his powerful arms, his mighty prick hard in her quivering cunt. His thick saliva dripped down his teeth and into the wound, mixing with her blood.

It lasted for almost as long as their sex did. Her struggles became weaker and weaker as the minutes moved by, until she finally, she lay still in his arms as the magic took hold and the beast began to form.

Making a Werewolf from a bite was almost as hard as giving birth to one. These types of Wolves didn’t live as long or have the same type of power base that a pure breed did, but they were dangerous in their own right. Mostly because controlling these kinds of Wolves was difficult. The human in them rebelled at being controlled, having not been born into a cast society, like Daruth had.

He was an Alpha though, and his chances of success were greater than most. Michael could probably do it on command and lose maybe two out of ten people. Daruth knew the odds were not with him like they were the Grand Alpha, but still he had to try. The offer was made and accepted. He could only pray to Phoebe now.

It would take days to know for sure. She could die at any time before the beast grew to power inside her. If her body didn’t accept the change it would fight to the death and both would perish. Daruth would do what he could to help the change, using his will to command the beast to live.

Still, it was up to her to finish the job.

He slowly pulled his mouth back. Blood covered her shoulder and began to pour out but Daruth licked and licked it clean until the magic of his saliva stopped the flow and her skin began to heal. She would always have the mark of his bite on her, although it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as it was now. It would heal over time but the wound would always be there for any other Wolf to see.

He shifted his body and supported his great weight on his muscled arms as her head moved slowly back and forth.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague It was a critical time. The chances were greater if the body felt no pain, but pain was a part of the transformation. Daruth aided her all he could. He cast his strong will at her and began to gently fuck her with his thick cock.

Phoebe stood at the tree line out of sight. She watched Daruth with pride in her eyes. He was a favorite of hers, he had been since birth, and it was why he was an Alpha. Like Michael, Silas, and Kalibrus, Daruth had her favor and her blessing.

She felt a strong arm wrap around her shoulder. She didn’t look; she already knew who it was. “Isn’t this cheating?” Polus gripped her body to his. “Cheating?” his voice showed his offense but Phoebe was not to be had so easily.

“You know what I mean” He shrugged. “You have no control if she changes or not” he offered. “They don’t belong to you until AFTER the Wolf is born” Phoebe was used to her husband’s selective choice of words. He wasn’t the God of Intelligence because of his good looks.

“The fact that she’s here at all I mean?” Polus laughed. “She’s camping and by the looks of it, having a great time. It’s a human pastime or something like that. Besides, what’s a little bite between friends?” Now Phoebe did turn. Her eyes gleaming with moonlight. “You know what this is going to mean if she changes” Polus looked bewildered. “I know no such thing. Neither do you” He looked back at Daruth’s Wolf thrusting into the supine woman. “He might fail. Who knows?” “He’s an Alpha!” Phoebe said firmly. “AND she wants it. Success is almost guaranteed. He has MY blessing after all” Polus kissed at her neck with his warm lips. “My love, nothing is guaranteed” he smiled. “Besides their just two consenting adults having fun. What’s the harm?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “This isn’t breaking the rules?” Polus looked hard at her. “You think SHE isn’t? You think SHE’S standing idly by watching from afar? No, my love…SHE is just as active as WE are” He looked back at Daruth. “The Witch is getting as much help from HER as WE are giving them. It’s a delicate business to be sure but Hecate is no fool and HER fingers are deep in this” “The Witch is powerful and Chase is untried” Polus nodded. “But he has a powerful base” Phoebe looked at him warmly. “You spoke to his Mother?” He nodded. “I did. Remarkable woman. She questioned her faith, can you believe it?” “She’s been through much. She was a good choice Polus” She wrapped her arms around him and leaned into his chest. “Will she know?” She didn’t have to explain. Polus knew about what she asked.

He didn’t answer for a moment.

“I’m not sure” he admitted. Phoebe sighed.

“Why are all your men so good looking?” he asked, changing the subject.

Phoebe laughed softly. “He is beautiful is he not? A perfect Werewolf and an equally impressive man” She watched as the great beast mated with the willing woman, his massive muscled body covered in dark fur, her small legs were spread apart by his heavy thighs.

“I think your trying to make me jealous” Polus said looking at her.

Phoebe looked innocent. “He’s only a man my love” She turned to Daruth. “A beautiful, handsome man…but a man nonetheless” Polus didn’t look convinced. “Mmmhmm” Phoebe laughed, and with a shimmer of moonlight, they both disappeared, leaving Daruth to his task.

Hours later he wrapped her in a blanket and packed up the camp. He buried what he couldn’t take and dressed her in warm clothes. He carried her down the mountain. It would take days to get her back to the pack. He could have asked Kalibrus to take her but it wasn’t the man’s responsibility, although Daruth knew he would welcome her.

His muscled arms carried her easily through the dense woods until he found his own clothes. He set her down, got dressed and carried her again. It had a long journey ahead and he hoped the delay wouldn’t cause any problems.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He had no idea the Witch had already moved against them, and that his strangest battle was ahead of him.

The Litch felt them as the crossed the barrier.

It wouldn’t stop them like it did the Witch.

Even HE had to use the door the child made, although he had no idea what the barrier was protecting.

He had no intention of crossing the Witch and she wasn’t about to give him the opportunity to do so.

Instead she promised him the lives of the Wolves and that of the powerful Druid child. Once she was done with her, of course.

He had been a man, a long time ago. A Wizard in fact. He favored the darker arts but not at first. It had taken years before he went down that path. As time moved by and he aged he began to seek out magic to extend his life. Most Wizards lived longer than humans, the more powerful ones, even longer. This was by no means immortality though, and he found he wanted more life than life would give.

So he began to take it.

As his magic augmented his life he began to turn, wanting more and more. His humanity slipped away with every spell he cast to extend the years he walked the earth, until it fell away completely. Now his magic was twisted and of the blackest realm.

Now he was Litch.

Shunned by all other magic users, a Litch was a creature of death, sucking the life of those around it and adding it to its own. No longer human, it had ghastly white skin and black teeth. The magic surrounding it was poison to all others, even other magic users.

It was an abomination.

Only one such as the Witch would ever deal with such a foul creature. It made Vampires, Ghouls and the like appear timid by contrast. The Litch lived for death. Whatever it was before was gone; replaced by a soul sucking eater of life. Children were a special delight and a child of magic was a rare delicacy the Litch could not pass up. When the Witch promised the little girl, the Litch practically giggled with joy.

Let the crone have what she will, as long as the child was his.

They were coming, and they were many, while he was one.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague It would make no difference.

His stomach growled with hunger, eager for what was headed toward him. Werewolves would not go easy. They would fight and claw and hunt him like a rabbit.

But he was no rabbit…he was Litch.

He was death.

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