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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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He stayed hidden within the circles he made in the ground. Only the Witch found him. She was powerful that one. He would not cross her, provided she made good on her promise. His mind ran to the child, with her red cloak and smoky black boots. Her skin was so pure, untouched by age.

His mouth salivated at the thought.

He would suck the little bitch dry!


They had been running for almost an hour when Michael halted abruptly and spun around. The other Wolves were behind him by a good fifty yards, even Silas having trouble keeping up with him. They stopped when they saw him turn. He lifted his massive head and sniffed the air heavily and began to turn in circles. Ryan, who was by far the best tracker came forward, but not too close, and sniffed the air as well.

It was there. It was just a trace but it was there. Both of them struggled to find it but it was Ryan who found it first.

Emma had been here!

Ryan pressed his nose to the ground and began to track. It was a faint smell and one he wouldn’t have normally found if not for Michael’s prompting. The smell led him back the way they came a good hundred yards or so. The other Wolves moved far away knowing what a delicate process it was. Having the smell of several adult Werewolves nearby did nothing to aid Ryan’s quest. Even Michael moved back and watched.

It took only minutes before Ryan pawed at the ground and began to howl. Michael bolted forward and sniffed the spot as well.

It was his daughter!

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He shifted into human form, taking less than a minute.

Silas followed while the others stayed as beasts. Changing multiple times in one day was hard for most Werewolves. An Alpha like Silas could do it a dozen times if need be, but he would pay for it later in exhaustion. For Michael, the change was something he could do an almost limitless amount of times.

Truth was, he had never changed so many times that he was tired. Not until Chase came to him, and the other Wolves became involved in his life, had he had to change over and over again. Ryan and a few others had changed three times already and they were at their limit. Doing so again would require a good ten hours of sleep and a meal that could empty most kitchens.

Michael squatted on the ground and felt it with his large hand as if he could touch his daughter while Silas finished changing and stepped beside him.

“What is it?” Michael turned to him. “It’s my daughter! She’s been here!” Silas’s eyes went wide. “This is more than fifty miles from your farm. She could never have gotten her before us” He looked around finding only wilderness as far as the eye could see.

Michael nodded. “And yet she did” He looked around the area for any other trace. “I don’t know how or why but she’s been here I’m certain of it” Silas looked at Ryan. “Keep searching! See if you can find where she went next!” Ryan pawed at the ground and looked agitated. Before Silas could speak again Michael said, “That’s the problem Silas, her scent starts here” He pointed to the ground. “This is the beginning” The older man looked dumbfounded. “How is that possible? She’s four years old” Michael’s hand ran over the ground another moment and then quickly pulled away. He should have never touched the spot. All he did was make things harder for Ryan now that he marked the earth with his scent as well. He looked at the tracker and acknowledged what he did.

“My fault, I should have let you lead” He stood up and moved back as Ryan’s wolf moved forward and pressed his nose to the ground. His big body moved slowly in a line although he circled the same area several times. He made it almost fifty yards before he looked at Silas and whined.

“That’s it?” he asked. The big animal groaned. He looked back to Michael. “How does a four year old get out this far on her own, leave no scent and then just disappear? We weren’t even looking for her” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Michael looked at Ryan. “Keep trying, move ahead and see if you can find it again. She made it this far somehow, she has to be somewhere” Ryan nodded and kept working, running a little, stopping to sniff the ground only to run again.

“Why stop here?” Silas asked. “What’s so special about this place? If she came this far why wouldn’t see just go all the way?” Michael didn’t have an answer for him. It had taken a group of full grown Werewolves more than an hour running at full speed just to get here. How did she do it so quickly? Why is her smell so faint?

The big blonde man looked at the other Alpha. “Maybe we should split up? You go find Jason and Bart while we search for Emma” Silas took in a breath. “Mmmm. I don’t know. I don’t like this, none of it. At least with the Vampires we had someone to fight, but this…” “It’s the only way” “Michael, whatever destroyed your home, took your daughter, and buried you in the yard…AFTER it put your sorceress wife in a coma. You really think dividing our numbers is wise?” “No it isn’t. But I don’t know another way of finding my family. I can’t do this without Ryan and for some reason your Wolves are running around the mountain hours ahead of us. I don’t want to lose Emma’s trail. If she was here Ryan stands the best chance of finding her. Get your pack from the camp and meet us here. Search for Ryan, I’ll be with him” Silas rubbed his head. “Daruth’s men are there as well” The statement spoke for itself.

Michael pointed to the big Werewolf to the right. “Andreas will command them. We WILL do this together” his voice was firm. Silas turned to the pack. “If any Wolf interferes with the safety of my family I will personally cull them from the rest” He stepped closer to the Wolves. “And I don’t care from what pack they belong” The Wolves got the message. Some pawed at the ground uneasily while others looked around in any direction but that of the Alpha.

Silas spoke next. “Alright! We move forward! Ryan stay with Michael and find the child, the rest follow me and be on guard. I don’t care what it is! WE are the most dangerous thing in this forest today and Death will be our flag!!” The Wolves howled in the air and barked in agreement. Silas had a way of riling up the troops that was sure. He changed into a Wolf and led his pack through the trees and toward the mountain.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague It would be his third mistake.

Both the Witch and Chase had a similar problem.

Neither could figure out what the other was.

For Chase, the Witch was an amalgam of beings. She felt both male and female…adult and child. Her power had bled over herself, the Litch, Emma, and the Raven…making it impossible for Chase to focus on any ONE of them. In his mind thoughts bunched together as the four beings swirled into one. He could not cope with her magic; it was too powerful and too foreign to him. Emma’s thoughts drifted into his head instead, and through her mind he saw the Witch. Emma’s thoughts were childlike and incoherent, events explained through children’s bedtime stories instead of logic. Chase’s mind warped with the magic that corrupted the bewitched Emma, and he could not distinguish fantasy from reality.

All he knew was she was evil, far more evil than the Vampire ever was, and Chase had been enthralled by him. He knew firsthand how the blood sucker hated his Father. He was witness and instrument to the pain the creature caused his Dad. Chase felt the power flow through him and strike at Michael like a dagger. He was helpless to stop him; helpless to do anything but watch his Father fall.

Then there was the woman…Phoebe. She came to him and pulled him away so he wouldn’t see. It was her that blinded him to his Father’s pain. She was there for another reason as well. Phoebe needed the Vampire. She needed him for Chase. The animal that lived in him wasn’t fully born yet and the Vampire had yet to give his unknown gift.

It was Phoebe’s smile that held Chase. She was so beautiful and made him feel at peace even as he felt his beast eat…even as his Father screamed on the ground.

It was his Mother that ended it. Chase came alive when she was threatened and managed to break free to protect her…but it was already a lost cause. Helen needed no protection. She brought her own.

The death of the Vampire ended his Father’s agony. It ended Phoebe’s quest to complete the Wolf that now lived inside of Chase. It ended the war that plagued the packs and most importantly…it ended Chase’s life the way he knew it.

He was no longer human.

He was Werewolf.

But not quite… The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The part of him that existed as simple Werewolf was born the night he drank from his Father, the most powerful Wolf in North America. He ceased to be human at that point, but his change was far from complete. Each aspect of him was triggered by a different event. He went from boy to Wolf on his first step, but it was only that…his first step. Then he coupled with the Grand Alpha under the light of the full moon…Phoebe’s moon.

He was born again.

Now the flood of Alpha power surged through his veins and the Werewolf was no more.

The Black Wolf with the golden eyes now lived.

Not human…not Werewolf…and still not complete.

No one understood this, least of all Michael, who struggled with the changes Chase went through. The drain to his power was so complete that he actually reverted to human form as Chase took from him yet again to fuel his further change. Michael lay on his back naked as the power of Polus populated the Black Wolf’s eyes and gleamed down on him like twin suns.

The Grand Alpha, now man, did not know what he was looking at. No Wolf, no human for that matter, ever looked like this. Michael could not move; he was too weak. In his mind he thought Chase would be overwhelmed by the flood of raw Alpha power. The boy was so small, so unlike other boys his age.

Michael controlled the flow of energy as best he could, afraid he would literally burn Chase up. But the reverse was true. Chase had taken from him twice in one night. He sucked Michael dry, leaving nothing but man in the Grand Alpha’s place.

It shouldn’t have been possible. He shouldn’t have been able to do that. The power of a Grand Alpha was so great it could control armies, and the beast that Chase became was small, far smaller than he was, and even smaller than a Werewolf of lesser lineage. Michael was no mere Wolf, his power was a gift from Phoebe herself but he was unprepared for what his Son had done to him.

“He’s a Prince” she had told him, but still he didn’t understand.

As Chase ran into the woods from his Father, his new beast alive for the first time, he didn’t notice how the forest completed him, or how it shifted around his every movement. In fact no one noticed it. To them Chase was simply fast and agile, but the truth was far different from their belief.

Chase was still growing, his power not complete. The body of the Black Wolf was waking up for the first time. No one realized that Chase was still forming. Michael didn’t understand the truth because he thought Chase was like him…a simple Werewolf. But Phoebe had hinted otherwise. He assumed she meant Chase was a Prince of Werewolves…but he was wrong.

Now the plans of Polus were almost complete. The dark beast in Chase was almost born.

Three things had yet to reveal themselves.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The Nox Nesting had yet to live.

As Chase ran forward toward the evil at the base of the mountain, he didn’t know what he would find, he didn’t know he faced four not one. All he knew was that this was what he was born to do. It was his destiny to face this, the reason the Goddess made him to begin with.

The beast that Chase had become was controlling his actions. It moved by instinct like a finely honed weapon. For Chase it was like he was simply along for the ride.

He ran by instinct now…fully beast.

The black Wolf with golden eyes was now in charge.

The Witch for her part faced a similar dilemma. Her power was great but lived by a set of rules established centuries ago. Things were white or black, edible or poison. What she sensed now made no sense at all.

It was human but not. It was Wolf but not. It was alive but dead. It felt male but had a heavy blanket of female around it. Its power was supernatural but celestial in nature. It tapped into something that the Witch had never felt before…but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be defeated. The only thing she knew for sure was it was fast.

Very fast.

And coming for her!

The Witch had to set aside her focus on the child for the time being. Whatever was coming would require her full attention if she were to kill it. But this was what she excelled at. It wasn’t mind shifting or flying in the air that made her blood boil; it was war, plain and simple. She thrived on killing with magic.

It could be said…she lived for it.

She prepared her spells and cemented her plan of attack. She could not best its speed so she would have to take away that advantage. She looked at the ground and bent down to run her hand across it. She chanted and let her power flow. It took only moments before her Witchcraft took hold and the ground began to liquefy. It spread out from her in a circle, farther and farther until she was surrounded by a hundred yards of quicksand.

Let it come, she thought.

Let it die!

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Daruth had another day of travel before he would reach Montana. He rented a car and placed the unconscious woman in the back seat and did his best to make her comfortable. The next day was the most critical, the Wolf would be born or not.

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