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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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He looked in the rear view mirror as he drove, not bothering to call ahead. He had a lot to think about. It had been some time since he changed a human being into a Wolf and his will was focused on her. Giving life was a delicate thing. If it were easy the Earth would be swimming in Werewolves. Even natural Wolves born of two transformed parents were rare. Daruth, like all males, coupled with as many females as possible in order to increase the size of the pack. Wives and husbands meant nothing in that regard. No boundaries existed when it came to sex.

It was simply pack business.

Most Wolves didn’t marry at all because there was no point. Procreating was everything to a pack.

Usually only an Alpha married, mostly due to protocol and nothing more. Some packs had children from four or five women but one Father. Once a male was found to breed successfully, they were sought out by other females of the pack. Male mates stepped aside to allow the coupling, hopeful for a child.

Usually the stronger the man, the better success of insemination, which is why a Grand Alpha like Michael, was so high in demand. The women would do anything to be with him, even kill if need be.

To create a Werewolf from a bite was far more dangerous and risky to both sides. Only a Wolf with a strong will could pull it off and even then it depended on the human that was bitten. If they found the change too much, they would die, or at the very least go insane. There was no middle ground. A crazed Wolf was put down, usually by the pack Alpha or the creator of the Wolf, if available.

Daruth did what he could and tried to flood her body with not only his venom but his cum as well. He wanted to saturate her with his power to give her the best chance of success.

Now it was up to her.

His hand dropped between his legs and he rubbed at his big cock. He could pull over and mate with her again. It might help. His thick shaft swelled back at the thought as he looked at the sleeping woman in the back seat.

Would it be too much? Was it just an indulgence? If he knew for sure the choice would be easy, he would take her right there and overpower the resistance of her human body.

No, he thought. He had done enough; the rest was up to her.

He remembered the first time he witnessed a change by bite. It was a young woman, no older than sixteen. She had been bitten the day before and brought back to camp by a tall man and powerful Werewolf. Daruth could no longer remembered his name.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The man placed her on the ground as four other men each moved over her. They sunk themselves into her, taking their time to cum inside her, one after the other. They were Werewolves and had stamina greater than any human male. Over and over they fucked her, giving her only minutes to recover between men. The original Wolf took his place and fucked her the longest. His strokes were deep and powerful. The woman groaned and moved under him, far too weak to stop him or the others. Daruth remembered watching as the hour moved by until he saw the most amazing thing.

The woman opened her eyes and looked up at the night sky. They were glowing.

The men around her cheered and as the first Wolf came, they eagerly awaited their turns. As soon as he finished and stood up the Wolves began to growl at who would fuck her next. They fought and the first Wolf had to throw them to the ground and beat them into submission.

They were animals…all of them.

Daruth remembered how the woman had changed. At first it was in the eyes and then her body followed. She began to initiate sex with them, guiding them with her hips as her head rocked from side to side and her hands clawed at their broad backs.

She couldn’t get enough. Whatever she was taking from them she needed desperately and they in turn, were only too happy to give it to her.

In the end it was the first Wolf who took her last. He held her in his arms and made her ride his big dick as her eyes rolled and she began to growl. Her teeth grew and she bucked on top of him, her nails making his strong shoulders bleed. He fucked her hard and laughed when she slapped him. He spit at her and drove her to boil as she fought back, fucking him harder and harder. She rode high and slammed her body against him as he laughed and pulled the beast from her. Her hands flew as she beat at his hard body, her savagery growing by the second. His eyes glowed back at her and his laughter mocked her efforts.

He was too strong for such a simple child to hurt and he wanted her to know it.

Her eyes flashed at him and she struck his face first with one open hand and then the other.

Still he fucked her.

Still he laughed.

She growled and rode high on his big cock, sinking her pussy as far down as she could go with every drop. Her hands circled his thick neck and she squeezed with all her might, her emotion taking her over completely.

But he grinned and let her play.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Her fury with him increased as his powerful hands assisted her ride. He held her hips and helped her lift and used his great strength to bring her down hard. The large muscles of his back flared out as he ground her hips over his heavy prick and kept her on course and he continued to do this until a few minutes later when she transformed.

She threw her head back and held her body still. The big man held her deep on his mighty cock and watched with fascination as she changed before him. Her mouth extended into a muzzle and her hands became clawed, growing larger and thicker with every second. Daruth watched the man’s strong hands grip her hips and hold her steady as he rose up and pushed even more of his dick into her.

She howled and her chest swelled up as her body began to shimmer and form dark hair on her white skin.

He fucked her a few quick times and then kept her still, impaled on his hard shaft.

Still he watched.

Still he waited.

Her entire body buckled, held in place only by him. Her form shifted quickly now, the intense pleasure he gave her overriding the pain of her first alteration. The male Wolves near them howled in delight as she changed. The bumped into one another and glared like the animals they were as she became one of them. Hard cocks throbbed from excitement at being so near her during her first change, but no one interfered. This was too important to interrupt and the first Wolf would kill anyone who tried.

As the change was almost complete her head came back down and her animal eyes looked at the big man as if for the first time.

She growled low but he simply laughed.

Then in one fast motion she opened her jaws and bit him on the shoulder.

He thrust her on her back and lay on top of her, his skin bleeding from her bite. He covered her Wolf body with his own and fucked her as hard as he could while the men cheered him on.

She changed fully before he was done as her jaw found his shoulder once more. But Daruth saw she spread her legs apart and took him willingly. Even as a Wolf she was submissive to him, and the small boy that Daruth was understood for the first time what it was to lead. In one fell swoop the man had helped her change, welcomed her to the pack and established himself as her Master.

He lifted himself off her and backhanded her restructured face until she lay meekly below him. He growled at her, a thick powerful sound as his thick neck bunched up with muscle as her eyes found his.

She slowly lowered her eyes and looked away as he openly challenged her.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague That’s when he came.

He howled as her body peaked against him. Daruth could see her juice flow over the solid cock inside her. The other men howled in encouragement as they stroked themselves nearby. When the new female Werewolf came as well, each man stepped up and unloaded thick streams of cum, showering her with white rain as they fisted their big dicks nearby.

Daruth had never seen anything like it.

The woman lived. She had changed into a Wolf and was later able to bear three children of her own, while the Wolf, who bit her, went on to father four more…all by different women.

It was the way of the pack. It was Werewolf reproduction at its most basic.

The strong Wolf had pulled himself out and boldly walked over to Daruth, his heavy cock still thick and threatening. He grinned at the small boy.

“And that’s how it’s done!” His big hand ran through Daruth’s hair as he passed by. The other men were changing now too and circled the new Wolf excitedly. They all ran into the woods before long leaving Daruth alone with his thoughts.

To be an Alpha, he dreamed.

He drove in silence as his mind swept back to his childhood. He hoped to reach the pack before she changed. There were many men there to aid her, however she needed them too. She just had to want it bad enough.

The mountain air was cold but Bart didn’t feel it. The ground was hard and the branches snapped off shrubs as he ran through them, his big hairy body leaving chaos in its wake. Jason was far more elegant as he leaped from tree to tree like a great monkey, landing for only an instant and then repelling to the next perch.

Bart couldn’t get the hang of it. He preferred to be on the ground. He could climb well enough, all Werewolves could, but chasing prey was a sport reserved for running, or so he thought. Sean was in agreement apparently because he ran several yards away, his head moving from side to side as he searched for Chase. Well behind them Bart heard the sound of running and knew that Abel had alerted Daruth’s men of the problem. Now they were also in pursuit. Bart didn’t know why they were really The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague here. He had been present when the meddlesome Elyria proposed the idea to Michael but he didn’t understand why he accepted it. Elyria was a woman, and had no place directing men, Bart thought. All she needed was five minutes alone with him to set her straight.

He growled in anger at no one in particular and ran forward. He couldn’t smell Chase; he saw no traces of his path. The ground was unyielding and seemed to hide the Black Wolf from the collective makeshift pack. Chase didn’t take to the trees like Jason did. He ran. He ran fast, granted, but still he ran. There should be some sign, some indication that he moved through this area, but there were no felled trees, no damage to be found.

It was if the forest was against them.

Bart had no idea how correct he really was.

There was a loud bark above him. He stopped and looked up. Jason was high in a tree and looking out in front. His massive claws gripped the thick trunk keeping him firmly attached. Sean ran up and brushed Bart’s large shoulder and looked up with him.

Jason saw something.

He paused just long enough for them to find him and then he charged forward jumping to the next tree as Bart and Sean followed from the ground below.

How far were they from Chase? He was so fast; would they catch him soon, would he still be lost in his thoughts as Abel had said? And what was he running to?

If they had known the answer to the last question they may not have been so eager to chase him.

Emma was close now. Her feet ached from walking so much, the black boots no longer protecting her.

With each step it was as if everything was increasing in growth. Grass was thicker, trees larger and flowers blooming high.

Life was everywhere and Emma bathed in it. For a moment she couldn’t remember why she was here or how she got there but then she noticed a beautiful rose bush and instantly thought of her mom.

She stopped and enjoyed the view.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The Witch spun her head in Emma’s direction and scowled. The child wasn’t moving.


Her thoughts were divided. Either she faced the child and dealt with her or faced the unknown threat running at her from the mountains far ahead. If she devoted time to connect with the Druid she may not pull back in time to face the beast, but if she ignored the little girl and she went off focus then all could be lost.

What to do?

Her fingers danced on her leg as she weighed her options.

The Raven? Maybe it could intervene on her part?

But the bird was seeped in black magic. It was small, but was it small enough not to trigger the defense of the forest?

The Witch lifted her head and smiled.

There was a way. The girl simply needed a reason to keep moving; a threat to be dealt with perhaps?

She lifted her hands in the hair far above her head and concentrated until a slight green glow pulsed from her fingers and bathed the area in its sickly light.

Then it stopped.

The Witch looked up and saw, far above and far ahead, a similar light shine in the sky.

It was right over Emma.

She felt it immediately.

The Wolves, far behind the running beast, shifted direction and headed for the Puller Tree instead. She wasn’t worried in the least, the child had her bag. She just needed a push in the right direction, someone to play with for a while. Now she could focus on the beast still heading right for her. Her light did nothing to dissuade its course, only the simple Wolves took the bait.

She sent out her magic and probed it again.

Still it eluded her; only its speed seemed constant.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague But there was something else…something more.

In her head she began to chant. It was a thought that wasn’t hers. It had no origin that she could trace. It was a byproduct of connecting with the beast.

Over and over it played in her mind.

“My…what big teeth you have” The Witch couldn’t help but laugh.


Jason leaped through the trees like a massive monkey, his large feet and sharp claws keeping him perfectly balanced as the upper branches sought to deal with his weight. Some cracked and groaned as he landed on them, but he usually didn’t damage the limbs too much, experience telling him which ones would hold his heavy frame and which wouldn’t.

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