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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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He had seen if far in the distance. It was at the base of the mountain but far above the trees. No one else would have seen it unless they were equally high themselves. From the ground and covered by the massive forest Bart and Sean were blind to the green light but followed Jason nonetheless. It was a dull green glow and easily eclipsed by the light of the moon. Jason had never seen anything like it. It didn’t appear to be a man made light like one from a craft of some kind. It was steady and had a pulse to it, like a beacon of sorts or a heartbeat. It was far too dim to be a flare and flares didn’t hang in the air for any length of time besides.

His sharp eyes looked everywhere for a cause, but he found none. There was no trail of light leading to the orb, nor was there smoke from fuel burning. The most disturbing thing was it didn’t seem to dim with time. It just pulsed like a light bulb, and Jason thought it might burn all night like some absurd version of floating fluorescent moss.

He was too far away to smell it. It would take more than an hour to reach the light even at top speed.

But what else could they do? Whatever this was, whatever Chase was after, seemed most likely to be related. For the years Jason had lived here he had never seen anything like it before, and so he continued to move toward it, while far below his best friends, and farther still, Daruth’s men, held his direction and ran after him.

Jason had no idea what he would find. He did notice that the forest seemed to become thicker, at least from his vantage point, around where the light was. It looked dense; far more so than the rest of the forest, or the mountain side for that matter.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague But they were just trees and he was with a pack of full grown Werewolves. There was nothing for them to fear Jason knew, and so he moved forward without worry.

Just like his Silas, Jason had made a terrible mistake.

Chase altered course.

He stopped running head on and started a wide circle around the event. It was the beast that made the change, Chase didn’t understand why, but in his heart he knew it was the right choice. He may not be a Werewolf like his Father, so full of power and strength; he may not even be like Sean or Bart, fierce and clever…but Chase was one thing. He was a predator.

He was hunting and what he did now, he did from instinct.

His black feet glided over the dense ground silently and swiftly. He made little to no sound, no more than that of the wind. His clawed hands brushed against several tree trucks as he ran to make slight corrections in his movements, but this was little more than an exercise, because the body of the Black Wolf made no mistakes…it was one with the forest. The union of beast to nature seemed as fluid to Chase as air to his lungs. He didn’t stop to think about it, no more so than someone does about breathing.

It just was.

He could feel the creature. It was thick with evil. It felt like thorns against his mind, jagged and unwelcome. It didn’t belong here, whatever it was. As the distance between them lessened Chase could feel the separation of the FOUR. The man was the first to go. The absence of the sick hunger that Chase had felt from it ended about a mile back. Now it was THREE.

It was like peeling an apple. The skin was gone but Chase knew he had yet to find the core. There would be more layers…more separation.

He licked at his black lips. His golden eyes took in everything. Night meant nothing to him. The sun might as well have shined down on him directly for all the detail he saw. There were no shadows in his vision, no place to hide from his eyes; a gift from Polus and husband to Phoebe his patron.

It was the first of many gifts he had been given. Polus told him much, and although Chase had a hard time accepting what he was, he knew the God had been right. His black body shifted and flowed through the dense forest as the animal took command and did what it was born to do.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Phoebe’s champion was alive and almost complete. Only one thing remained before the black beast found perfect form…and it was something Chase dreaded.

He circled over a wide arc around the evil. It kept a good mile between himself and the creature, constantly changing position and probing the thing for weakness.

It stood still, unmoving. It let him circle, first once and then a second time.

Chase made no noise, his nose picked up no scent.

What could do that? What could mask itself from him? And better yet…why wasn’t it moving?

The Witch was impatient. The child was off track and not responding, and because of the animal in the forest, the Witch could spare no attention to bring her back. Instead she relied on other stimulus to motivate her. Maybe the pack of Werewolves would snap the child out of her daydream. Regardless, she needed to stall for time. With the Litch behind her and the Druid in front, the Witch had no choice but to devote her considerable energy to the only unknown threat in the forest…the beast that circled around her.

Silas was the first to fall.

He led the pack as he always did. The barrier did nothing to slow him down. His massive claws dug deep into the earth as he ran forward, the other Wolves close behind. It had been a good thirty minutes since he left Michael and Ryan to find the young Druid. Silas had no need of such creatures, he preferred Wolf to everything else.

He was an Alpha in every sense of the word.

He understood Wendy’s power. He had seen it firsthand himself. The ability to make the very forest defend you was an incredible sight to behold and he gave her all the respect due her status, but still he would never couple with her. It was impure to Silas, something no Alpha had a right to do. His duty was first and foremost with the pack he created and commanded. It was those women who he bred with, those women that he loved.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Michael had disregarded Phoebe’s gift, Silas knew. What use was there to be a Grand Alpha, only to give your seed to a non-Wolf? It made no sense and more importantly was an insult to every female wolf alive.

Silas had even less regard for the child.

He barely knew her, save that she was a hybrid child of Michael’s. She had no Wolf in her…her magic wouldn’t allow it. She was Druid through and through, never showing signs of Phoebe’s gift and impossible to pass her powerful Father’s legacy down the line. Her children would be human or Druid, nothing more. The gift of magic from her mother would see to that.

Silas couldn’t remember an Alpha in all of history that mated outside the pack. Sex was one thing, but to reproduce with a non-Wolf for the sake of marriage was absurd. What was the point? Why spoil Phoebe’s gift on someone who could never use it?

And Phoebe? She spoke to Michael? The Grand Alpha had confirmed it. She spoke to him and told him of the danger of the Witch, while Silas, an Alpha in every regard, was kept in the dark.

How dare she?

He propagated and defended his large pack for years and never had the Goddess spoke to him or even given him some sign of her blessing. Instead she chose to enlist the aid of the traitor to the Werewolf nation. The only Alpha who had no pack!

Silas’s thoughts betrayed him, and as his mind wandered he lost track of his surroundings.

That’s when he fell.

The Witch stood her ground.

It was coming closer with every revolution.

She knew what it was doing. She gave it no help. She held her position, not giving away any information to the animal. She was ready.

Let it come.

Her magic held fast. It was to her left, then behind her and then to her right. It was fast, far too fast for her liking. Nothing moved with that kind of speed, at least anything of flesh and bone and certainly not The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague in the dense brush of the forest. And it was practically silent. No rustling of leaves, no bending of branches.

What moved like that?

It stopped!

It was right in front of her. Her eyes could not see it, but her magic fixed it dead ahead of her. The dark wasn’t usually a problem for her, but something was surrounding the beast, making it impossible to see clearly, even with HER eyes. For a moment she thought she saw golden lights, but it was brief and over before her mind could resolve it.

It needed to come closer, to spring at her. She wanted it to pay attention to her and not the ground around her.

She snapped her fingers. It was a loud clicking sound that rang through the forest. She did it again.

It moved!

She felt the surge in speed. It came for her so quickly that she lifted her arms in defense. She wasn’t ready for how fast it became after being so still. There was no buildup of speed, no hint of action, one moment it was still and the next it was moving in incredible motion.

The trap was triggered. She felt the beast falter as it sunk into the ground.

She had it!

Fluid dirt splashed in all directions as the beast hit it like a speeding car. It would sink fast and drown before it knew what happened. She would kill it before it even laid hands on her. The Witch smiled, happy with her quick win and started to walk forward, solidifying the ground in front of her as she moved.

The smile did not last long.

Before she managed her third step her magic twisted. The ground that held the beast had become hard once more. Her magic flowed off of the area like water. The beast was once again standing!

She hissed and threw out her hands casting her spell back into the ground.

Liquefy! She commanded…but the ground would not obey. The beast shifted its direction and went to its right. The ground there also turned solid. Every step the beast took found hard earth! Her witchcraft had failed!

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague But that wasn’t exactly true. The ground stayed quicksand everywhere else, everywhere the beast wasn’t. She didn’t understand. Somehow this creature was negating her power, but only in a localized area and it wasn’t through magic, it was through some other means.

It began to circle her again, each step erasing her magic as it moved. It made four laps until only an area of about thirty yards surrounded her. The rest of the forest had reverted back to normal. The Witch looked around and saw the danger. The animal had turned her trap against her. Now it was a prison.

HER prison!

She could not run across the ground but it was a small enough area that the beast could no doubt jump it, leaving her a standing target with nowhere to go. She could fly of course, but not nearly as fast as the beast could move, or jump for that matter, but she didn’t live as long as she did without being prepared.

The Witch lifted her hands and made circles in the air until dark spots began to form. Over and over she mixed the air in front of her until a cloud of black grew thick and heavy. She pulled her hands away and waved them forward.

Thousands and thousands of gnats surged forward and flew toward the beast. The cloud buzzed angrily and loudly. It filled the silence with a deep drone of flapping wings.

Still the Witch was not done.

She spat at the ground and waved to the trees, humming as she did. Long dark lines formed and became thick; squirming around like great worms. They lengthened and twisted until the darkness dropped away and filled the area with hissing snakes. They wrapped themselves around the thick branches while others dropped to the ground and hid inside bushes, awaiting the chance to strike.

The Witch pushed her magic and it flowed around her until the circle that the beast created was littered with snakes. She looked up and sent her witchcraft upward, forming larger ones still.

Let the beast come now!

Chase wasn’t ready for the second assault.

When the ground first collapsed it flooded over him like water, wrapping him in a thick blanket of dirt.

It was so soft that his speed had turned against him. One moment he was running forward and the next he was waist deep in the fluid earth. His arms shot out to grab something but there was nothing to hold. He extended his hands upward, hoping to find a branch to snag but found only air.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He began to sink rapidly.

Now he was up to his shoulders. It had happened so quickly that his weight and fur became his enemy.

His body was pulled under like a lead sinker and Chase thought for a moment that he was going to die.

Then the ground shifted and his feet found the bottom.

But not quite, because the bottom was rising!

He didn’t understand what was happening. The thick liquid mud that covered him dropped away as he rose toward the sky, leaving his fur untouched and clean. It took less than ten seconds until he was back on solid ground, no hint of mud on his black coat.

He immediately backed up and ran to the right. He felt the difference in the ground. It was soft, too soft.

His feet sunk slightly but the ground was getting harder with each step. It began to anticipate his actions and met each foot with as much support as it could manage.

Chase understood and began to run, but not too fast. He moved back just slightly to firmer ground but he circled again and again, letting the ground catch up and harden with his movement. The earth responded to him; he just had to give it enough time.

Soon the quicksand would be gone.

He did four laps around the creature before the second attack hit him.

He heard it before he felt it. A loud buzzing came out of nowhere and headed toward him. He couldn’t run at full speed because the ground wasn’t ready for that. When it hit him it felt like soft air. Like a light blanket had been draped over his shoulders. But the blanket began to tighten and probe at his body.

Then it assaulted his eyes!

The Witch felt his struggle. Her magic was sound and precise. There was nothing like the feel of success.

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