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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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She didn’t know what the animal was, but it had taken up enough of her attention. She made a cage out of her hands and felt the gnats respond and swarm all over the beast. Her fingers pulsed and throbbed like they were stroking an invisible ball.

More gnats formed.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague If the earth wouldn’t aid her she would deny it air.


The bugs pushed against his mouth and fought to pry open his eyes. They flew at his nose as he shook his head and tried to cut off his breathing. He panicked. There was no one to fight. The bugs were too small and in too great a number to be hurt by him.

With all his gifts…to be beaten by a foe a millionth of his size!

But Chase wasn’t the only one with that problem. Jason, Bart and Sean had just reached the floating green light and found themselves with their own tiny advisory.

But this one wore a red hooded cape!

Bart was the first to land, followed by Sean. Jason stayed in the trees. He looked up at the green light. It was an orb hanging unsupported in the air, like a strange balloon. It was too high to touch but he thought he could reach it if he leaped far enough. He was adjusting himself on the tree right below the orb when he looked down and saw it.

He blinked twice, unable to process what he saw.

A tiny child wearing a red cloaked with a hood stood before Bart and Sean. It was absurd and mind numbing. He began to crawl down to see what the hell a kid was doing this deep into the forest when he saw Sean change. It took him far less time than usual now that he was bonded with the Grand Alpha. In just over a minute the naked blonde boy stood before the immobile child.

Jason froze in place when he heard Sean speak. He couldn’t believe his ears.

“Emma!” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Sean moved up and crouched down in front of her, doing nothing to hide his naked frame. Bart stood nearby by moved back as not to frighten the little girl too much. He knew she had seen Werewolves before but he wasn’t sure how often or how close she had been to them.

“Hey honey” Sean said in the most gentle voice he could manage. He gave her a big smile and looked into her blank face. “What are you doing here?” Jason looked up. The light was still there. Did she make it? He didn’t know Druid’s could do that. He moved down a few more branches, careful not to make too much noise.

“Emma, I’m here now” He waited. “Are you alright?” The child didn’t move. She just looked at Sean, unblinking. In the dark it was hard to see but Sean felt her eyes weren’t right. They seemed hazed over like a white film was over them. He waved a hand in front of her face but she didn’t respond. He turned to Bart and said, “Something’s wrong with her, she’s not aware of me” Pulling his attention from Emma cost Sean dearly. When he turned to speak to Bart he didn’t see the ground shift in front of his feet, and before he could turn back to her, a thick vine shot out of the ground and wrapped itself around his neck.

Sean tried to cry out but no sound left his mouth. He used both hands and grabbed the vine but that put him off balance and the vine quickly yanked him face forward, slamming his head into the hard earth.

Bart growled and opened his hands to show his claws. He managed one step forward when huge tree limbs came out of the darkness behind him and coiled around him. He was pulled him away from Emma with incredible speed. His arms and legs flailed in the air as he disappeared into the night leaving nothing but a thick roar echoing in the distance.

Jason couldn’t believe what he saw. He knew Wendy was powerful but he had no idea Emma could do this. Sean was fighting face down to untie the vine from his neck and Bart was nowhere to be found.

Jason had no choice, everything was happening because of Emma. She had to be removed from the fight. He was about to land right in front of her when he heard them.

The adult Werewolves were coming!

He looked down at tiny Emma. If they found her here alone they may attack her. He didn’t know how many of them knew that Michael had a daughter. Would they kill her? Would they understand what she was?

Jason had to stop them, to warn them before they confronted her, but what about Sean and Bart. Sean was still awake but he was losing the battle quickly. He was unable to change back into a Werewolf and as Jason watched more vines came out of the ground and wrapped around his arms, pulling them away from his neck. The blonde boy was pulled hard against the ground as more foliage surrounded him and covered his body in a deep green blanket, burying him alive.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague

Jason had no choice. He had to save Sean.

He dropped in front of Emma and roared, hoping to startle her, but she did nothing. In fact, if she was even aware of his presence she didn’t show it. He grabbed her shoulders and lifted her off the ground.

She was impossibly light. His heavy muscles could move boulders and Emma was maybe thirty pounds of flesh and bone. He shook her and looked back at Sean.

The boy was still being enveloped.

Jason needed to get Emma away. He pulled her against his shoulder and ran with her through the woods, away from Sean and the oncoming onslaught of Wolves headed her way. Emma did nothing to stop him, she said not a word.

Jason ran for only a minute at top speed and then put her on the ground. She looked up with a blank look on her face and stared straight ahead at nothing. Jason didn’t know what else to do. He could knock her out, but with his strength he might take her head off and he couldn’t risk it. He left her there and ran back to Sean. Maybe the distance between them would be enough and her influence would be gone now.

Jason made it back quickly but Sean was still covered by a hill of vines. Jason swiped them with his sharp claws and they ripped away, squirming like snakes. He reached down and grabbed Sean’s arm and yanked him to his feet. The first vine was still around his neck and Sean’s face was red. Jason grabbed the vine and tore it from the ground and pulled it off his friend’s body. Sean was struggling to take in air. Jason put him over his shoulder and ran opposite Emma and toward the male Werewolves.

They were so close he only had to run for a few minutes before he saw them. He stopped and gently put Sean on the ground, careful not to touch him with his sharp claws. Sean was coughing which was a good sign. Jason barked out at the oncoming Wolves and caught their attention.

That’s when it struck!

As the pack of Wolves turned to him Jason saw the last one in the bunch fall to the ground and howl. A huge black Raven was on its back and digging it’s talons into him. The closest Wolf managed to turn around and see the bird, not ten feet away, and clawing at his pack mate. As it shifted its great weight and raked its clawed hand into the ground for support to charge, the bird rose up and flew right at him.

Jason watched with wide eyes as the thick black wings flapped in the air and the Raven opened its mouth to scream.

The forest filled with an ugly ear splitting screech.

The Wolf’s head exploded!

Every Werewolf turned to see the sight. The headless beast wavered in the air for a moment; its fur covered in blood and flesh, and then fell in a heap to the ground with a thud. The body continued to shake as the last vestiges of electrical signals ran through its muscled frame.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The forest filled with the deafening sound of Werewolves howling!

The battle began!

The Witch’s eyes shifted at the sound. She felt out with her power and knew the Druid child had been confronted by the Wolves. The Raven would deal with any stragglers provided they were far enough away from the Puller Tree. The Raven could not go there, that part of the forest was protected from black magic.

She turned her power back to the cloud of gnats. It wouldn’t take long.

Her eyes shifted left to right quickly.

The cloud was still there but it was too big!

The gnats swirled around in large loops diving deep into the cloud but coming up from below. The Witch pushed her magic into the dark haze of bugs.

The beast was gone!

She couldn’t believe it. She let her attention wander for a mere moment and it had escaped her. She cast out her power toward the cloud, feeling for the beast again. She had no time to feel for a return when the air shifted behind her. She leaned forward as fast as she could just as a heavy set of claws raked through the air and slashed her across her shoulders. Had she stayed where she was she would have lost her head!

The pain ripped through her as she fell to her knees. She turned her head to the right and saw the beast land on its paws and dash back into the forest with impossible speed and dissolving into darkness.

It was black and Wolf shaped, but like no Wolf the Witch had ever seen. She got a flash of its face. It had a short snout with sharp white teeth.

Then it was gone.

The Witch felt the blood run down her back. Quicksand still surrounded her so the beast had jumped at her instead. She pushed her power to the ground and made the ocean of mud as deep as she could. Even if the beast could negate her power somehow she bet it couldn’t do it fast enough to maintain its speed and she couldn’t fight it while it could run. This was her best protection.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The pain was incredible. The animal had managed to wound her deeply. The Witch had not suffered so in over a century, her power was too great. She managed to stand and held her hands out in front of her. Dirt from beyond her moat of quicksand lifted from the ground in a fine mist. She manipulated her power and the dirt swirled into small clouds of matter. She reached back and felt her wet flesh. She cast her hand forward and her blood flew through air at the cloud.

Her spell was complete and it gleamed in the moonlight.

The Witch had formed glass.

The first Wolf the Raven had attacked managed to lift himself off of the ground, but just barely. His great body shook as if it had been poisoned. Jason turned to grab Sean and he ran off into the cover of the woods to protect his friend.

Destel, Daruth’s assassin, took charge. He had already lost two men, only moments into the fight. His mind ran through several options within a second. Thinking under pressure was what he did best, but this wasn’t his usual foe.

The bird had downed one Wolf and outright killed another. It could fly and form some sort of sonic scream at them. Destel moved quickly and bumped first one Wolf and then another, letting them know to separate and surround the Raven. The Werewolves moved like a well-oiled machine and ran in opposite directions as the bird looked at them. Destel took point. Whatever this thing was it probably expected him to charge like any Wolf would…so he did the opposite.

He reached down and grabbed two rocks, one in each great hand. He spun his body around and around and then released them like massive bullets!

The Raven squawked loudly and shifted to the right as fast as it could. The first stone missed but brushed through the black feathers at the very tips. The bird felt the friction of the pass as the stone ripped through the air and then exploded on a tree twenty feet behind it. The tree groaned at the assault and bark flew everywhere from the impact. The second stone was dead on the mark!

The Raven lifted its clawed feet in front as the stone struck it. The bird flew back in the air as the rock pushed it away. Its legs crumbled under the impact but it managed to protect its body from being crushed by the projectile. Its great wings folded over the stone as it tumbled backward. The bird managed to shift its weight so the stone was on top of it moments before it struck a tree. The bird followed next and hit the truck with a thud and fell to the ground.

Abel watched with awe as the other two Wolves came at it from opposite sides and charged. Destel had already picked up two more stones as he growled in approval at his success.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Short lived as it was.

The black Wolf ran deep into the forest before it turned around and circled back. It had wounded the Witch. The THREE was now one. Chase knew what she was. He needed no book, no lesson in witchcraft to know what she was. The moment her blood touched him he understood everything.

The animal part of her was gone as was the child. Now only the woman existed. Whatever blending she was in his mind earlier…now she was just Witch.

Chase heard sound deep in the forest behind him. He didn’t stop to figure out what it was, it was irrelevant. The Witch was all that mattered now. Her death was what he lived for. He ran forward and absorbed everything in front of him. The gnats, although too small to hurt, couldn’t keep up with his speed, so Chase simply ran from them. The problem was, he couldn’t see.

With his eyes closed Chase ran forward, holding his hands out in front of him. He knew he couldn’t do this long before he hit a tree or rock and fell to the ground. Not even he could move through the forest without sight.

But Chase was wrong.

He could do it…the very forest made sure of it. As he ran several branches dipped down and pushed at him left and right, some even lifting him off the ground for a moment. He ran until the gnats were gone and when he opened his eyes he was almost a half mile away. The gnats that came with him were in too little number to hamper him any longer.

He turned his head in the direction he had come from as his speed dropped suddenly. He saw the most incredible sight. The forest was moving behind him. Branches thick with leaves where moving back in place; vines shifted across the ground and covered up the trail he had used, even bushes that had bent out of his way pulled back and righted themselves.

Chase blinked as he took in the sight.

What in the name of Polus had just happened?

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