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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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He had no time to understand. The Witch had to die. Chase moved quickly, his eyes now watching the forest as he ran. He saw it for the first time. The forest responded to his every step. It was subtle and if he hadn’t been looking for it he would have never seen it. Shifts in the earth and brush gave way as he moved through them, only to move back as he safely passed by.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague

He had never noticed it before. Had this always happened?

Chase knew he was fast, he knew that even his own Father had a hard time keeping up with him as they ran across the fields in the farm, but here in the woods? It was clear that Chase would have the advantage because his size would make it easier to navigate through the brush, but if the forest had always done this then there was no possible way anyone could catch him.

Polus, what have you done to me, Chase thought.

The Witch managed to stop her blood from spilling out any further. The beast had cut her deep and only her magic held her together. She would have to tend to her wound later though because she knew he would strike soon. No animal let their prey recover from an attack like that. She pulled the cloud of glass toward her and made it drop to the level of her knees and wait. She wanted to make more but the beast showed its face!

It was solid black. Golden eyes gleamed at her from the brush as the Witch got to her feet. She had no more time to set a trap for him.

He growled low and deep at her as she wiped her bloody hands on her legs. He moved from the trees and stood tall to threaten her. He was impressive. Jet black fur covered his sleek frame. Long, lean muscle wrapped around his legs and arms, his entire body made for running. He had clawed hands and feet but a short snout that puzzled the Witch. She had never seen anything like him. He was a Werewolf, but not. She ran through hybrid beasts in her mind but came up short. Maybe he was a familiar like the Raven. Maybe another Witch created him to serve her purpose. Was she opposed? Was someone ahead of her and trying to stop her from getting the book?

The beast moved slowly and she watched it shift like water, every motion fluid and graceful. She knew the animal could shift left or right instantly. It was ready for anything she threw at him, ready to run at least. She held the glass still, not wanting the beast to see it. It growled as it walked slowly around her in a semi-circle. Its large feet didn’t stray into the quicksand she saw. It was just as aware of the environment as she was.

She thought what a great prize it would be, to enslave this beast to train it and make it serve her. The things she could do with such an animal at her command had no limit in her imagination. She carefully cast out her magic to probe the beast for answers to its origin.

The beast instantly growled loudly.

It felt it!

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague She pulled her power away.

What the hell was this thing?

The beast wasn’t going to let her simply stand there forever. She had to act soon, the child would need her attention.

Her magic coiled in her chest. Shame it was, to let a beast like this die. Maybe she could cut it open and see what made it tick, she told herself. She waited until the beast stopped moving.

Then she struck.

She cast out her hands and screamed in the air as her Witchcraft flew from her and hurtled toward it!

The curse struck Chase in the face!

It felt like a sticky cobweb that constricted around him. He was ready for this. Polus told him what would happen, he had to trust the God or not, the choice was his.

Chase held his ground and let the magic hit him.

As it tightened around him Chase opened his eyes wide and they glowed at the Witch. The spell ripped from his body and flew back at her!

The Witch saw it but couldn’t believe it! Her own curse was reflected back, the beast unaffected! She lifted her arms and created a makeshift shield of magic but she knew it wouldn’t be enough. Her curse was strong and she was unprepared for its return.

It struck her like a stone. The Witch screamed as the magic cut through her shield and made contact with her body. She convulsed and fell to the ground, coughing up blood from her mouth. The curse swirled around her and attacked her from every angle. She pushed at it with whatever magic she had left to keep it away from vital organs.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague

Her legs broke!

The sound of snapping bone filled the forest, quickly joined by her screams of pain. Her arms contorted but she managed to hold them together as she fought back the pain of her broken bones. Blood poured from her mouth and covered her chest as she fought for air. She clutched at her breast as she chanted a counter spell, blood spurting at the ground with each word.

The beast simply watched her, letting her die in front of him.

She had no power to fight him. Every ounce of magic she had was used to counter her own curse.

The beast moved slowly, walking around her and tilting its head in interest. The Witch was down and bleeding out as her body shuddered in pain. She kept her eyes on it as she pushed the remains of the curse away…but the damage was done…and the beast would kill her.

Then the black Wolf did something that made the Witch sit straight up.

It stopped moving and lifted its clawed hand up and pointed at her. She understood now why the mouth was so small.

The beast spoke!

She couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t the idea that it could speak; her Raven could do it. She knew several animals that conversed…familiars being only one of them.

It was what he said that made her forget her pain.

She had not heard it for hundreds of years.

The black animal said her name!

“YOSSA KRIPKA!” The Witch was inflamed with anger! Her hate for it surged in her body and pushed the pain of her broken form away. If this was how she was to die, then so be it! She screamed and cast out her hands toward the beast. The glass floating in the air surged toward him to cut his legs off at the knees.

She saw it clearly; the glass would find its mark. The beast wasn’t ready for it! It had no choice but to do exactly what the Witch wanted, and as she watched, the Wolf didn’t disappoint. It jumped in the air at her, clearing the sharp glass easily as it flew under him and into the woods. The beast’s jaws were open as it sailed in the air at her, claws extended and ready to flail her open.

The Witch took in a deep breath and blew it out with all her might!

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague A sickly orange and green plume of fire flew from her mouth and enveloped the black Wolf. She held her body up by her hands as she poured every bit of Witchcraft she had into her final act. The very air blackened with the intense heat. Bushes and trees nearby burst into flame from the exposure to heat.

She belched out the flame was hard as she could, forgetting everything else but her desire to survive.

And then it was done. The Witch was spent! She barely managed to hold her head up as she waited for the beast to drop out in front of her…but nothing came. She was powerful and the flame was too intense.

Heavy clouds of thick black smoke rolled in the air as the Witch’s mouth spilled blood from her open lips, her eyes waiting for any sign of life.

A moment later a smile crossed her ugly face as the warm blood ran down her chin and the pain of her broken legs came back to her. But the Witch didn’t complain. She had won. Her last spell had done it, and once again she survived the impossible, her magic holding true.

The forest burned around her as the scent of crisp leaves filled the air followed by the Witch’s laughter.

The fight was over; the Witch was beaten, bleeding, but alive. The intense fire of her spell had cut a clear path for several yards leaving nothing in its destructive wake. Trees, bushes, brush and the like were all gone, disintegrated by her magic flame as the nearby woods burned with normal fire. It was as if the finger of God had erased the area her flame struck and left nothing behind.

And just like that…the Son of the most powerful Werewolf in North America…was dead.


The death of Chase ripped through Michael like a knife. He had been searching with Ryan for his daughter when he felt the sudden loss. His massive body crumpled to the ground and he rolled around, howling loudly.

Ryan moved back quickly having no idea what happened. Whatever the Grand Alpha had felt did not touch him but the animal was far too powerful to stand near when it was in distress, and Ryan was no fool. He quickly looked around to see if he could find the cause. He sniffed in the air for another presence but found nothing. He carefully circled Michael, ready to run at the first sign of anger from the immense Wolf. He barked back to let him know he was nearby and ready to defend him as the Werewolf clawed at the ground in anguish. As Ryan watched the deadly form of the Grand Alpha shifted and fell inward as it changed back into a man. It wasn’t a controlled change the way Ryan was used to, the huge beast began to lose each aspect of itself as if it were fighting to stay present but losing the battle with every second.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague It took only a minute before Michael lay on the ground, tears streaming from his eyes, the Alpha Wolf gone leaving only the big, blonde man in its place.

“NO!” Michael screamed at the sky. He beat his fists at the ground in anger but was unable to lift himself up. His body shook with the forced transformation and he clawed at the ground for support.

Ryan watched but made no move to come closer to him. Even as a man he was too dangerous to approach without permission. The Grand Alpha must invite him in, without that, Ryan would keep his distance and keep plenty of it. He watched the man carefully. He seemed drained. Whatever made him fall had cut him deeply.

“CHASE!” he cried out in anguish. He lifted one large arm to the sky, pleading to the heavens for his Son…but there was no answer.

Chase was dead, killed by the Witch in a plume of magic fire, along with a good section of the forest.

Michael didn’t know how his Son died or where for that matter, but the connection between them was severed so quickly and so totally that it disabled the big Wolf and sent it back inside the stunned body of its human host.

Michael clutched his chest as if to grab the hole that now existed there. He closed his eyes and moaned and saw Chase as he did for the first time… The bus pulled up slowly but Michael didn’t need to see in the windows to know who was there. He smelled his Son, and identified the boy far more than mere sight could. Many years had gone by after Chase was born. Michael stayed away, not wanting Helen or him to suffer because of what he was. Silas had warned him of the danger he put them in, and although he loathed the older Alpha, he knew deep down that he was right. Any enemy of his would hunt them down and kill them to spite his great Wolf;

so Michael stayed away.

But not completely.

They never knew; at least not for the first few years. He paid the hospital bills when Helen gave birth to Chase and he even saw his Son swaddled up in the viewing room with all the other children. He didn’t need to look at the name tag to know which one was his; his blood ran through Chase’s veins. Michael’s large hands pressed on the glass as he looked down at the impossibly small creature, so vulnerable, so helpless. He wanted to break down the glass and scoop him up and wrap his arms around him and protect him from the world. But the child was oblivious to the universe as he slept peacefully and dreamt in the warmth of the heating lamps.

Michael stayed there for hours…just watching him.

A nurse came up and tapped him on the shoulder. “Is he yours?” Michael almost didn’t answer. Helen didn’t know he was there. In fact Helen didn’t even know that he knew she was with child. Michael was ready to leave quickly if he had to. He had stopped at the bank and deposited money into Helen’s account to handle any bills she might have for the next year or so.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Now he looked at the nurse. This was a bad thing and Michael knew it. If he told her the truth then she would mention it to Helen. If not, she would ask what he was doing here and why he had been staring at the baby for hours.

Either way, it was time for Michael to go.

He shook his head at her. “No” he sighed. “I recently lost my own Son” he started as he turned to look back at Chase one final time. “They’re so…small” She nodded and rested her hand on his thick arm for support. “I’m sorry to hear that. I see so many children come through here without fathers that it’s nice to see you take such an interest” She looked over his muscled frame. “You’re still young. It doesn’t have to stop yet you know” He carefully pulled away from her and picked up his jacket. “I wish that were true” He left the room as she watched him go. He walked down the hall near Helen’s room and breathed in her scent deeply. He could find her in pitch blackness by her smell alone. She was sleeping he knew. Her heart rate was slow and steady. He put one hand on the door but didn’t open it.

“You did good Helen. Forgive me” He ran his hand slowly down the door as if to transfer it to her face and walked away.

Michael stayed nearby for the next few weeks. He didn’t go into her home, he knew that if she found out that he was there she wouldn’t be able to let go. The police were still looking for him and he had to be careful as he moved around town.

When he finally did leave, Michael traveled around the country, not stopping too long in any one area.

Several Werewolf packs approached him as he went state to state. Having such a powerful Wolf in their pack would elevate their status greatly…but Michael was not interested. The loss of Helen and now of Chase drove him to despair. To have something so wonderful and never be able to touch it seemed cruel and heartless.

So Michael wandered. But he was never alone for long.

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