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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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Werewolf females hunted him down like a deer in the woods. Mating with such a beast was an opportunity most of them would never have, so when rumor of his presence reached them, they flocked to him like bees to honey. He would open the door to his hotel room and find one or two standing there hopefully, eyes pleading for his attention. At first he drove them away, wanting nothing to do with women ever again. They were no substitute for Helen or Chase, but as the months passed and turned into years, Michael began to submit.

He never spoke to them. He grabbed them by the arm and tossed them in the room as he closed and locked the door. He tore their clothes from their bodies and pushed their heads deep into the mattress as he forcefully fucked them from behind.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague They groaned and cried out, their protests muffled by sheets and pillows, but none complained. They wouldn’t dare. The fact that he would allow them in the room was an extreme privilege and one none of them would turn down. Wanting to bear children was a primal force for all Werewolf females. Some who were not able to conceive, actually killed themselves than live another year without offspring. The chances of having children were far greater with a full Alpha like Michael, than with another Wolf, and they would do anything for the chance of mating with him. Even Alpha’s of other packs would welcome one of their females breeding with Michael, in hopes of producing a similarly powerful child.

Michael drove his thick cock deep inside them; drilling their hungry bodies and making them pay for the right to couple with him. He didn’t always cum. They had to earn that. It wasn’t enough that they wanted to mate with him. He could live his entire lifetime simply having sex with one female after another, and they would be grateful for his effort. But Michael was bitter and still felt the loss of his only Son and so he made them pay.

He felt them cum around his thrusting prick. It washed over his heavy shaft and coated his beastly cock with slick moisture. They begged and moaned for him but most would not get what they wanted. They couldn’t last long enough to deserve his seed.

He took them by the back of the neck and hauled them to their feet, pulling his big dick out and casting them to the floor.

“GET OUT!” he bellowed, his Alpha power flooding the room. With cries of fear they grabbed at their ripped clothing and fled the room, clawing at the locked door only to be replaced by yet another woman. Michael would watch as the next took her place and quickly undress, looking over his massive frame and menacing prick. He pointed to the bed and they would move quickly into position, hopeful for the seed he had denied that last woman.

They spoke about him later; the ones who received nothing and the ones who did. Why? Why did he allow it sometimes but not others? There was no competition between them. If they had it their way, every woman would give birth by him…and so they compared notes. The ones he came inside would hold their wombs protectively in their hands, rubbing at it and soothing themselves with the mating.

The ones who received nothing would try again the next day, or even hours later, if he would permit it.

Time was of the essence because Michael would be moving on; it was just a matter of when.

They came to him, young and old. Some had already born children but wanted more, some were so young that the mere possibility of getting pregnant was extreme. But still they came. The primal force inside them would make it all but impossible to resist him. Werewolf men would watch him with distaste, jealous of his gift, but only a few would show open resentment.

Michael wasn’t above reprisal.

Any Wolf stupid enough to challenge him would feel the full wrath of his power, regardless of how many pack brothers were present. A pack in upper Maine had been visiting the Grand Alpha for days in hopes of mating with him, but none were worthy. Four females came to him night after night, but he gave none his seed. The pack Alpha growled at Michael as he walked through a group of them on his The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague way out of town, and that was all it took. Michael backhanded the man to the floor and turned to face the rest of the Wolves.

“Little Wolves wish to challenge ME?” he bellowed, his thick body swollen with power. It radiated off him like the sun and the other men turned their eyes to the ground, none helping their Alpha get up.

Michael straddled his feet over the man and grabbed him by the neck and pulled him up. He hauled back his fist and punched him in the face. The air filled with the sound as the Alpha fell back with a thud from the blow.

Michael moved away and started to walk around, facing each man that stood nearby. None looked at him.

“Is there any Wolf great enough to displace ME?” he yelled. Again he stood over the Alpha and took him by the neck and punching him back to the ground.

Again he walked the circle, waiting for a challenge.

None came.

Four times he struck the Alpha until the man could no longer stay conscious. He bleed from the beating as Michael growled down daring him to rise. He spit down at him and faced the Alpha’s pack one more time.

“Challenge your better again! I fucking dare you!” Not one pair of eyes met him. He walked away, listening for the merest hint of rebuttal, but only silence filled the air.

State by state Michael moved, mating and not, fighting and not. He had a reputation now and the news of him spread like fire. Even strong Alphas, Alphas of equal power to Silas, did not challenge him.

Instead Michael was met by deep nods from the males and eyes of lesser Wolves only briefly glancing his way.

The females of course, could not resist him.

She was young; too young to have children. She knocked on his door looking desperate. His body filled the doorframe as he looked her over. She was Wolf, there was no doubt, but only just. There were no packs nearby. Michael was in Chicago and deep in the city. No Wolf hunted here; they preferred nature to the hard steel and brick buildings of a populated metropolis.

Still she was there.

“How old are you?” his deep voice asked.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague She trembled as he spoke, even his voice affected her. She made to lie, he could see it. He took hold of her arm and lifted her off the ground like a rag doll. “I said how old are you?” She didn’t look up. “Fourteen” she whimpered.

He put her on the ground and stepped back, about to close the door. “Go home little girl, there is nothing for you here” She fell to his feet and wrapped her arms around one muscled leg. She said nothing, she just held him like her life depended on it.

Michael looked down and then outside. No one was around. He could hear the city still alive around him, cars and trucks moving in an endless choir. He sniffed the air. She was alone. He pulled her in and closed the door.

“Where is your pack?” It took her a moment to speak. “I’ve traveled by bus to get to you My Lord. My pack is in Michigan;

it’s small and is of no importance to you” Her small hands gripped his thick leg. “None would challenge you there” She rubbed her face against his leg.

Michael snorted. “None would challenge ME anywhere little one” She rubbed her face harder against his leg trying to impart her scent on him. He let her.

“What do you want child?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

She didn’t look up. Her voice was so feint he almost didn’t hear her. “To mate” Michael wanted to laugh. He almost did. “You can’t have my child. You are a child yourself” “I know” she trembled. “I still want it” He almost threw her out. There was no way she could bring his child to term. She wasn’t strong enough number one and secondly, her Wolf was too immature. She could get pregnant, of that he had no doubt, but actually delivering a baby from a Werewolf was so far beyond possibility that it was practically nonexistent.

He reached down and took her by the back of the neck. She was small, maybe eighty pounds. He lifted her off the ground and pulled her from his leg.

It was her eyes that changed his mind. Deep inside of her the Wolf that lived there wanted nothing more than to mate. It was feverish with lust for him. Its desire was paramount to anything else, even food.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “You mate with your pack?” he asked setting her to her feet.

She nodded. “Twice. Once with my Alpha and once with another” “You have no females in your pack?” He asked that question for a very important reason. Werewolf women could give birth but conditions had to be right. It was the driving force behind their existence.

Women helped each other achieve success. They were a family in every sense of the word. But a female chose when and where to mate. Sex was only a part of being a Wolf. It was used to control, to love and to procreate, but having sex under the wrong conditions could do far more harm than good.

Male Wolves would have sex all day long if they were allowed but increasing pack numbers was a job for the women. Males could not help themselves. They would mate with any willing female regardless of age. The sex drive inside them was far too great to simply say no to. But if the woman was too young the mating could damage them permanently, and make it even harder still to bear children as they became older. Mature females knew this and protected the young; the males Wolves were too aggressive. They were essential for the health and well-being of the pack. The Alpha should know better and if the men became too forceful with a female child it was HIS job to correct them.

But his girl had already had sex with her Alpha and Michael knew no female would have allowed that.

The girl…like he knew she would do, shook her head. “None” “Do they know you’re here?” Again she shook her head.

He moved by her and locked the door. He came behind her and wrapped an arm around her tiny body and pulled her against him. She didn’t resist. He worked his other hand into her jeans and felt for her pussy. She was wet.

He sighed. “You know who I am?” “Yes My Lord. You are a Grand Alpha” His large fingers pulled open her lips and stroked her clit. She moaned loudly and ground her back against him.

He sighed again and pulled his hand away. He led her to the bed and pushed her on her back facing him.

He stood between her legs as they hung off the side. She looked at him with hope and fear. Michael’s big chest rose and he let out a surge of his willpower. It flooded over the child like the ocean. She looked at his muscled body standing menacingly between her legs, the large bulge between his thighs thick with lust.

She came.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Her body shook and trembled as her orgasm took hold of her. Her eyes fluttered as her small frame peaked with pleasure.

Michael waited for a long minute as she finished. As her vision cleared he slowly moved over her, his hands beside her head as the bed shifted with his great weight.

“Child I haven’t even touched you yet” his voice soothed her.

She looked up with pleading eyes as she tugged her shirt off her chest and offered herself to him. Her breasts were undeveloped and she needed no bra.

“I still…” she began but Michael threw his willpower down on her as he loomed over her tiny body. His face was a foot or so away and anywhere she looked she would find him. His thick muscled arms near her head, his hard, strong chest above her, his powerful legs below. Even the breath from his mouth warmed her face. His eyes glowed with a blue light, radiant with power.

She came again.

She cried out loudly, not ready for another orgasm so soon. Her body arched up but Michael would not allow her bare chest to touch him, he simply towered over her, forcing her to peak. Her small hangs gripped the sheets and she pulled them up, her nails tearing the fabric as the Wolf in her came alive.

She looked at him, her eyes no longer human. Her hands came up to grab his neck, to pull him down and mate with her, but again Michael commanded her.

“Cum for ME!” She screamed!

Her teeth extended, her hands formed claws as her body was wracked with her third orgasm in minutes. Her eyes rolled in her head as she struggled to breath. Her body convulsed with pleasure as his willpower ripped through her like a hurricane.

Michael watched her succumb. He didn’t even touch her! Her body slumped after she finished, her eyes changing back to normal, her teeth retracting and her hands losing their sharp claws. He leaned down to her ear.

“I am a Grand Alpha. You are a child” She was exhausted and lay limp. Michael wasn’t about to let her rest so easily though. He reached down and unzipped her jeans and pulled them from her lifeless legs. He tore her underwear from her in one yank and threw it to the ground. He knelt before her and pulled her legs over his shoulders and tugged her body down until her pussy was at his mouth. He covered her cunt with his lips and drove his thick tongue deep inside her.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague

He began to drink.

His thick, warm tongue drove deep into her pussy as she slowly came alive under his attention. His strong hands held her small thighs in place as he feasted on her cunt. The stubble from his cheeks rubbed the insides of her smooth legs raw as he moved his head from side to side and rotated his tongue inside of her.

She dreamed of him; dreamed of his huge body drilling into her over and over again. His cock was warm and sought to touch the deepest parts of her. She moaned as she dreamed of him. She could smell him all around her, her body fulfilling his every demand.

She didn’t wake until the next day. She found him at the foot of the bed, wearing only his jeans. He didn’t speak to her as she pulled the sheet to cover her naked body. She was drained. Never had she felt so exhausted. She had no energy, no drive to move from his bed. He looked at her and threw her jeans on the bed.

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