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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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“Take a shower and get dressed. We have a long drive ahead of us” She couldn’t believe her ears. He was taking her with him. She scrambled out of bed, renewed with the idea that he would continue to mate with her. She took her shower and came out naked as she dried herself off. She would give herself to him again if he wished it. She moved behind him and wrapped her tiny arms around his bare back as she leaned over and kissed at his thick neck. Michael was sitting on the edge of the bed and putting his shoes on as she fawned over him. He slowly stood up and faced her, his thickly muscled chest towering over her small body. He reached down with one hand and pushed two big fingers into her cunt and rotated them around.

Her eyes rolled as her body instantly responded to his touch. Michael smiled at her eagerness to please him and the ease at which she received pleasure from him. He leaned in and spoke near her face. “I’m taking you from your pack. You will do as I say” He took her chin and pulled her mouth open as he thrust his thick tongue inside. She sucked on it right away as she rode his fingers. He pulled back and removed his hand and put his fingers in his mouth to clean them off. She watched him with hazy vision.

“Get dressed, we are leaving” She managed to nod her head and put her clothes on. She had no underwear, he had destroyed them.

He rented a car and threw his things inside and drove them out of town. No one ever came to claim her or challenge his right to take her with him.

No one would dare.

She knew they had mated, at least in a fashion, but she wasn’t sure how. His power was so great that her memory was filled with nothing but his looming body and surges of pleasure ripping through her.

She remembered his mouth, his tongue and the feel of his thick, rough hands on her. She remembered nothing else.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague As they drove in silence she looked him beside her. His arms were heavy with muscle. He was nothing like her Alpha. HE was just a Werewolf, a man who could turn into a beast. Michael was a true Alpha.

Even here in the car she could feel it flowing off him. She wanted to touch him, to feel his warm flesh against her but she wasn’t invited, so she held still. Being so near him for so long felt like basking in the sun. Her Wolf pulled at his power and drank him in like a cool drink on a hot day.

He was amazing.

The drove to another state but she didn’t notice where. Nothing mattered to her but being with him.

When night came they stopped for something to eat. She ate like she had never had food before. He asked her nothing, she asked nothing in return. She just wanted to be with him.

Once back in the car they drove back to the interstate. Sparse cars were on the road so late at night.

Michael turned to her his eyes shining with blue light. She moaned at the display of his power. Her hands moved between her legs as she rubbed at her pussy, unable to turn away from him. Michael growled at her deeply, the car filled with the voice of his beast.

She cried out and came.

He turned from her and watched the road as she shuddered from her orgasm. “You are too small to mate” he said. “Too young to breed with. There are other ways to satisfy your Wolf until you can take a full grown man” Her voice trembled. “I will do whatever you say” He didn’t look back at her. “That was understood from the second you met me. Women years your senior could not resist my power. What chance did you have?” She looked at him with hesitation. “You will not breed with me?” Michael took her hand and pulled it between his legs and made her grip his thick cock. “You really want THAT inside of you little girl?” Now he did look at her. “You know how badly I could hurt you if the fever to mate took hold of me?” He took his hand away, leaving hers alone between his legs.

“You would never have children again. I’m not some simple man, or even a Werewolf for that matter. I’m a Grand Alpha. My power is too great for you” “I won’t always be so young” she said hopefully, her hand rubbing at the bulge between his legs. It was warm and thick and she was drawn to it.

“That’s the point I’m trying to make. You need more time. When the time is right, you will mate.

You will mate with as many men as you desire” He looked at her hard. “That’s why we’re here. We were born to fuck” She could not help herself any longer. She moved her small body on the seat and curled up facing him, her head in his lap. He nuzzled her face on his mound and began to slowly lick it.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Michael looked down and rested his hand on her back as they drove. He spread his legs apart to give her more room as the car drove steadily on the highway to another state. After hours of licking at his bulge she finally fell asleep. Michael stroked her back softly as he drove. He could feel the heat of her breath on his crotch as she slept peacefully.

When she did wake it was morning. She looked up to see his big arm resting on the steering wheel as he drove. His other arm was against her and holding her in place. She looked forward at the mound between his legs and rubbed her face against it. She felt his hand stroke her back as she did. She pressed her face into it and breathed deeply to take in his scent. When she finally sat up she had no idea where they were. She wanted to ask but didn’t want to seem like she was questioning him. All that mattered to her was that they were together. She sat up in the seat and leaned into him so his muscled arm wrapped around her frame. She sighed with content as the warmth of his big body flooded over her. She laid her head against his chest as they drove.

When they finally arrived more than an hour later she smelled Wolf! She turned to him but it didn’t seem to alarm him at all. If she smelled them she knew he did too.

“No one will harm you here” She calmed down immediately. Her Wolf obeyed him fully. They slowed down as the car made its way up a long dirt pathway covered by trees on both sides. A big house stood in front of them as several people milled around.

A large man with gray hair came up. He was handsome and big, but older than the Grand Alpha by several years. They moved from the car and Michael walked up to the man.

“Michael” the older man said, holding out his hand. He bowed at Michael as they faced each other.

“Benton, this girl is in need of a real pack. Her former Alpha used her for sex” The older man looked her over. “He had no other females” Michael explained. The man nodded his head and moved to face the little girl.

“Child you are welcome here. I am Benton, the Alpha of this pack” Benton had a large pack. Not as large as that of Silas, but large nonetheless. He was an older Wolf, full of power and a true Alpha, unlike what the girl was used to.

“We have females to guide you here” Benton said. Several women approached with warm smiles.

They reached out for the girl and guided her close to them. Michael saw several men look the child over.

Hunger filled their eyes but Michael expected no less. They would mate with her as much as she wanted he knew, but Benton and the female Wolves would make sure it would happen when the time was right.

Benton looked at him. “Thank you Michael” This was no small favor Michael did for Benton. Adding a female to a pack was an incredible gift as women usually were in small numbers compared to the men.

Another woman meant another chance to increase pack size and elevate their status.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The girl turned to him and Michael reached down and took her shoulders in his big hands. “You will stay with Benton, he will protect you. He can be trusted, or he will die by MY hand” His eyes blazed with blue light. In truth this was all for the girl’s benefit. Benton was no threat to Michael and everyone knew it, mostly Benton. The older man turned his head to the side to hide his smile. The flow of power from Michael washed over the girl and everyone else nearby. Female Wolves rocked back on their feet at the sensation, several hoping to catch his wandering eye. Male Wolves moved back hoping for just the opposite.

“Yes, My Lord” the little girl said, as if in a trance. Michael had compelled her to obey him. He could do it with any Wolf, but one so young as her had no choice but to obey him.

The females led her away, leaving Michael and Benton alone.

“My friend, you need a pack. She would make a fine addition” he said, looking in her direction.

Michael shook his head. “I need no pack Benton I already have…” He stopped himself. No one knew about Helen or Chase except Silas and Silas didn’t know Helen had born him a Son. “Everything I need” he finished instead.

Benton would not challenge him. “Of course Michael. You are welcome to stay as long as you like” Michael shook his head. “No old friend. I have places to go. Thank you for taking her in. I know you are the best choice for her” Benton nodded and watched Michael get in his car and drive off. A female Wolf came near and spoke softly.

“An actual Grand Alpha?” Benton nodded, lost in thought. He looked at the woman. “If her former Alpha comes we will invite him to join our pack. If he fights for right of leadership, or for the girl, he is to be killed” She nodded her head. “I doubt any would dare approach now. The Grand Alpha’s power lingers and will linger for some time. Who is stupid enough to challenge him?” Benton sighed. “You would be surprised” Michael drove to Georgia. It had been four years since he had been there last. Months after Helen had given birth; Michael had sent her a letter. He tried to explain what happened and why he had to leave, The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague but in the end, he knew it wouldn’t be enough for her. Mostly he wanted her to know he knew about Chase.

Now he needed more. He needed to see the boy. He waited for her to come home. It was late in the day but the sun was still in the sky when her car drove up. She was beautiful, just like Michael remembered.

If anything, having a child gave her a constant glow that she never had before. She walked to the back of the car and opened the door. She reached in and then moved out of the way.

A small boy with jet black hair crawled out.


Michael stopped breathing. He was beautiful. He had huge blue eyes and thick hair had wrapped around his face. He was small and Michael smiled as he watched his Son reach back and tug a huge backpack out of the car behind him. Helen stood nearby and watched him with a smile of her own as Chase put the backpack on. Even though they were home it was clear to Michael this was a ritual of some kind that Helen allowed because it obviously meant a great deal to their Son. Once the pack was on properly he stepped away as she closed the door. Chase lifted up his hand and waited for her to turn. When she did she immediately took hold of him, her fingers wrapping protectively around his tiny hand and leading him into the house.

As they walked out of sight Michael remembered to breath. He rocked back on the balls of his big feet, a growl threatening to rip from his throat. The beast in him wanted to mark the area and drive any other animal away. He put one hand on the tree he was behind and took in a deep breath to calm his Wolf.

His beast stirred! Michael wasn’t sure of it but the Wolf in him seemed convinced. The child was too young to show the life of an animal growing inside him. A Wolf didn’t usually reveal itself until they reached their teens but yet Michael’s beast had stirred at the sight of Chase.

It took everything he had not to run up, burst through the door and wrap his arms around Chase and Helen. His knees felt weak as he stood there watching from far away. Only the eyes of a Wolf could see so far.

He waited until night. The hours moved by with eternal slowness. When he saw the lights go out he gave it another hour before he moved. He skirted the side of the house and jumped over the eight foot fence with one leap, landing on the other side making practically no noise. His big feet navigated the dark night with ease as his blue eyes saw everything clearly.

He moved to Helen’s bedroom window. She was asleep. He put one hand on the glass and felt for her with his power.

She moaned.

He wrapped his will around her and made her sleep deeper than she ever had before. It took him only moments.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He walked away and looked at the back of the house. He found his Son’s window immediately. It was on the second floor and it was open, but there was no ledge. Michael looked around and listened. No one was out. It was a quiet neighborhood.

His muscled legs squatted down and Michael leaped into the air with a surge of supernatural power. His strong body flew up to the boy’s window and his large fingers found purchase in the framed glass. His feet supported his weight as he used his other hand to work the screen off and place it inside the room.

He was like a great spider, his body supported by his sheer strength alone. He climbed inside with silence until he stood near the small bed, a sleeping boy dreaming under the covers.

Michael was frozen in place.

The room was filled with the child’s smell. It was everywhere and in everything.

Chase, his Son, his only Son.

Michael knelt beside the bed. He leaned down and took in a deep breath and moaned.

The blood running in the child’s veins was his! There was no mistake, this was Michael’s Son!

He reached out with one big hand and ran it through the thick mass of Chase’s black hair. The boy didn’t stir. Like all children he slept through everything. Michael smiled and leaned down to kiss the child’s forehead. The taste of the sweet sweat filled his mouth and Michael licked his lips. He nuzzled his face into the boy’s neck and breathed deeply.

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