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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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He lost track of how long he stayed. Hours maybe? Days? Years? It seemed that time had stopped at the sight of his only Son. He studied his angelic face with a smile. His big hand stroked the soft black hair as Michael absorbed every line, every crease. He would never forget one thing about him for as long as he lived. He kissed at him softly, first his cheeks and then his forehead. Chase moved around a little and shifted until he was on his back and turned his head, as if offering it to his Dad. Michael smiled and accepted the offer.

He leaned down again and began to repeatedly kiss his Son. When Chase stirred Michael cast down his will and put the boy deeper in sleep. He nuzzled his face against the boy’s and breathed him in deeply.

“I love you little one” he whispered in Chase’s ear.

The beast in Michael stirred. His eyes glowed as he watched the boy and Michael took a long slow lick at the side of his face. The Wolf let out a low rumble from its chest. He pressed his face against him and marked him with his scent. He used his big hands to touch Chase all over, putting as much of himself on his Son as he could. Chase didn’t stir. He breathed deeply and continued to dream as his Father marked him.

His Wolf was too great. Michael stood up suddenly and pulled of his shirt. He watched the sleeping child with glowing eyes as he pushed off his shoes and dropped his pants to the floor and stepped out of them. His body swelled and hair formed on his limbs.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague

The Werewolf was coming!

The change took just over a minute. The massive beast stepped to the bed and leaned its great muzzle down mere inches from the child. It breathed deeply and then growled low in the boy’s direction. It was searching for something. Chase stirred and turned over, his small arm wrapping around the snout of the Werewolf’s head. The hot breath flowed over the boy’s soft cheeks and a smile formed on his face as the long hair tickled him. The massive Werewolf towered over him as it crouched down beside the bed and studied the boy. With slow motions it began to lick at the child from his neck to his forehead. The great tongue found every inch of exposed skin, every drop of sweat the boy had.

The animal rumbled again and waited. The sound of his growl made the child’s tiny chest vibrate back at it. No Wolf called back. The big Werewolf sat back in confusion. It leaned forward again and rested its huge limbs on the bed, making it creak with its weight. Again it growled.

It was for only a moment. Chase opened his eyes.

The giant beast loomed over and looked at him. The boy had blue eyes just like his Dad and for the briefest instant, they glowed.

The Werewolf opened its mouth showing off the massive rows of sharp teeth and smiled down at the boy.

The Wolf had a Son.

As Chase’s eyes closed shut and he sighed in sleep the big Werewolf licked at him happily before it stood up. It was too tall to stand fully upright; its big head had to dip down to clear the ceiling. It opened its powerful hands and splayed its claws in challenge. This was not the forest and they were not surrounded by animals but the great beast didn’t care. The challenge was made for the boy. Who would come forth to claim him? Who would dare?

The beast circled the room, which meant it turned around, the room being too small for it to move freely. Finally it fell down on all four paws and moved back to the bed and rested its massive head against the boy’s small body.

It fell asleep and dreamed.

When Michael woke up hours later, he had reverted into a man. His Son’s arms were wrapped around his head as he rested against the boy. He carefully pulled himself away and covered the child up with his blankets as he got dressed. When he pulled on his shirt and shoes he bent down and gave Chase one final kiss.

With extreme effort Michael looked at the boy one final time. He replaced the screen and before he left he picked up the shirt Chase had been wearing earlier that day. He pressed it to his face and breathed in the smell before stuffing it in his pocket. He closed the door behind him and went downstairs to see Helen.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague She slept deeply as his power commanded. He lay down beside her and scooped her into his arms and held her for hours. He pushed his face into her long hair and he breathed her in as she slumbered soundlessly. Before daylight came in Michael got up, smoothed out the bed and stood near her dresser.

He put a letter on top and a stack of money.

He couldn’t face her. He couldn’t see her eyes, let alone the eyes of his Son. He wasn’t that strong.

He looked at her one final time before he left her home. He closed the front door making sure it was locked, and carefully walked away.

Over the years he had gone back to Georgia and watched his Son at school and visited their home. He took pictures of his Son from the frames on the wall and left money for them. Always, he took some article of clothing from his Son.

He never told Chase, even when he became a part of his life, that he had taken his clothes. He had a box in the attic that was filled with shirts of different sizes, all smelling of Chase. Michael would sit there and hold them to his face and he thought of the boy, wondering if he ever thought of his Father. He didn’t know if the Wolf his beast had found would ever surface. There was a good chance it would remain dormant for life, although his great Wolf seemed unconvinced.

Now, as the bus pulled up Michael was filled with the fresh smell of his only Son. As he walked off the bus looking around, his black hair waving in the air, his blue eyes bright like crystal, Michael once again forgot to breath. Chase would finally look at him with his own eyes.

My God he’s beautiful! Michael thought. The years melted away and now Chase stood before him, his Son, small and defiant. The urge to rip him from the floor and crush him inside his arms was almost unbearable. It was his Son’s eyes that held him back. There was power behind them, Michael could see it. It was thick and deep. It put a wall between them that Michael could almost feel physically.

The boy did not want him!

Michael had married by then. He had met Wendy and even had a child by her. Emma could no more be a Werewolf than her mother, who was a powerful Druid. Michael couldn’t explain it to anyone. There was something about being in a pack that he hated. Even with all of his power he never wanted to command anyone. With Wendy his power didn’t work that way. She was an equal to him in many regards. He could not command her or influence her will, her magic was too great.

Emma was like a bright light on a dark day. Her power was clear and even as an infant Michael could feel it. She was her mother’s daughter that much was clear. As mother would train daughter, now Michael had his own task to perform.

Chase was a Werewolf! And Chase was pissed!

As they drove to the farm that first day Michael had no choice but to use his power to flood over his Son and keep his anger in check. The boy would be full of questions, questions he wasn’t ready to hear the answers too. So Michael used his supernatural will to hold him at bay.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague

It almost worked.

Chase did something no other Wolf in history had done to him. He defied his power. It wasn’t consistent but he did it nonetheless. There were times when Michael could control the boy with ease, and then there were times that Michael meant no more to Chase than a stranger on the street. It was then that Michael knew something was wrong with him; something that wouldn’t reveal itself until Chase changed for the first time. It was the arrival of the black Werewolf that cemented Chase’s power. It was the unusual black beast that confirmed that he was different.

He was sleek, fast and impossible to see at night.

He was amazing.

He was the Son of the Grand Alpha.

Heir to the throne.

And he was dead!

Michael cried out at the loss of his Son. The memories of his past sunk into him like a stone. The smell of his Son, the feel of his flesh drove Michael mad! Never to feel him again! Never to touch his face! Never to smell his presence!

He sprung up on his feet and growled so loudly it vibrated through the forest and hit the base of the mountain like a cannon!

Ryan didn’t know what was happening. He was terrified to be so near someone so powerful. He watched with awe as the man grew and thickened into a Werewolf. His animal was enormous and dwarfed any other Ryan had ever seen.

But then Ryan stepped back…because Michael wasn’t done.

He kept growing!

The Raven was hurt but far from beaten. Destel and the others advance from three sides, ready to strike it down and avenge their dead pack mate as the bird managed to get up on its one good leg. The stone Destel had thrown at it crippled its other leg so the bird supported itself by holding its thick black wings on the ground as the Wolves approached. It looked to the right and locked eyes with a big brown furred Wolf. The Raven’s eyes glowed red and the Wolf straightened up immediately. It lifted its great head The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague and growled loudly at the other Wolf coming from the opposite side. It leaped in the air and tackled the confused beast to the ground and began to claw at it.

Destel stopped his advance to watch the Wolves battle. The bird had enthralled one of his pack brothers he realized. He pulled back his arm and let another stone fly from his hand but the Raven quickly used the time to hop behind the tree while Destel had watched the fight. He had no choice but to circle and hunt the bird.

Abel moved back and began to walk around the other side of the tree. He was no warrior, not like Destel, but Abel had lived alone for most of his life and knew how to survive. He snaked his way behind trees to give himself cover as he searched for the bird. After seeing what the animal could do he kept his distance and was ready to run away at the first signs of danger. He had never seen anything like it. The bird had killed an adult Wolf with nothing more than the sound of its voice. Had he not seen it with his own eyes he wouldn’t have believed it possible. The two Wolves rolled near him as they fought each other and Abel decided it better to act then let them kill each other. He used a cue from Destel and found a rock of his own. He approached the great Wolves and lifted his hand far over his head and batted at the head of the enthralled beast with the stone. There was a crack and the big beast stopped fighting and slumped over the other Wolf, who easily pushed him aside and looked at Abel.

The adult Wolf barked his thanks and looked at his downed brother. He was alive but would wake up with one hell of a headache. He moved in front of Abel and pushed him back as he saw Destel approach a big tree from the other side.

A hunt was on.

Abel moved away and let the other Wolf do what he meant to do earlier. These men were fighters in every sense of the word and would fare far better than he at teamwork. Instead Abel made his way to the first Wolf that had been attacked. He stepped over the one he knocked out and grabbed the arms of the wounded Werewolf, dragging him away from the fight. The big Wolf didn’t struggle as he smelled the familiar scent of his pack brother.

Now it was two against one. The Raven had effectively taken out four players from the field and the battle had just started.

Silas felt the pain rip through his heavily muscled body. It felt like an electric shock as he rolled to the ground in agony. He cried out, howling in the air as he tried to figure out what happened. As he tumbled head over feet he saw someone standing behind him.

It was a man, sort of. He was wearing nothing more than a tan colored cloth around his waist that hung down between his legs to the knees. He had no shoes, no shirt. His skin was chalk white and his hair, The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague nails and teeth were black. His eyes were red. Black tattoos were etched across his body, covering his arms, chest and legs.

As Silas watched another Werewolf had come to close and the man was able to grab it by the arm.

Under almost any other circumstance no human could ever harm a full grown Werewolf without a weapon of some kind, which was why Silas knew this was no man. The Wolf wasn’t moving as fast as he had been which is why he didn’t roll away the way Silas had.

The Wolf stopped and screamed out in pain as the man held its thick arm in one hand. He turned his head and opened his mouth and a bluish mist of light pulled from the big Wolf and was sucked into the man’s lungs.

The Wolf turned a sick shade of grey as its eyes rolled back into its head. The Werewolf shrunk with incredible speed as the man sucked its life away. It took only moments before the Werewolf was gone and replaced by Andrew, the man Silas had known for over ten years.

The white hand released Andrew and he fell to the ground dead, unmoving and eyes open.

The man took in a big gulp of air and sighed in pleasure, running his chalk white hands down his naked chest.

“Delicious!” His voice was deep and shuddered with delight as he spoke. “I haven’t had a Werewolf in decades!” he said to no one in particular. His skin glowed for a moment as the blue light swirled down his frame and ran right down his legs. It seemed to charge him up somehow.

Silas moved to get up and attack him when he felt a shearing pain in his arm. He looked down and saw the thick fur was gone at his right bicep. It was where the man had touched him he knew. There was tanned skin there instead. It was HIS skin, not his WOLF’S! The man had pulled enough energy from him to change him back to a human where he had made contact. Silas had never even heard of anything like that.

He saw another Wolf lift up its paw to slash the man in half. YES! Silas thought. KILL HIM!

The white man didn’t even turn to him. He was still absorbing his meal when the Wolf howled out and crumbled to the ground. Nothing had touched him. His proximity to the man alone had made him fall.

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