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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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Everyone became still.

Bart and Sean disengaged and faced the new threat. It was Chase that moved first. He shot forward and jumped through the air, landing on his Father’s broad chest like a cat. His claws sunk into the thick fur, not even close to piercing the great beast’s skin. His mouth opened and bit down on a heavy shoulder.

He growled back as loudly as he could but if his Father was concerned, he certainly didn’t show it.

Bart was next. He tackled one of the Alpha’s big legs while Sean took the other. Jason landed on the beast’s back, his long arms wrapping around the thick neck.

The Alpha threw its head back and roared. It spun around and Bart flew off in one direction while Sean went in the other. A huge hand snatched Jason off its back and once again the boy found himself hitting the water. Chase was last. The beast pulled him away and held him by the scruff of the neck like a newborn kitten. He looked into the golden orbs that were Chase’s eyes and he growled. Chase growled back swiping in the air in a vain attempt to land a blow. The Alpha simply held him away, his teeth bared in what could only be thought of as a grin. He took in a lungful of air and bellowed so loudly at Chase that the black fur rippled across his face and his lips pulled back.

The beast threw the black wolf into the air and caught him with one hand. Chase struggled but the Alpha was simply too big and too strong. This wasn’t a foot race and the wise Alpha wasn’t about to let Chase touch the ground and run away.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Bart and Sean moved up and circled the great beast. As Bart charged he was snatched right out of the air and sent crashing into Sean. They tumbled to the ground as Jason finally made his way back to shore.

The massive wolf began to ripple and shrink before them. It took only seconds before the human form of Michael stood in front of them. His muscled arm easily continued to hold Chase up by one hand.

“Now, maybe it’s a fair fight!” He tossed Chase into the lake and faced the others.

Sean was the first to charge. Michael moved like a blur and caught his wrists and hurled him into the forest. A large crash could be heard as Sean hit a grove of trees and was dumped in a set of thick bushes.

Jason was loud. The water slowed him down as it poured off his fur. He swiped at the air in front of Michael, but the man easily avoided it by stepping to one side. Before Jason could react Michael was behind him and lifting him up. He tossed the tall Werewolf back into the lake with incredible strength, almost to the middle! Jason managed to growl in frustration as he sailed into the air before the water swallowed him up again and silenced his cries.

Bart roared and charged. His powerful arms came down on top of the big blond man, but Michael simply took hold of them before they could connect, stopping Bart’s wolf cold.

Their eyes locked.

“This all you got boy?” Michael berated him. “I thought you were a Werewolf?” He yanked Bart’s thick limbs down until Bart was on his knees, the human standing over him defiantly.

Chase saw Sean hurtling through the air but Michael swatted him away with a closed fist, and Sean landed on the ground in a ball of defeat.

Bart grabbed at the hand still holding him but the Alpha male didn’t let go. With one hand he held the biggest wolf among them on his knees. Their eyes connected again as Man dominated Wolf.

Bart growled but was unable to move. He tugged and pulled but the fight was over. Bart’s thick shoulders slumped in submission.

Michael released him, warning Bart with his eyes and Bart in turn obeyed. He moved forward and began to lick at Michael’s legs. Sean moved to the side and rubbed his face against the back of the man’s thigh.

Jason was still in the lake.

Chase changed first.

By the time Jason made it to shore, he was in human form as well.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Not fair Dad” Chase grinned at his powerful Father.

“You’re right about that. I’ll wait here while you get more Wolves. You’re a pack of puppies!” Bart reverted back but stayed on his knees in front of Michael and waited for Sean to change as well.

Michael looked around and nodded his head. “You boys need more practice. All this running around has made you soft” He held out his hand and Bart took hold of it as he got to his feet.

“Damn your strong” “And fast” Sean said, walking around the man’s large body.

“How come I’m always in the lake?” Jason demanded while the others laughed at him.

Chase moved in and hugged his muscled Father and Michael hugged him back.

“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at your mothers” “I know” Chase said, looking up. “Sean came and got me so we could run” Sean looked away. “I thought it would be alright if he was with all three of us” Michael nodded. “It’s fine; just make sure your back before your mother wakes up” “Andreas…” Sean said before he stopped himself.

The Alpha sighed. “I know” No one looked him in the eyes. No one dared. Chase went back to hugging his powerful Dad, pushing his face against the hard chest.

“How many Wolves can you beat Dad?” The others looked at each other with concern. That wasn’t a question that should be asked. A Werewolf wasn’t about boasting, he was about doing. The Alpha didn’t need to brag…he was after all…The Alpha.

But with no hesitation Michael asked, “How many are there?” The three teenage Werewolves grinned at each other, relived that Michael wasn’t angry.

Sean moved against Michael’s back and rubbed against him, his cock already hard.

Bart and Jason watched. They were part of another pack and that kind of worship was forbidden, unless of course, it was demanded.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Sean’s hands moved admiringly up the muscled back of the Alpha and he licked between his shoulder blades with a soft moan. Chase hugged his Dad as tight as he could while the others stood nearby.

Michael looked at Bart and Jason for a long moment while Sean and Chase nuzzled into him. The boys glanced at him with desire, but never held his eyes for more than a second. Both dropped to their knees in submission to him as the others showed theirs in a different way.

Michel let them kneel for a moment and then snapped his fingers and waved them forward.

Bart pushed his face under Michael’s big arm and licked at his pit. Michael lifted his arm above his head so Bart could more easily work, while Jason dropped to his knees and took long licks at Michael’s strong thigh, his hands gripping the Alpha’s big calf muscle.

It took mere moments for everyone to become erect.

Michael looked down at the four boys licking, kissing and rubbing at his body. “I take it you boys are hungry?” The air filled with groans as each replied the best they could. The fever of submission had taken hold, and they lost the ability to easily speak. The power of the Alpha was present and it slowly flowed over each of them in turn, affecting them in different ways.

After a good minute of worship Michael said, “Is there some reason that three of you are still on your feet?” The affect was immediate. Sean, Bart and Chase all dropped to their knees before the Alpha. Bart hugged a muscled thigh while Sean pressed the side of his face to Michael’s bare ass. Chase, having hugged his Father from the front, now had the best position, and was face to face with the thick cock that hung between the Alpha’s legs.

Bart saw it. So close. He breathed in the scent of the Alpha and groaned in frustration. Chase buried his face in his Father’s crotch and began to lick at his large balls. Sean in turn pushed his face between the Alpha’s firm ass and licked deeply from behind. Jason rubbed himself against the man’s powerful leg, his cock rock hard and ready to explode at any moment.

Michael watched to boys work. Only Sean and Chase were comfortable enough to taste him. Jason and Bart looked pleadingly and fidgeted at being so close to him. Michael took hold of Bart’s head and pulled him to his dick.

Bart needed no further encouragement. He opened his mouth wide and took the Alpha’s thick cock in and sucked at it like his life depended on it. He let out a loud moan of satisfaction as Michael’s massive meat sunk into his throat.

Chase continued to lick and suck as his Dad’s large balls. His own cock was rock hard and dripping in return.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The Alpha grabbed Jason by the hair and yanked his head up. He leaned over and spit at the boy, who opened his mouth and caught it on his tongue. He swallowed gratefully and the Alpha pushed him back toward Sean, who guided his head between Michael’s cheeks.

Jason pressed himself as deep as he could go and lapped hungrily between Michael’s crack. He felt Sean rub his back as he tasted the powerful Wolf for the first time.

Four mouths and eight hands devoured the Alpha’s flesh. The growls and roars of the Werewolves had been replaced by the moans of four sex starved boys. Michael smiled at them as they worked. They were so eager to serve him. They would do anything he asked, and Michael…would have it no other way.

The boys moved around slowly, taking their time to work at his body. They would do this for hours if he let them. The worship of a pure Alpha was a rare privilege that most wolves would never have.

Chase was still licking at his big balls when he pulled him up in the air. He handed him off to Sean.

“Keep him busy for a while; I’ve got Wolves to train” Sean nodded and took Chase into his arms.

Michael grabbed Jason and Bart by the neck and pulled them together as he watched Sean kiss his Son.

Chase had his arms around the blond boy’s neck as Sean lowered him to the ground and lay on top of him. Michael moved so he could watch and then looked at the two Wolves in front of him.

He knew there would be a price to pay if either Bart or Jason swallowed his cum. Marking a Werewolf in such a fashion would be stealing from another Alpha. Michael already did this once with Sean, and although Silas was in no position to challenge him, it would only add to the distain the lesser wolf already felt. In many ways Silas was the purest of Weres. He was strong, demanding and hungry for more power. Michael didn’t want a pack. He didn’t want to lead. He only wanted his Son safe and driving Silas away was the last thing he wanted to do. Who else could command so many wolves?

The two wolves had been loyal to him. They protected Chase almost as much as Sean did, even though there was no reason too. Silas wouldn’t harm them if Chase were injured. It wasn’t their place to protect the boy, it was Sean’s, and by default the Alpha’s.

Still, a reward was in order.

Michael took hold of Jason’s head and pulled him forward. “On your hands and knees boy!” He pushed his face to the ground and Jason quickly obeyed. Bart pulled off the Alpha’s immense prick with profound understanding of what was about to happen. He moved to the side as Michael dropped to his knees behind Jason and took hold of his hips.

“You’re not man enough to take me!” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The power of the Alpha flooded the immediate area. Everyone was affected by it. Sean trembled in place, hugging Chase to him for support, while Bart fell on his hands and moaned. Michael slapped Jason’s ass, and without any effort, forced the boy to change into a Werewolf!

The other’s watched the change.

It was different when the Alpha made it happen. When they did it, it was slower and smoother. The body responded to the call in an orderly fashion. It grew, he became hairy and claws and teeth formed.

Now it was violent.

Hair burst out before muscle thickened. Claws formed on one hand but not the other. Long, pointed ears extended from a human head and legs grew unevenly. Jason cried out, but it was not the boy, but the wolf in him. It wanted to be free! The Alpha demanded it! Whatever control Jason once had over his beast was completely taken from him.

It took half the time it usually did.

The Alpha’s power literally ripped the animal up!

Jason threw back his head and roared as the change completed. Michael grabbed his tail and held it in the air as he sunk his big cock inside the wolf. Jason’s claws dug into the ground and a deep growl escaped his lungs as the greatest Werewolf in North America impaled him with his mighty prick.

Bart was changing too!

The flow of the Alpha’s dominate energy pushed against him and blasted any resistance he had to dust.

Chase looked down to see hairy arms now holding him and Sean’s hot breath bore against his neck. He looked up and saw the light colored Werewolf gazing up at the Alpha, a hypnotic lust in its eyes. He glanced down and saw Sean’s massive cock grow between his legs and throb in the night air.

Michael fucked Jason with deep forceful thrusts. The Werewolf responded with loud grunts of lust for each impalement. The Alpha held the boy’s tail in an iron grip as he assaulted his furry ass into submission. Large clumps of sand were thrown in the air as Jason clawed at the ground in response.

It took less than three minutes before the big prick on Jason’s Werewolf shot its load all over the beach.

He bellowed as he came and his body shuddered in ecstasy.

Bart had been howling at the moon as his friend was fucked. He circled the boy and punched at the earth as Jason moaned with gratification.

When the boy came, Michael pushed his big dick deep inside and held the tail firmly in his fist. He felt Jason’s tight ass grip his cock possessively as the Wolf’s strong body released its pent up cum.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He dropped the tail and very slowly pulled his hard cock out. Jason dropped to the ground in a lump and whimpered at the loss. He curled into the fetal position and trembled, still clawing at the ground.

Michael stood up and looked at Bart. He knew this would be different. He faced the big teenaged Werewolf and shouted, “KNEEL!” His power hit Bart like a bus. The Werewolf howled and fell to his knees, snarling at the Alpha, his claws extended.

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