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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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Silas forced himself up and growled as loudly as he could, trying to get the man’s attention and give his Wolf time to get away. The man turned to him, his thick black hair flowing around his thin shoulders.

He smiled, showing off his black teeth.

“I’ll get to you soon enough” he grinned at Silas. He turned back and knelt on the ground and took the big Werewolf by the head. He lifted the weak animal to him and pressed his mouth against the beasts like they were lovers.

He started to suck!

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Emma walked back to the same spot Jason had taken her from. Her small feet were dirty from the ground but she seemed oblivious to her condition. There was noise ahead of her but Emma paid it no attention. She turned her head slowly as she listened for the call and then smiled as she found it again.

The Puller Tree was singing to her.

She walked far, the Witch’s magic keeping her on track but unable to help her any longer. The magic of the Druid’s saturated the area the deeper she moved toward the Tree. As the distance between them became less and less Emma began to sing and skip with delight. She didn’t feel the fighting around her, her ears did not register the screams of pain, nor did she know her brother was dead.

Emma just wanted to see the Tree.

Bart stumbled out of the trees like he had been hit by a truck. Jason watched him come forward in human form. He had caked blood all over him and he limped with pain as he approached.

“What the fuck happened?” he said to Jason. He saw Sean on his back and recovering from his attack by Emma. He knelt down near his friend and put his hand on his shoulder. “You alright buddy?” Sean looked up at him with tear streaked eyes. Emma had nearly killed him. It was only Jason’s intervention that had saved his life. He had a deep bruise around his neck that looked horrible. Bart put a hand gently on his face and looked at him.

“You know ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ just kicked our collective asses?” Sean nodded and suppressed the desire to laugh. He grabbed Bart’s thick forearm for support. He found it impossible to speak. The vines had hurt him and he knew he needed to shift into Wolf form to heal properly. Before he could say anymore Jason whined at him. He pawed at the ground and bark to the right. Then he ran off and left them alone.

Bart watched him and said, “I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet” He looked around and smiled, “No pun intended” Sean touched his bruised face and gave him a questioning look. Bart nodded.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Yeah, I had my own run in with a tree the size of a city building. Remind me not to fuck with that little girl in the future” Sean smiled at him and leaned his head into Bart’s big chest. The boy wrapped his thick arms around Sean and held him tight. “Take a deep breath. You need to shift and so do I. Whatever Jason is after is still here and we can’t be found like this” Sean nodded and did what Bart said. He took his time and leaned back as his body began to shift.

“I’ll wait for you and change myself. I think I’ve got one more in me before I’m done” He moved back as Sean began to ripple and get larger. “Then, if we live through this, I’m gonna eat every cheeseburger in Montana! Oh and Sean?” He looked at his friend. “Let’s keep the whole ‘getting our asses kicked by a four year old girl’ to ourselves okay?” Sean moaned in agreement and finished as Bart stood nearby. He stretched out his tender neck and slowly moved his head from left to right. He gave a weak, garbled growl to test the damage. It hurt for only a moment before the tissue began to mend itself. Another minute later he was able to lift up on two legs and let out a thunderous growl.

Bart grinned. “Welcome back”

When Jason broke through the trees he saw Abel’s Wolf dragging another on the ground. He ran up and took an arm and pulled the big beast with him. They moved a good half mile before they stopped and Jason pushed the animal against a dense patch of brush. He covered him up to hide him and Abel helped.

They ran back and found the last two of Daruth’s men in a fight for their lives. The bird was moving very fast. It managed to fly around and between them as they clawed the air in a useless attempt to kill it. As it moved it squawked out and inflicted its own brand of justice on them.

Destel was bloody. His fur was matted around one shoulder and one eye was swollen shut. The other Wolf had one thick arm hang by its side, limp and useless, as it swatted the air with its one good hand.

Jason had no idea what happened while he was gone, but the Raven seemed to be full of tricks. He put one big hand on Abel’s back and pushed him gently to the right, near Destel. Then he leaped in the air and moved to his most comfortable position…in the trees.

Abel ran up and then around Destel and growled as loudly as he could. He wanted to distract the Raven while the assassin, who was much closer, could land the killing blow. The bird turned its head at him The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague and Destel took the shot. The Raven moved away, just barely and Destel’s clawed paw raked across the chest of the other Wolf who howled in pain and stumbled away.

Abel reached down and grabbed some stones. As the Raven faced Destel one on one it began to squawk at him. The sound was having an effect on the big Werewolf, who flinched every time the bird cried out.

Abel saw blood had run down from Destel’s big ears and realized it was only a matter of time before the Werewolf fell. Abel pulled back his arms and flung the first stone. It sailed by the Raven, missing its mark, and exploded against a tree a good ten yards behind them. The large bird spared Abel a moment and screamed out at him.

Abel felt like a car had hit him. He was lifted off his feet and crashed down on his back as the sonic wave struck him. His vision swam as he tried to sit up. His furry chest felt sore as he watched Destel confront the bird alone.

Then the forest broke and two big Werewolves ran out!

Abel knew it was Sean and Bart even as Destel fell to the ground with a growl. How the man had managed to live was a mystery to Abel. Bart looked intimidating but Abel saw him limping and knew he had lost his own battle somewhere else in the woods. Of all the Wolves present only Sean was unharmed.

The light colored Werewolf glanced up for a moment and took point and charged the black Raven.

Abel wanted to cry out and tell him to stop! One scream from the bird would decapitate Sean. Abel barked loudly and tried to get Sean’s attention but the Wolf ignored him and kept running straight for the Raven. The big bird opened its wings and Abel waited with horror for the death of yet another brother.

Sean’s big feet dug into the ground as mounds of dirt flew through the air in his wake. The bird looked at him, its eyes full of hate, and opened its mouth to scream.

Jason fell from the sky and snapped his massive jaws shut and bit the Raven right in half!

He landed on his big feet and tossed his head back, throwing half of the bird in the air. It landed with a dead thump and rolled on the ground.

Abel threw his own head back and roared like a lion! Destel joined him as did Bart, Sean, and the wounded Wolf. Jason did the honors and raked his clawed foot across the dead bird and ripped its body to shreds as he spread his arms and roared.

It took several minutes after that for everyone to regroup. They surrounded the Wolf that Abel had knocked out and followed Destel’s lead and growled around him in a circle. The big Wolf opened his eyes slowly and looked up. His eyes were filmed with grey. He growled back but Destel realized he was still under the Raven’s spell. The dangerous assassin put one big foot on the Wolf’s chest and bellowed at him, joined by the others. It took several moments but the Wolf’s eyes cleared as the Wolves beckoned him to rejoin the pack.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The Wolf blinked rapidly until it opened its eyes fully and stared up at them, as if for the first time.

Destel moved away and waited for the Wolf to rise. It looked first at him, the highest ranking among them and then at the others.

The spell was broken.

They found the body of the beheaded Wolf next, he had reverted into human form but remained just as dead. Jason led the group back to the poisoned Wolf he buried in the brush. The animal lived but was suffering. Destel tried the same trick on him as he did the first Wolf, but it had little effect. He would need to be treated by real medicine or someone far stronger than him. Pack magic was strong but the poison of the Raven’s sharp claws was saturated in the Wolf’s blood and it would take more power than they had to expel it.

Jason pushed unhappily into Sean and Bart. The danger wasn’t over.

They still had Emma to deal with.

Ryan didn’t know what to do.

The BEAST was with him. It towered over his Wolf like a giant. The power that rippled off the animal terrified him. The BEAST bolted forward and knocked full grown trees away with a swipe of its massive limbs and filled the air with a thunderous sound.

This was a Grand Alpha, Ryan understood. This was real power!

Ryan pawed unhappily at the ground when he felt the shift in energy. He snapped his head and growled loudly.

Something was wrong with Silas.

He bolted for the trees and followed the great BEAST. He would join Silas in battle and he was bringing a King with him!

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Daruth had neared his camp when he felt the change. His pack was divided! He drove his car as fast as he could and down the dirt road and only slowed when he saw the first home. He came to a stop at his house and jumped from the driver’s seat.

“Elyria!” he shouted. The dark haired woman ran from the home and down the stairs toward him. She wrapped her arms around him and he hugged her back fiercely. “Speak!” he commanded after she pulled away.

Daruth was an Alpha. His power flowed through all his subjects. He didn’t need to be told something was wrong, Elyria knew. “My Lord” she began. She used his title when speaking of pack business for even Elyria had her place. “There’s been an attack at the Grand Alpha’s home. His wife is hospitalized and his daughter missing” This was distressing news on many levels but it wasn’t the information Daruth wanted to hear. He would have no knowledge of Michael’s problems or of his family. Daruth felt a tear in his OWN pack and it was that explanation he needed now. Elyria saw the shift in his face and continued.

“I sent Destel and five others to protect Michael’s Son before the attack. I had no idea Michael was a target. Whatever moved against him leveled his house and took Andreas out in the process” she said quickly, trying to make her point before he became angry. “He lives” she assured him before he could ask. “But he left with Silas to find the Grand Alpha’s daughter” “Silas?” Daruth spat out. “What does he have to do with this?” She shook her head. “I don’t know. He showed up after the attack. He found Andreas and Michael.

They all left toward the mountains where Chase and our men went” “Where are they now?” “I don’t know my Lord, I cannot contact them. They are missing” She looked remorseful.

Daruth’s eyes shifted from left to right rapidly as he took in what she said. “Some no longer live! I feel the loss, even from here!” He faced the other direction. “Locke!” he shouted.

Elyria was about to tell him that Locke was still there but quickly shut her mouth. Daruth was Alpha; he knew exactly who was gone and who was present. He didn’t need her to tell him that.

A big man with a shaved head ran toward him and dropped to one knee. Locke was a combat trainer and second to only Destel in fighting.

“Defend this camp site while I’m gone. You leave for no reason!” The big man bent his head low in acknowledgement.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Daruth pointed to the car. “Tend to her” he said to Elyria. “She has yet to change. I cannot assist her further, have others promote her Wolf” He did not explain anything else. His place was not to explain, but to command. Elyria moved to the car and looked inside to find a black haired woman wrapped in a blanket. She was bitten Elyria saw. She had questions, many of them in fact, but she was wife to Daruth second, and pack mate first. She obeyed his command and summoned two young men to take the woman from the car and carry her to the basement of her home.

She walked toward Daruth as he gave orders to Locke and three others that now surrounded him. After he was done he turned to her and gave her the attention she sought.

“My Lord” she began again. This part would be hard for her. “It is believed black magic was used against Michael” she let that sink in.

Daruth looked away from her in deep thought. “She’s moved already?” he said to himself but out loud.

When he found Elyria’s eyes again she looked back at him in question. “Michael sought information about Witches” he explained.

Elyria gasped. “Witches? Here?” “Apparently” Daruth admitted. “I was told little, but if Michael wanted that information, and I’m to believe that he was just attacked with dark magic, then it leads me to only one conclusion” “I...” Elyria stumbled with her words. She was no stranger to magic but the arrival of a true Witch was a deadly thing to imagine. “I didn’t know it was a Witch. I thought it…” her voice trailed off.

Daruth watched her carefully. Elyria wasn’t known for being at a loss for words, or being unprepared he knew. It was one of many reasons he loved her. As he looked at her face his mind snapped around the answer.

“Elyria” he said slowly. “What did you do?” She swallowed hard as she looked at him, her eyes dark and humble. “I…” she faltered again, regret on her face.

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