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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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“You didn’t?” he asked hopefully but already knew the truth before she spoke. Her eyes spoke the truth she could not. “Why?” Tears formed in her eyes. She shook her head. “I thought a Wizard…” she pleaded. “What else would plague us so?” He reached out and took her shoulders in his big hands. “When are they coming?” She didn’t answer right away. “Soon, I’m sure” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “They will not take you again” Daruth said to his wife. “I will kill all of them before they touch you” Elyria found herself pulled into her husband’s arms before she could respond. How could she have made such a mistake?

Her history was far different from that of her pack. Her husband had grown up with Werewolves while many of Wolves in their pack came from similar backgrounds. Elyria had not been so lucky. Her life was spent in servitude to a conclave of Wizards who used her for experiments and slavery. To them, she was a simple animal to be used as they saw fit. It wasn’t until Daruth found her and fought for her release, did she know the bonds of a real pack.

Elyria had been taken from her family when she was only five years old. Her condition was identified easily by the Wizards who left her parents for dead in their wake and stole her for themselves.

Memories of what they did to her flooded her mind as she felt the strong muscles of her husband’s arms surround her.

“The Wizards of Blackmore are coming” she whispered to herself more than anyone. “What have I done?” Before Daruth had started his quest; only Silas and Andreas were still alive. The bodies of the rest of his men lay lifeless at the feet of the Litch. All had reverted into human form as the essence of Werewolf was pulled from them and eaten by the abominable creature. The Litch walked slowly toward Silas, Andreas was curled up on his side and whining softly in the opposite direction. The tattoos of the chalk white man glowed with blue light.

“An Alpha” it said to Silas. “I don’t think I’ve ever eaten an Alpha before” He squatted down before the wounded Wolf. Silas looked up defiantly. The Litch looked down with hunger in his eyes and started to reach out to touch the Werewolf’s face when a crashing sound filled the forest. He turned to see a massive beast charging toward him and knocking trees out of the way like they were sticks. It had long, thick limbs with sharp black claws and glowing red eyes! It was easily four times larger than the biggest Wolf the Litch had ever seen.

As the immense BEAST leveled the ground in front of it and the Litch invoked a name it hadn’t uttered in centuries of stolen life.

“Oh my God!” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague


Kripka tended to her broken legs as best she could. Without the benefit of all her magic she had to make do with what she had. She cupped her hands around first one leg and then the other, casting her magic into her crippled limbs. The bones fused back in place, sending waves of pain through her body. Her screams filled the forest as her body tried to right itself with the aid of her Witchcraft.

The fires still smoldered around her from the intense heat of her final spell. She would not be able to walk yet. Her spell was just a stop measure. As she took in deep breaths she cursed the Black Wolf in her mind and wished she could kill it all over again. She lay on her back and wiped the blood from her mouth and rested for a moment and smelled the burning plants around her.

Had there been two of them, she would have died, she knew. Had there been a corpse left she might have gleamed knowledge of what made the beast and how it was able to reflect her magic back on her;

a deadly trick that almost cost her more than just the Book.

And the Beast knew her name!

In that moment Kripka lost a heavy amount of her power. Stored magic she held when she crossed the barrier swelled up in her body and threatened to explode from the Beast identifying her. Names were power, and the Witch had done everything to protect her own. Black magic was already a dangerous thing to master and making mistakes like that would ensure a short rein.

She looked at the thick smoke that hung around the trees. Fire still burned but she had pulled most of it back to fuel her healing spell. The wide arc of her magic blast had left nothing in its wake and the Witch marveled at her own power. Even the earth was black from the spell. No tree, no bush, not even air, seemed to exist in the area her fire touched.

She sat up slowly feeling the blood run down her back. The Beast had almost killed her. She hadn’t been that close to true death for longer than she could remember. She knew she could not stay here, although her body screamed to be left alone. If the Litch found her like this he would suck her dry. She could show no weakness now. She needed the Book, and then she had through the barrier, only then would she be free and at full power again.

She closed her eyes and moved her hands over the ground until her spell took shape. Her body rose up, pain moving up her legs as she righted herself to hover in the air, inches from the earth. She turned her body as she floated and took in a deep smoke filled breath. She waved her hand at the black and grey air and glided silently through. She used her hands to push small bushes and branches out of her way as her invisible force made a pathway through the dense forest.

She needed the Book and only the girl could get it.

It was time to check on her progress.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The Litch had no time to act. As the BEAST charged toward it he threw up its hands to absorb the life force of the towering animal. His black tattoos glowed brightly for just a moment as the hungry Wizard pulled at the immense BEAST, but he instantly regretted his action. The Litch fed off of life, but this BEAST was far too powerful.

It was like trying to drink an ocean!

The Litch yelled out moments before a huge arm smacked him in the chest and sent him flying through the air. Wind surged by like a hurricane as the chalk white Wizard hurtled by trees faster than he could see. He slammed into the earth on his back, his shoulder striking a large branch a moment before, and making him spin like a top. His face hit next as he rolled like a stone over and over. He didn’t know where he was or which way was up. His mind was confused, his body still trying to deal with the surge of power it tried to absorb from the BEAST.

Something grabbed his neck and hauled him up. Massive claws ripped into his flesh as he was thrown again, tumbling in the air until a tree sprung up and stopped his flight. Ribs snapped and the sharp edges of bark torn at his exposed body until he thumped to the floor.

Then he heard the growl.

It was coming again!

Jason led the pack. He had actually held Emma in his arms, her smell was on him. Bart, Sean, Destel, and Abel followed. The poisoned Wolf was being taken out of the forest by the two Wolves still alive in Destel’s group. One was hurt from the fight with the Raven but was able to help carry his poisoned brother. Destel felt it better to have at least one Werewolf at fighting strength to protect the wounded, so he commanded them to get back to camp as soon as possible and tell the others what happened.

Only the girl remained.

How hard could it be to deal with her?

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Jason had warned Destel that Emma was Michael’s only daughter and must be handled with care. No harm could come to her no matter what was wrong. Destel nodded as he looked over Bart and Sean, the battle scars they received from the child were still evident.

“We split up, take her from all sides” Jason said. “She just has to be knocked out and taken back to her mother. Then her power can be contained” Destel was not used to dealing with children, even children of magic. He allowed Jason to lead the group, having no plan to deal with a four year old Druid himself. Nothing in his training prepared him for battle with a toddler.

“Remember what Chase told us?” Jason asked his friends. “When she attacked the Wolves that beat him at the fair? She couldn’t control her power, it was all from emotion” “Yeah, but her mother stopped her then” Bart said. “And she seemed pretty unemotional when we saw her last” Sean looked at Bart for a moment in thought. “You know he’s right Jason. Something is seriously wrong with her. I don’t think she knows what she’s doing. She isn’t scared of us or anything else right now. I don’t even think she knows she’s in the forest” “Maybe we should just watch her then and see where she goes” Destel said. “My men will alert the Grand Alpha of what’s going on. We can wait for him to deal with her” On several levels this was the best plan of all. If anyone besides the girl’s mother was able to deal with her, it would be Michael. Of course it would also be less deadly to the present Wolves if they didn’t have to manhandle the Alpha’s own child and risk death by not only her hands, but HIS as well.

Sean spoke up next. “No. We can’t risk her getting hurt. It’s clear she’s being used” “By whom?” Destel looked around. “And where is Chase? I detect nothing of him here” “You wouldn’t” Bart said. “Chase can’t be tracked” Destel snorted. “He’s a child. He hasn’t been a Wolf for even a year!” Sean faced the deadly man. “Destel, it’s not Chase that you’re tracking; it’s his Wolf, and we don’t know exactly what he is when he changes” “He’s too fast to be caught and he makes no noise as he moves” Destel looked at Jason with skepticism. “No Werewolf is undetectable” Sean sighed. “Destel, that’s what we’re saying. We don’t know that Chase is really a Werewolf” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “You saw him yourself” Bart added. “What did you think?” Destel didn’t know what to think. Chase was too small for a Werewolf and his fur was short, more like a cat than a wolf. Plus he had a short muzzle, too short for deep bites or for battle. And then there were the golden orbs the Wolf had for eyes. What the hell did that mean? No beast he had ever encountered had eyes like Chase. He couldn’t deny the boy was fast, but then again they all stayed together for the hunt so Destel didn’t really see what Chase could do. In the end he didn’t know what the boy really was and he conceded that much to the boys.

“What does the Grand Alpha say of him?” he finally asked.

“He says Chase is his Son” Sean gave Destel a hard look. “I would leave it at that if I were you” Destel took the hint and nodded.

“We find her” Jason began. “We stop her from using magic and we get the hell back to her Father” Everyone agreed but Destel added somberly. “Then we bury our dead” The Tree was magnificent!

It was the biggest thing in the whole forest. Its trunk was so large that a house could hide behind it. For a tree to grow this size would take dozens of centuries. It was something out of a fairytale.

It was also the most diseased tree on Earth.

It was pitch black, having no leaves. Thick, coiled branches flowed out of it like daggers while thin wispy of wood filled in the gaps like a spider web. The heavy roots were dipping into and out of the ground, making it impossible to step close to the Tree without crawling over them. The waves of roots surrounded the Tree in every direction. The shadow it cast was cold, allowing no sunlight to warm anything nearby. Several yards in a wide circle, nothing else lived, only dark clumps of dirt packed tightly around the roots.

In the distance small bushes and trees waved in the breeze but the wind left the Tree untouched, seeming to go around it than through the vile thing.

Emma looked up in wonder. Her eyes did not see what was before her. To Emma it was full of life and green like an emerald. The magic that surrounded the Tree was calling to her like a mother would a child. Emma smiled at it as she ran her hand over one thick exposed root in awe of its size.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The Tree shuddered at her touch. Ash fell from the higher branches as it moved for the first time in decades, and where Emma had touched, the bark turned a healthy shade of brown.

The red robe fell from Emma’s shoulders but did not touch the ground. Instead it floated safely in the air, far enough away from the Tree as not to trigger a response. Emma didn’t notice. She walked up with a big smile on her face and started to climb over the heavy roots so she could touch the massive trunk.

It would take her a while; being so little, but she didn’t care; she had time.

When the first Werewolf fell beside her Emma didn’t even turn her head. When the second, third, fourth and fifth one landed she stopped. Her face changed. The smile she had been wearing fell away leaving only the blank stare she had before. She turned and looked at Bart who was on her left.

Bart didn’t growl at her, but it was hard not to look like a monster when in fact you were one. He pawed the ground, one large foot resting on the root of the Tree. At first they planned for one of them to turn human and confront her, but after what happened to Sean, that didn’t seem like a great idea. Instead each would wait for an opening while the others distracted her.

Emma then looked at each Wolf in turn. None moved closer, they simply watched her. Without a word, Emma reached for her bag and stuck her hand inside. Her fist came out with a handful of what looked like fine dirt or sand. She held her arm out as far as she could and started to spin, letting the granules fly away until she made a full circle. She then wiped her now empty hand on her small leg.

She looked at her bag and pulled at the strap to close it once more as she let it drop to her waist and wiped her hand on her leg, cleaning it off.

The Wolves all looked at each other, not happy with what they had to do but also unsure of what Emma had just done. Maybe this would be easier than they thought Jason hoped. It was then he saw Emma’s red hooded cloak floating in the air. He barked for the others when the entire area exploded behind them!

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