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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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Massive branches burst from the ground behind each Wolf and surged toward them, grabbing and whipping at them. Big thorns adorned the branches and tried to impale the surprised beasts that howled in pain and tried to run.

Bart had been through this once and wasn’t about to take another ride on the Emma express train. He leaped into the air to put distance between himself and the sharp thorns when he felt his leg wrapped up suddenly at the ankle. Pain ripped through his paw as he was yanked back to the ground and pummeled by the heavy plants.

And Bart wasn’t alone. All around him every Wolf was having the same experience.

Emma had attacked them all in unison with one wave of her hand!

Jason, Sean, Destel and Abel found themselves in private battles as the huge thorn ridden plants tore at their fur covered bodies. Destel was the biggest of the group and although the thorns managed to dig The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague deep enough to cut him, they were not life threatening. Already he could feel his powerful body healing from each cut and closing back up as the plants inflicted yet more wounds on him. He flexed his big muscles and the lesser branches snapped apart as he yanked other, larger ones, from the ground. His huge claws swiped at the wood, tearing them apart and sending chunks of broken bark everywhere. His heavily padded hands crushed the snaking roots and tossed them aside as he advanced on Emma.

He looked around and saw that all of them were doing as he was. The child was powerful, but there were five Werewolves surrounding her and eventually one of them would get to her. It was only a matter of time.

Destel didn’t see what Emma had truly done until it was too late and either did anyone else.

Jason felt smooth vines pull around his big biceps and tug at him gently. He yanked each arm up and pulled himself free with ease. He looked down, confused at why he felt no pain when he saw what was on him. It was a thin green vined plant with deep purple leaves. There was no sharp edges, no thorns to speak of; it was just a plant, a beautiful purple plant.

Emma was just a child Jason thought. She didn’t understand true battle. He was happy the fight was in their favor for a change and that Emma was generating harmless plants from her mind. He could feel the cuts all over his body from where the thorns bit into him, but like the rest of the Wolves, none of the wounds would stop him.

More purple plants came out of the ground and wrapped around his strong legs and snaked up his torso, dipping under his heavy fur. He looked up and saw Bart and Sean similarly wrapped up, but like him they simply pulled themselves free and advanced, leaving the more dangerous thorn attacks behind and closing the distance to Emma. Jason didn’t bother to take the plants off; they did nothing to limit his movement. A flex of his bicep was all it took to snap them away. Still they clung to him, but Jason’s thoughts were only of Emma.

That was the last mistake he would make that day.

Bart fell first, followed by Sean, Destel and then Abel…leaving Jason the last one standing. They dropped without protest to the floor, each one covered in a light mesh of purple plants like spider webs of colored fabric. No sounds came from them, no growls of protests; they simply dropped to the ground and stopped moving.

Jason felt the earth shift beneath his feet and his vision swam. His breathing became labored and his limbs felt far too heavy. He looked at the rest of the Wolves, crumpled to the floor and unresponsive.

Even Destel seemed drained and lifeless. The imposing Werewolf looked more like a sleeping bear.

Jason hit the ground with his big knees, now only ten feet or so from Emma’s back. His arms failed him and hung at his side, lifeless and unmoving. He managed to lift his head and his chest dropped next as his chin slammed on the ground.

It was then that he realized what she had done.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Emma did not mean for the thorns to stop them. They couldn’t go deep enough. She only wanted to cut them as many times as she could. She needed to get by the heavy hides and thick fur of their bulky frames to do what she really wanted.

She poisoned them!

The purple plants, while posing no danger to them physically, had a much more useful intent, but could do nothing on their own. They needed to be absorbed to work, so Emma made them bleed.

She had misdirected them.

As Jason watched her crawl over the large roots of the twisted Tree, he thought of what he would tell Silas; were he to live through this of course. What story could he tell to his Master of how a four year old girl had outsmarted and outmaneuvered a pack Werewolves…twice!

Where was Chase?

He could stop her!

Before the darkness washed over him, Jason took in a deep breath and closed his eyes.

As Emma climbed over the heavy roots to the Tree she had all but forgotten the pack of massive Werewolves around her.

She smiled again.

The woman Daruth had brought back was at a critical time. The bite he had given her had worked its way throughout her system and started to change her. Now it was up to her to accept or reject the transformation.

Elyria watched from nearby while three men stood closer and spoke to woman. Elyria didn’t even know her name. Daruth had left as fast as he came, leaving her to deal with her change. Her thoughts ran to the Wizards of Blackmore and what they had done to her. She had been only a child when she was taken, defenseless and at their mercy. For years they used her, casting spell after spell on her in hopes of seeing what made her a Werewolf.

There were only two of them that night. That’s all it took. Later, she learned that there were several Wizards that formed the group. They called themselves the Wizards of Blackmore, mostly because that had been the name used by others to describe them. They were unique because they were in fact a The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague group. Wizards trained alone or in pairs, sometimes under the guidance of an older Wizard. Once they reached adulthood they were left alone to wield the craft and learn from their own experiences. By this, they would either thrive or die.

Even getting a Wizard to train an apprentice was a chore in itself. The craft of magic was coveted and protected. One had to show they were worthy to even be considered. Once basics were mastered the apprentices were given direction and released from their training. Wizards as a rule did not share their more powerful spells.

This had been the way for centuries. They came together on occasion to seek council or fight a common enemy, but they didn’t congregate and form covens. Like true Witches, magic was not to be shared.

Covens and the like were for lesser beings. Once real power had been achieved, it could not be shared with the group. It bonded to some while leaving others untouched. This caused resentment and ultimately death.

The Wizards of Blackmore were attempting to do what no other Wizards had done…they tried to make their power equal among the group.

Sharing real power was no small feat. New spells and untried methods were used to spread the magic around. Experiments in not only magic but the supernatural were required. Why, for instance, did some beings have magic naturally? Why did some, like the Werewolves, heal so quickly while other more powerful beings didn’t?

Elyria was taken to find out why.

She was just a child, easily controlled. The power of a Wolf didn’t assert itself until they matured, but there were ways to accelerate that. Having a Werewolf so young to study was a boon to their knowledge. If they could master the healing abilities of the Wolf then they could venture into more dangerous spells without the fear of death and so Elyria was made to change faster than her normal cycle would provide.

Pain was used first.

It was thought her beast would form to protect her.

They were wrong.

Although she did heal from the injuries the Wizards inflicted, it wasn’t as fast as if she were a true Werewolf. The magic in her had not yet taken form. Nevertheless, they tried for more than a year without success.

Then they made a startling discovery. They had captured an adult male Werewolf and observed his behavior with interest. They put him with her in the large basement Elyria was housed in, but he would not hurt her. In fact, just the opposite was true.

He defended the child!

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague As a Werewolf he covered her up with his powerful limbs and protected her from them. At first she was afraid of him but and cowered from the immense monster she found herself trapped with. It turned its back to her and beat against the walls, sending large chunks of masonry into the air. It pulled at the bars surrounding the only door, but the magic that held them was strong and the great Wolf could do nothing.

Then the Wizards thought of another way to get Elyria to change.

They cast a heavy spell on the Werewolf and made him revert back into a man. He was big, muscled and around forty years old, if age could even be determined that is. Werewolves could live a very long time and physical age didn’t show the way it did for normal human beings. The Wizards altered his mind with magic and drove him into a sexual frenzy.

His big cock became erect as he looked at the small child in front of him.

He ripped her simple clothes from her body as she struggled and pulled her on his lap. He opened her legs and worked his throbbing cock inside. She resisted, but even as a man he was far too powerful for her. He fucked her hard as she slapped and clawed at his face and shoulders and cried for help. The cuts from her nails repaired themselves quickly and the man gave her assault no heed. His heavy cock thrust into her over and over again until he came like a bull inside of her virgin cunt.

The Wizards watched with interest as the big man coupled with the child. Maybe the fever of mating would spurn her animal to live, they thought. The man threw his head back and roared with pleasure as he erupted inside the child. A river of heavy cream ran down the thick shaft of his driving pole as Elyria sought escape.

The man wasn’t done. His dick was still hard and throbbing. He pulled her off and moved her to her knees and dropped behind her. He lifted her tiny frame up with one hand and drove his beasty prick back inside her.

Elyria was fucked for more than an hour nonstop before the man was spent. He came four times before he was through.

Elyria was curled into a naked ball on the floor, her eyes shut, the man’s thick white cum pooling from between her legs. Even as the Wizards watched she healed herself. They could see the magic inside of her, mending her flesh whole once more.

The Wizards kept the man at bay with magic and allowed him to eat. Werewolves ate vast quantities of meat to sustain themselves, especially after using their power. He ate for almost an hour as the girl healed completely. When her magic was complete, the Wizards released the large man and allowed his desire to surface again.

He stood up and fisted his big dick. It came to life immediately as he walked toward the child. This time she didn’t struggle to get away. He moved her into position and took her from behind again.

Elyria moaned out in protest as his heavy pecker invaded her small body yet again.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He fucked her for another hour that first day.

The Wizards were pleased with his progress. The man had excelled her healing ability greatly. The first day went by slowly for her. During her first coupling she had fought him hard. After that she did whatever he wanted and the Wizards realized she needed time to recover and maybe something more.

The man was too powerful for her.

They devised a new strategy. Aggressive behavior on both parts seemed to quicken the process and awake her Wolf even more.

They secured another male.

The first man, upon seeing his rival for the first time, began to change into a Werewolf immediately. His competitor did the same. Now they faced off in the room, Elyria against the corner and watching with wide fearful eyes.

They swiped and clawed at each other for the right to mate with her and the air filled with sexual energy as the great beasts sought to kill each other. It was an amazing fight. The power of an adult Werewolf was impressive to say the least. The Wizards quickly realized how powerful sex was to them.

They would fight until the other was dead.

The first man won and as he kicked at the lifeless frame of his fallen enemy he looked at Elyria. She watched with wide eyes as he took the head of the big Werewolf and slashed his throat with a swipe of his massive claws. A river of blood flooded out and the beast roared in victory, his big cock growing to over a foot long. The Wizards could not allow him to mate with the child that way and it was clear that’s exactly what the beast intended as he stepped toward her. His big, muscled body was primed for sex but Elyria was just a child, and unprepared for his assault, even with her healing ability.

A Wizard cast a spell to contain the Werewolf and it barely held. He was resisting their magic and fighting to have sex with the little girl. Another joined in and added his magic to the first to help secure the beast. Still it struggled. A third Wizard used his magic to force a change in the powerful animal. It took extreme effort but after a long minute the man began to take the place of the Wolf.

With his cock still rock hard, he tossed his muscled body against the magic holding him in place and the Wizards let him go. He threw himself at the child and forced his big dick inside her as he growled with satisfaction at his prize. Elyria tried to fight him off and that made him growl loudly in challenge. He fucked her hard as she beat at him. His big hands held her hips steady as he drilled his powerful cock in and out of her stretched pussy. Her small fingers dug into his hard flesh as she sought to hurt him, but it only made him more excited.

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