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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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This was it, the Wizards knew. Werewolves thrived off competition. They took the dead Wolf away to study before he changed back into a man and discussed the success of the experiment. It was agreed that competition was a far greater incentive.

They got more Wolves!

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The first Wolf beat the next three males that were introduced into the makeshift arena. Like the first time he immediately fucked Elyria directly after each battle. The child was changing with each fight, the Wizards saw. After the second time she watched the Wolf win her eyes changed with hunger for the big man. As soon as he changed into his human form he reached down and scooped her up with one powerful hand. He lined her up with his big dick and sunk it into her. He held her up with only his hand at her back as he fucked her, standing fully upright. She tried to slap at him but she was too far away. To the Wizards surprise he lifted her up until her small hands could connect with his face.

He laughed as she beat him, loving her struggle.

Thick streams of his white cum splashed to the floor as he came inside her. Elyria was moaning now also and it seemed for the first time that she enjoyed his lust filled attention.

The third battle was glorious. The Wolves fought hard. The Wizards found a good match for the man and each sustained sever wounds from the fight. In the end the original Wolf won once more, but he was unable to take Elyria like he usually did. His injuries were too great.

The Wizards were about to aid him with their magic when Elyria did the unexpected. She walked over to the great beast and took off her dress and put her hands on him. She was small compared to the man, but immensely small compared to the full grown Werewolf. The Wizards usually didn’t allow him to touch her in that form because of how fragile she was. They used their magic to contain him until he changed again, but having her in the room provided its own magic that was essential to their experiments. Seeing his prize so close and in danger of being taken away, provide a much needed incentive to the Werewolf. Whatever made them into the beasts they were also allowed them to see the Wolf in others. It was clear to the Wizards that the great animal was aware of what the child really was, even if she didn’t know it.

As they watched the small girl ran her hands over the heavy muscles of the Werewolf. It looked at her with hunger and lust, unafraid of her, even in its wounded state. As she stroked him the Wizards saw his wounds being to heal more rapidly. At first it seemed some sort of trick. The child possessed no magic, save for the animal that had yet to rise inside of her; but it was undeniable that her touch was having an effect on him.

The Wizards talked quickly among themselves. Had they known this was the case they would have forced the battles on him with stronger rivals. They originally thought the act of battle itself would drive more magic between them, but that only fuelled the lust fever in the male. He fucked the child with abandon, seeming to crave her struggle as he drove himself into her over and over again. But the truth wasn’t just in the fight, but in the bonding of them. Having both of them want the same thing increased the magic exponentially.

The Wizards were very pleased with what they now knew. They watched as the big Werewolf responded to the child’s touch. As soon as it recovered enough it began to sit up and lick at her face. Her hands ran down its massive chest and across its thick muscled arms as the enormous prick grew from between its legs. As the wounds healed themselves with greater speed the large beast watched with interest in what the child would do when she saw his big cock. Her eyes were wide when she looked at The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague it for the first time. It was much bigger than the man’s. She reached out for it and took the fat shaft in one hand.

The Wolf gave her an approving growl that filled the room with a low rumble. Her hand was impossibly small and unable to truly hold the big dick alone. As her other hand joined the first it was clear that the beast was far too large to couple with her, even with her healing ability the Werewolf would kill her with one thrust.

The magic surged between them as she touched his massive cock. His injuries were all but gone now as the child tended to him. Pack magic was an incredible thing for the Wizards to behold. It was natural magic…primal.

She ran her hands up and down the length of his mighty pecker, fascinated by the feel and warmth of it.

The Wolf opened its big legs and watched her intently as she explored his beefy cock. He leaned down and nudged her gently with his great muzzle and moved her closer to it. Her hands twisted in opposite directions on the great shaft and moved up and down, as if by pure instinct. The Werewolf, now fully healed, threw its head back in pleasure and growled in content as the child stroked his throbbing dick.

Elyria was oblivious to any danger she may be in. Her eyes were fixated on the heavy cock between the large legs of the beast and it was clear she wasn’t about to stop anytime soon. For long minutes the child stroked at the animal’s massive prick. It swelled and throbbed in her hands as the beast licked at her hungrily and tried to encourage her desire.

The beast wanted to touch her with its large hands but found no way to do so without harming her. The Wizards watched with fascination as the animal figured this out all on its own. Even the primal instincts of a Werewolf would not allow it to hurt her. As it struggled to find a way to interact with her the Wizards thought to transform it back into a man when Elyria solved the problem for them. She climbed up on the beast’s great body and faced his heavy pecker, leaving her naked bottom to face the Wolf’s head. The beast opened its mouth and licked between her legs, taking long laps at her pussy and ass.

Elyria moaned at the feeling and held the big dick for support as the animal tasted her.

The Wizards were prepared to end this on a moment’s notice if things became too much for her. They had quite a prize in Elyria and didn’t want to lose her so soon after she contributed so much.

The beast’s great jaws parted and they saw his razor sharp teeth rowed like deadly blades in his mouth.

The Wizards, ready to stop the animal, watched as it leaned forward and drove its thick tongue into the child’s smooth pussy. Elyria shuddered with delight as the animal licked at her deeply. She leaned down ran her own tongue across the surface of the beast’s mighty prick. The animal growled in pleasure and took long aggressive laps at her in approval.

As Elyria struggled to take the big dick in her mouth the Wizards saw the first real change in her form.

Her eyes began to glow.

It was impossible for her to actually take the head of the Werewolf’s large cock in her mouth but she tried regardless. Her lips stretched out to take the immense meat inside and her tongue ran across the The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague flared head with an obvious hunger. The Wolf’s meaty cock swelled and throbbed under her attention and it lifted up its hips to help drive the big dick into her mouth.

Elyria was caught in a mating fever. Her mate was the most powerful Wolf she knew, in her small confined world. It had bested every other rival for her, fighting to the death for the right to mate with her. The superior Wolf underneath her had won time and again to claim his prize and Elyria was going to give it to him. She moved her mouth down and gnawed at his beastly pecker. Her lips pulled over her teeth as she bit hungrily at the throbbing prick. The Werewolf tilted its great head to watch her and gave a toothy smile at her efforts to eat at his big cock. As if on command he made it swell up so much that she had to pull away from having her jaw stretched too far. She looked frustrated as she attacked the meaty shaft again and again as the powerful beast looked lustfully at her. She licked at the long, hard shaft and pressed her lips to it as the beast watched her lustfully.

The Wizards couldn’t be happier with her progress. They cast out their magic and examined the changes in her. She was changing rapidly inside. The animal in her was awake but still unable to surface. With every passing second the child lathered her mouth across the animal’s big cock, she fell deeper into the world of the Werewolf. The magic of a pack began to form and flow like water between their bodies. As the Wizards absorbed what was happening the large Werewolf began to transform back into a man.

It took a few minutes and as it shifted back Elyria found she was now able to take more and more of his cock in her mouth. When he was fully a man she was able to suck on the fat head of his cock, moaning deeply as she did. The man took hold of her bottom and pulled her apart, pushing his face between her legs and sucking at her pussy and ass. She groaned at the feel of his big tongue and warm lips as she feasted on his adult prick.

The Wizards noticed that the magic didn’t decrease now that the Werewolf was gone. The bond between him and the child was just as intense as before. It seemed that the notion of losing her mate drove the magic to surge between them and increase their bond.

They watched her suck and lick at his cock and saw that whenever she opened her eyes they still glowed.

After a time the man gently pulled her from his wet pecker and had her turn to face him. He leaned in and shoved his tongue into her mouth as he lined his dick up with her eager pussy and pushed her down on it. She cried out in pleasure as he entered her body with a welcomed thrust. His large hands lifted her up only to bring her back down, sinking his dick inside of her. Elyria threw her head back and cried out.

The man then let go of her hips and leaned back on his elbows and waited. His eyes glowed green as he watched her closely. She was still impaled on his heavy cock and if she wanted to get away from him she could. Her small hands rested on his muscled, hairy chest as she rotated her hips around and twisted her cunt around the head of his big dick.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The Wizards couldn’t believe their luck when Elyria put her feet to the floor and started to lift her own body up and down on his cock. She fucked herself as the man smiled at her, satisfied with her desire to couple with him.

The magic was intensifying now. The child’s eyes glowed brighter with each passing minute that she rode the man’s big dick. It took long minutes. The man didn’t rush her or touch her in any way. He just watched, just like the Wizards did. Her small fingers moved to grip his chest hair as she fucked herself slowly on his adult cock. Her head rocked back and forth as she found the rhythm she needed to achieve maximum pleasure from his hard shaft. The room filled with the wet sounds of her stuffed pussy as the muscled man let her ride him.

His dick swelled and throbbed and drove her over the edge. When she came around his big slippery cock the man followed suit and came with her. His head went back as he growled out loudly and shot a river of cum into her tight pussy.

Then the Wizards watched as Elyria, for the first time, growled also! It was a deep, throaty sound that joined the man’s in a primitive harmony. Her lips came back and they could see her teeth were sharp.

The man continued to growl as his thick cum ran from inside her pussy and flowed over his throbbing shaft and large balls. When he stopped he looked at her still riding him.

Elyria wasn’t done yet.

In fact it took another five minutes before she came down from her first orgasm. The man, with a smile on his rugged face, just watched her and let her ride.

When she finally finished, she collapsed against his powerful, hairy chest and fell into a deep sleep. The man wrapped his muscled arms around her and hugged her tight, his big dick still lodged in her stretched out cunt.

The Wizards watched the magic with delight.

The secrets of the Wolf were almost theirs for the taking.

Elyria was six years old when she first changed.

The Wizards had successfully increased the rate of her transformation through the adult male. By using him, and some clever spells, they were able to make her shift into a Werewolf almost a full decade before it would happen naturally.

The change was fascinating. She was a miniature Wolf, with sharp claws and teeth while the adult Wolf circled her protectively. At first they believed that the hard part was done and she would be able to transform at will from that point on. They soon found out that by taking the adult away that Elyria was unable to shift without him. They tried for weeks to get her to change again, but she wasn’t able. When they brought the man back in she immediately threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around his muscled neck in relief. The man mated with her within moments of seeing her again after so long.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague

Elyria changed right after that.

The man and girl had been together for almost a year. Over time and several experiments the Wizards realized the real power of the Wolves lay not only inside the individual but mostly in the pack. With a pack mate beside them, the Wolf’s power was far greater than when alone. Elyria was able to change in the male’s protective presence, but not without.

Keeping them apart was not an option.

The Wizards held Elyria for ten years.

Over that time she had been subjected to so many spells that she could now sense the arrival of a Wizard, even when she could not see them. Her power to heal herself was duplicated with great success. It wasn’t as powerful as her natural ability, but it was a great boon to the Wizards who now used their new resiliency to venture out into the world of magic with less fear. Spells that would have killed them before, now only inconvenienced them if done wrong.

Still Elyria was imprisoned.

The man was taken from her one day in her twelfth year. She never knew why. She was able to change without him by now but thrived within his strong arms as he comforted her at night.

Now he was gone and Elyria was alone. She didn’t know if the Wolf was dead or simply let go, maybe used in an experiment that went wrong. She would never know. In fact she never even knew his name.

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