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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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He had been kept under their control with so many spells that he never spoke to her…not even once. He was more animal than man but to Elyria he was the only thing she had, so she clung to him and slept peacefully in his arms.

Three years went by before she saw another Wolf.

His name was Daruth.

He was a fright to behold. His Wolf was far more powerful than the man she had grew up with. His jaws and massive limbs would have ripped her mate in pieces had they been pitted against each other.

He ripped the door off her room and walked in to see her cowering in the corner, her eyes glowing bright. He turned and left the room and after a long minute, Elyria walked into the hallway leaving her room that had comprised her entire world. It was then she saw he wasn’t alone. Several Werewolves were around him, obviously following his lead.

The hall was dark and there were several doors around her. It was then she realized that she wasn’t the only being held captive. The Wizards had several species locked away, some in cages, some strapped to tables for study.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague There had been a fight…a big one. The dead lay around the floor, broken and lifeless. Most bore deep gashes or burned holes, the obvious reasons for their death. Elyria realized that either death came from the Wolves or from the Wizards spells.

The pack looked at her, but none made any threats to her. She was used to seeing adult males and these were no different, except Daruth of course.

She followed the pack of Wolves far behind as they advanced room after room.

At the end of the long hallway the battle came to an end. The Wizards had been reduced to a handful of the most powerful. In the end the magic wasn’t shared after all and the bodies of the fallen littered the floor around the ones that remained.

Daruth changed back into a man. Elyria looked at his impressive body. He was handsome, far more so than her mate. She could feel his power even as a man and the other Wolves surrounded him protectively.

“Your experiments are over!” he yelled with determination. The Wizards showed the scars of the battle but held fast.

“You’ve killed many of us” An older Wizard said. “Impressive, and quite impossible. Who helped you?” Daruth smiled. “Your magic has come to the attention of many. You think you can just take whomever you want and not be noticed? You think you can practice your craft without revealing yourselves?” He waved behind him and Elyria saw she wasn’t alone. Several young girls and boys were standing with her. She recognized none of them.

“Pack magic is stronger than you realize” Daruth continued. He looked at a young boy near the back wall. “You took the son of a sorcerer…” he waved at a girl with red hair. “…and a Druid?” He took a big step toward the Wizards.

“You’re goddamn right I had help!” The older Wizard kept his eyes on Daruth as the others with him watched the others for any sign of movement. “You’ve lost many” Elyria saw he was right. The bodies on around them were not just Wizards. Some had the feel of Wolf, others gave off different energy. Were these others Druids and Sorcerers? They were clothed while the ones she identified as Wolf were not.

“Not as many as you” Daruth pointed out. “Fighting so many different enemies has taken its toll on you” He took another step forward and Elyria saw a glint from his chest. He was wearing a pendant around his neck. It was gold and heavy. “Not the same as fighting just a pack of Werewolves is it?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague

The Wizard’s eyes narrowed. “No. It isn’t”

“Your time is over!” Daruth stated again. “We will not allow this to continue. You’ve done something none of us could do” he said with a smile. “You brought all of us together by giving us a common enemy” He lifted the heavy chain around his neck. Elyria didn’t know what it was but the Wizards seemed to understand.

“Tell me” he continued. “How much magic will it take to get to me?” He swung the medallion around. “How many of you will fall before I’m taken down?” He looked at each of them. “Who should I kill first? Who among you are willing to die for the others?” There were no answers.

Daruth snorted. “Not so eager to die for your brother’s sake are you? That’s the difference between us” He turned to the Wolves near him. “Who will die for me!” The room filled with the deafening roar of growling Wolves. Elyria put her hands over her ears to protect herself from the sound.

Daruth smiled. “So Wizards, what’s it gonna be?” The older man swallowed hard. “What do you want?” “All the magic you’ve cast on your prisoners will be removed. You will release them to me. You will leave everything you have here!” He pointed to the ground. “You take nothing but the breath in your bodies and the air in your lungs!” “Our work!” Another Wizard cried out in anger.

“Is over!” Daruth yelled back. “It’s your life! Take it or leave it! Either way this ends today!” The older Wizard put a hand out to quiet the other. “We agree to your terms. No more death, on both sides and you agree for everyone represented, no one will hunt us later?” Daruth didn’t care for the last terms but nodded after a moment. “I have the authority to speak for everyone” “So be it” the man said. “Have the subjects gather before us” Daruth stepped aside and started bringing the captive forward one at a time. The older Wizard did all the magic while the others near him watched the Werewolves nearby for deceit. For some captives the release of whatever spell they were put under had little effect. For some it was drastic. A small man immediately fell to the floor as the spell holding him in form fell away. He changed into a very large green snake.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “A Naga” The Wizard said to Daruth. “Rare even for us” The snake was allowed to leave as everyone gave it a wide path. It had no desire to fight, only to flee.

Over and over the Wizard worked his magic, removing whatever change their magic had wrought.

Finally it was Elyria’s turn.

The Wizard looked at her carefully. “There is nothing I can do for her” Daruth stepped forward. “What do you mean?” The man shook his head. “There is nothing wrong with her” Daruth looked suspicious. “She’s a child and I see her change already. She’s been Wolf for quite some time now” The man nodded. “She was six years old when she first changed” The room filled with the growls of angry adult Werewolves.

“SIX?” He nodded again. “Yes” He looked at Elyria with wonder and something akin to affection. “She was one of the first we took” he spoke as if to himself, his eyes affixed to her. “She single handedly increase our power base. She needed no magic, she brought her own” he said with more than a hint of pride.

“Of everyone, she needed the least persuasion” He looked up at Daruth. “She is yours of course, but she knows nothing of a real pack. She would be better with us. We will care for her” Werewolves growled loudly and pawed the ground ready to kill. The younger Wizards held up staffs and wands to protect themselves.

“NEVER!” Daruth yelled.

The Wizard was unfazed by the display of anger. “She knows nothing of your world. We would not harm her, everything we needed of her she gave us long ago” Daruth looked at her. “Why do you still have her then?” The man shrugged. “What were we to do with her? Release her and let others find out what she was? That wasn’t an option and death for the sake of death wasn’t either. We made her what she was and she was one of the first. She belongs with us” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Daruth would have none of it. “She comes with me!” The Wizard gave him a long look. “If you say so, but she may feel otherwise, later, as she gets older” “Why?” “She’s too used to magic to do without it” He looked at Elyria. “What will you do with them?” Elyria was only fifteen and had no answer.

“She will live!” Daruth answered for her.

The Wizard tapped his staff and a cloud of light enveloped Elyria. Her simple dress shifted into a new one with bright colors. Shoes formed on her feet and any trace of dirt disappeared from her. She stood now as a beautiful child with raven black hair.

He looked at Daruth. “She is yours for as long as she wishes” He looked around. “I believe our business is complete” Daruth took in a deep breath. It was clear he would rather kill them than leave them alone, but in the end he nodded. The Wizard looked at Elyria once more. “You may find the simple life as a Werewolf too mundane for you. If so, call us” She felt a rumple in her dress. A piece of paper had formed there.

The old Wizard turned to Daruth. “It is done!” Before they disappeared he said one more thing.

“Her name is Elyria” A blue cloud of light wrapped around the last of the Wizards of Blackmore and they vanished without a sound.

Daruth spoke quickly. “Take everyone out and separate them by groups. I want this place destroyed!” It took the better part of an hour for his commands to gel. Outside, Elyria saw they were on an island.

The sound of the ocean filled her ears as several adults came forward from the trees. Some used magic to whisk prior captives away, while others simply flew in the air high into the clouds. The Naga was met by three others and Elyria saw them swim into the sea far in the distance.

Other magic users fell upon the compound and took away objects of interest or gathered them in a central location to be destroyed.

When it was over only the Werewolves remained. Five others stood with Elyria. They were all older, three boys and two girls. They were led to a boat and as they sailed away they watched the island burn.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague All but Elyria had a pack of their own. She was the only child taken.

Daruth came to her, now dressed in jeans and a shirt. “Do you know where you’re from?” She shook her head, not used to speaking.

“You have people?” Tears filled her eyes as she looked at him. Only the man was hers and he had been taken years before.

She shook her head.

“I have no one” Daruth tilted his head. “You are wrong Elyria” She wasn’t used to hearing her name. She had in fact forgotten it, years earlier.

“You have an entire pack” Daruth had given her more than just a home. His pack was large and they welcomed her with open arms. Her ability to change into a Werewolf with such ease and at such an early age made her the talk of the pack. She was far more mature than the other girls of her age, and since she had been mating since childhood the men in the pack gave her special interest.

Several Wolves offered themselves to her within days of her joining the pack, but Elyria was tired and too new to accept a new mate.

In the end, it was Daruth she flocked toward. She came to him not a year later and mated with him under the stars.

They were married two years later.

The memories of her time with the Wizards flowed through her as she watched the woman, a stranger to her; go through the change for the first time. She had been so young herself; it still amazed her to witness the struggle of others. The Wizards had aided her transformation, taking pain and fear away and replacing it with lust and desire and as she joined Daruth’s pack she found this was common knowledge.

Sex was powerful for Werewolves. The bond to mate fueled pack magic and aided many. It aided them to heal, to love, and to control.

Now three men stood nearby and removed their clothes as the woman began to shift, ready to mate with her and ease her change. They became aroused and slowly swayed in place as the magic began to form.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Elyria had no idea how important it was for this woman to live through this.

Her husband’s life, in fact, depended upon it.

The Litch was bleeding heavily. The BEAST had wounded him far greater than should have been possible. The sound of heavy footsteps filled him with fear. It was coming for him one final time!

He pressed his hands into the ground and send out his magic. He found what he searched for almost immediately. They were all around him, in every direction.

“RISE!” he cried out.

Every dead Werewolf the Litch had killed stood up and circled Michael, Silas, Andreas, and Ryan.

The Litch crawled to his knees, blood flowing out of his deep wounds.

“My turn!”


Daruth ran as fast as he could. He found Michael’s home destroyed and empty. Heavy tracks of the large beasts ripped into the ground, no doubt from the large pack of Wolves that Silas had brought. The cows were still huddled in the field even though the wooden fence was partially destroyed and a large section of ground was unearthed. Daruth took a moment to secure them with a makeshift barricade, mending the hole in the fence with a large section of wall that had blown off the main house in the explosion, or whatever had happend.

While he worked he sniffed the area and picked up several scents of Wolves he knew, mostly Andreas.

Elyria’s scent was there as well which surprised him most of all. He would have to ask her about that when and if he returned.

He headed toward the mountains, following the trail that Silas’s pack had made. He didn’t need to smell them, although he could; because they left deep tracks in the soft earth for him to follow. His powerful legs pumped with strength as he ran with incredible speed in hopes of catching up and joining the fight.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Daruth had never faced a Witch before. Even Kalibrus was loathe to speak of them, and he was far older than any Wolf Daruth knew. His old mentor only knew of two ways to kill a Witch. One was to burn the body completely and the other was to cut off their heads and force a large stone into their mouths.

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