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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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Daruth was repulsed with both methods but found the last one so specific that he knew Kalibrus must have faced a Witch in his own time at some point. How else would that knowledge have come up? His old Master did not like to dwell on his past and Daruth had to wonder how much longer he would live when it was clear he no longer wished to.

Daruth’s mind ran through thoughts of the woman he brought back, of Michael’s family, and of the Witch, he had yet to meet. If she could do this so easily, what hope was there for them? As he ran, his large feet digging at the earth, he thought mostly of his wife.

Elyria had come into his life as just a child. The Wizards that took her had abused her for years, and later, when they no longer needed her, kept her a prisoner.

In a bizarre way they were the only family she knew for most of her life. It bothered him greatly that she would contact them again after so long. He knew she could of course, because she told him as much, but Daruth never thought she would, at least not after joining his pack and having a real family. She must have been desperate to do it. She was an amazing woman, which is why he took her for his wife above all others; but there were still scars she clearly bore from her time with the Wizards that he would have to address when the Witch was dead.

If that were even possible.

The Witch hovered in the air and cast out her power as gently as she could. She bit at her lower lip as the pain in her legs travelled up her body, a constant reminder of what the Black Wolf had done to her.

Her back felt wet from the blood that slowly oozed from the deep wound he caused her. Her magic would hold her together until the Book was hers. Then, outside the barrier, she would use it to fully heal herself and defend her new prize. No one would stop her.

She felt the Wolves, all five of them. They lived…barely. The Witch smiled. The Druid child used the bag she provided. She marveled at her own power. Whether it was through the Raven or the child, the Witch had thought of everything. She had spent long years preparing for this day and a bunch of feral Wolves were not about to stop her.

The Raven was dead, she knew. The loss of power was both a surprise and a comfort. The bird was formidable and did many tasks that the Witch herself would trust to no one else. She had it for more than ten years and imbued it with much of her own power. When the bird died that power flowed back to Kripka, and gave her a much needed boost to fight the Black Wolf. Still, the loss was one of regret. It would take years to train another familiar to do her bidding and it would have been so much easier to The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague have the Raven now that the Book would be hers. Now she would have to rely on just herself until the animal could be replaced.

Maybe a snake?

Her mind found focus. The child was almost there.

Now came the hard part.

Emma made it to the truck of the Tree. The roots that she climbed over had turned a healthy shade of brown where she had touched them. Now she looked up at the building size trunk and grinned happily.

She reached out her hand and the great Tree shuddered in response. The warm brown began to flow from where her hand rested on the thick bark and spread slowly downward until it touched the ground.

Emma opened her arms and tried to hug the trunk. She was so small she had to lean up on her toes just to do that. Then she stepped back and started to stroke the hard bark with her tiny hands, making more and more of it turn brown.

“I’m Emma!” she said happily. But the Tree already knew that. It already knew her…her mother…her mother’s mother…and her’s before that. The Tree knew all the Druids, dating back almost a thousand years.

The Tree was old; far older than it looked even in its decayed state. To a child like Emma, it was an old friend, something that would never let her down. The burden the Tree carried was so great that when it felt her move near, it thought its time was over, that it would finally be free of its duty.

It welcomed her, glad to be rid of it.

As the child touched it she healed the deep scars of decay that ran through its entire body, and with a deep sigh the Tree opened up and allowed her in.

The massive trunk shifted as bark began to move out of the way. The forest filled with the heavy sound as the wood literally parted and made a hole that started at the ground and went about four feet up.

It was just big enough for a child to get through.

Emma smiled and walked up to the dark hole and touched the sides of the makeshift doorway. She didn’t hesitate like any normal child would; she simply stepped inside and disappeared!

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The Witch felt the child vanish!

She hovered in place and concentrated on the girl. This was to be expected, but she wasn’t sure if the Tree could block her magic so completely. Clearly she underestimated the Puller woman’s power. She must have been a formidable Druid to make such a thing, the Witch thought. She had never fought one directly, travelling in different circles of influence. It wasn’t until she discovered where the Book was, that she began to research the elusive Druids and their nature magic. It wasn’t the same kind of power that Kripka herself possessed of course. Her magic was real power, not a gimmick or parlor trick to amaze the neighbors. Witchcraft was darker and more lethal than any other kind of magic including Wizardry and even Necromancy. The Litch was the closest thing to having raw power that a Witch held, which is why Kripka enlisted him to begin with. She understood his power, probably better than he did, and as such, could control him or outright kill him if necessary.

Now she had to wait. Everything rested on the child’s tiny shoulders. She would either come out with the Book or not, and the Witch knew her time was coming to an end. She could not stay in the barrier forever. Soon she would be discovered and her power was at an all-time low. If a true Wizard came now, or even a conclave of Druids, she would be dead. She didn’t have enough magic to defend herself, especially after what the Black Wolf had done.

The Witch thought hard about him. What made him? Why was he here? These questions plagued her thoughts because if someone was alerted to her plans, then they were already moving against her; and that was something that Kripka would not allow. If the Black Wolf was sent to soften her up then it did a far better job than anyone could hope for, because it damn near killed her.

Now the child must produce her prize! Only then would the Witch be able to defend herself.

Just a little more time.

The woman moaned on the floor as the first man took her. He lay on top of her as she struggled to change and drove his big cock into her cunt. He held his powerful body above her and started to drill into her over and over again, the lust clear in his eyes.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague At first she pushed at him, not able to take any more than she already had. But within moments her eyes opened and she looked at him with deep desire. His big cock was making the Wolf in her emerge.

She wrapped her legs around him and pulled his thick back down to completely cover her body.

The man drove into her relentlessly and growled in her ear as the others waited their turn.

Elyria watched with satisfaction.

She knew this was the best way to elicit an unexpected change. Wolves that were born of Werewolf parents rarely needed this help, but those that were bitten almost always did. For some reason men seemed to have an easier time of it than women. Maybe this was the reason so many of them had trouble having children. Maybe it was nature’s way of ensuring that the Werewolf population stayed within strict limits, Elyria didn’t know, but if anyone needed help changing it was this woman.

She could smell the decay in her; cancer most likely. It must be the reason Daruth brought her here to change. Accepting the gift was one thing, but doing it while already dying was something else. She would need all the help she could get, and now that Daruth was no longer able to aid her change it was up to these men to do it for him.

The power of a true Alpha was far greater than just a simple male Wolf. The bite of one usually produced a change and if that Alpha was there to ensure the transformation…doubly so. But Daruth was gone and these men, although strong, were no Alphas.

Her mind drifted to Michael. He was literally throbbing with power. Having him even in the room would practically guarantee her successful transformation. If he deemed her worthy and drove himself into her during the change, the odds of her not becoming a Werewolf were astronomically small. If only he would agree to father children, or at the very least use his ability to bring about the healthy birth of their offspring. A pregnant woman could easily be controlled by him; no Wolf would dare surface without his permission.

The woman’s eyes were hot. She was trying to change.

The first man moved off and pulled his big, wet cock from her, the thick white of his cum trailing out of her pussy. The second man pushed him aside and quickly thrust himself inside and made the woman cry out. He was bigger than the first and her shock at the new prick made him grin. He held himself up as he fucked her hard and when she tried to pull at him he slapped her hands away. When she growled up at him he roared back at her, commanding her silence.

Good, Elyria thought. Her Wolf is learning.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Silas was down. He had suffered great wounds from the Litch and even now his dead brothers were rising to kill him. Michael was surrounded with them as they changed into dark Wolves, a twisted shadow of what they used to be. Large claws ripped through the air at the BEAST and dug into his flesh as the piled on him from every side. Ryan was holding his own but was of no real use to them. He was a tracker, not a fighter and he moved to the trees and knocked down the dead Werewolves as they approached him.

Andreas was fighting three of them. He was still weak from his earlier beating and hanging over the last 24 hours. Still he was impressive, as he batted first one, and then another dead Wolf away from him.

Silas was on the ground and rolling around as two of them clawed at him from both sides. One bit him deeply on the neck and he roared with anger as he slashed back.

Michael was a mountain of muscle and claws but the numbers surrounding him were great. The Litch was still kneeling on the ground and keeping a wave of dead Werewolves between himself and the remaining pack. He had no concern for the smaller ones but the BEAST could not approach. He was unable to absorb the animal’s power so he used their own dead against them. He must bring it down first and then he could drink from the others and regain his strength. He looked at his new army with pride.

The dead Wolves felt no pain.

They surged forward and when they were pushed back or struck, they simply came forward again.

They had unlimited energy and only one desire…to kill the BEAST.

The great animal growled so loudly that the nearby trees shook, but the dead could not be commanded.

It was not like when the Vampires enthralled them, or when the Naga poisoned them. There was simply no Werewolf left to be intimidated.

Michael grabbed one by the neck and shoulders and pulled with all his strength. The head ripped off the heavily muscled body and black liquid oozed ran from the wound. He threw the head away and turned to the next Wolf when he realized the first had not stopped. It kept slashing at him even though it had no head!

The second man began to shift. The thick muscles in his back swam under his skin and rippled with power. He drove his heavy cock deep inside the woman and made her cry out in pleasure as her orgasm tore through her.

Her hands began to shift forming claws where her fingers used to be. Her legs rippled but made no other change.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague She was fighting it.

Daruth heard the fighting. It was Michael’s growl that he would never forget. The first time he saw the Grand Alpha’s true form he knew what real power truly was. There was no mistaking that sound.

As he barreled through the trees the first thing he saw was Silas on the ground and fighting off other Wolves. Daruth almost stopped in his tracks but decided that it was best to ask questions later. He leaped in the air and landed on one of them and freed Silas in the process. The Wolf slashed at him but Daruth had the element of surprise and blocked the blow as he drove his fist into the Wolf’s face.

The Wolf was not defeated!

It grabbed his thick arms and pulled him to the ground and tried to get on top of Daruth.

Daruth couldn’t believe it. The Wolf should be out at the very least. He kept rolling and the Wolf was under him once more. He saw its eyes.

It was dead!

Ryan dropped from the sky and landed on the head of the Wolf that fought Daruth. His big hands dug deeply into the Wolf, but still it fought back.

Daruth looked up and saw the tracker, full of life, looking back at him intently. The message was clear.

He was showing Daruth what he was dealing with.

He looked around and saw Andreas. He was hurt and fending off three Wolves. Unlike the others, Andreas was on his feet like the warrior he knew him to be. Michael was pulled to the ground and fending off a literal swarm of dead Wolves that beat at him from every angle. Some bit him on the legs while others slashed at his large head. The fact that Michael was still fighting back was a testament to just how strong he really was.

Then Daruth saw it!

The Litch!

It was chalk white with long black hair and tattoos covering its slender body. It looked hurt and maybe unable to stand. It was looking at Michael as it chanted, its tattoos glowing.

Daruth knew he had to kill it.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Was this the Witch?

Daruth was the only one unwounded. He had to get to it. Beheading or fire, Kalibrus told him, and since he had no matches his decision was made. He jumped off the dead Wolf and left it for Ryan to fight.

Daruth leaped in the air right at the kneeling man.

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