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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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He heard Silas’s growls and for a brief moment felt Ryan’s large hand grab at his arm; but it was too late; Daruth had already launched himself.

The Litch looked up and smiled.

Daruth felt a chill run down his back as he realized he had just made a terrible mistake.

The woman was only partially changed. Her body was fighting the transformation and it looked like it was winning. The cancer in her body had made her too weak to fuel the shift and now her body was shutting down before Elyria’s eyes.

She felt tears well up. It was always hard to watch this, especially when she remembered her own change so clearly all those years ago. She was so close, Elyria thought. If only Daruth had been here.

The last man grabbed the second and pushed him to his side and made them roll together until the woman was on top. The man’s cock was still lodged tightly in her pussy as he continued to drill into her.

The third man circled his thick arms around her from behind and growled in her ear as he started to shift into a Werewolf. It took a full minute. The lust of mating made the transformation faster than normal, and when it was done, a full grown adult Werewolf knelt behind her. He licked at the woman’s face and growled, filling the room up with the thunderous sound.

Elyria was fascinated by what he was doing. She had to give him credit for trying. She didn’t know if it would work but it was the last chance they would have.

The massive prick of the Werewolf snaked through the woman’s legs and rubbed against her stomach as the man below her drove himself into her cunt over and over again. She growled louder this time and arched her back against the furry, muscled body of the Wolf behind her.

Then, to Elyria’s great regret, the woman slumped down and went slack.

The fight was over.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Daruth felt the loss of power immediately. The Litch reached out and began to suck him dry as he flew through the air. When the chalk white hand finally grabbed his shoulder, Daruth cried out in pain. A flow of jagged negative energy ripped through him as he rolled on the ground right by the Litch.

Now it stood, renewed with his life and faced him.

It walked up and Daruth saw the deep wounds on its body begin to heal shut. He reached down to suck the rest of Daruth’s life. He put both hands on his large head and leaned down to kiss his mouth.

Daruth knew his life was over!

The sky outside was filled with clouds. It was a still night, cool and dark.

Phoebe sat on her throne and watched the woman’s struggle. Was this cheating? She accused Polus as much. But he was too cleaver to be swayed but such a simple argument, and dismissed her notion as irrelevant. After all, she was just a simple Wolf. How could that be cheating? Who would notice such a thing anyway?

She sat in thought for a moment. Was he right? She knew the importance of this woman even though no one on Earth did. It wasn’t the woman that held the key technically, but the act of what Daruth had done to her that would change the tide of battle.

The Litch was winning. It would kill the others before her King would get to it. She knew it didn’t have the power to kill the Grand Alpha, he was beyond the power of a Litch; but she would lose Silas, Daruth, Andreas, and Ryan; as she did all the others. Even now it meant to suck the life out of her Alpha. Only the Grand would survive this day and even he could not beat the Witch alone.

She looked down and waved her hand. Her decision was made.

The clouds parted.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The moonlight flooded through the window into the basement and struck the unmoving woman like a lightning bolt. Her body jolted up and she cried out, startling everyone in the room. The massive Werewolf behind her was the first to see the change. Her limbs were growing hair. He took her hips and pulled her off his brother and lined his heavy Wolf cock up with her slick cunt.

She let out a deafening growl as he sunk his big dick into her and started to fuck her.

Elyria couldn’t believe it!

She blinked as if her eyes betrayed her.

The woman was transforming.

The moonlight looked silver as it shone across the woman’s sweaty body. The grunts of the big Werewolf taking her from behind showed his determination. Even the man below her reached up and tugged at her breasts as she changed, growling up at her and commanding her Wolf to be born.

It took almost three minutes before the room was occupied by one male and one female Werewolf.

The change was over!

Elyria stepped up and breathed in deep. The cancer was gone!

The pack had just increased by one!

Blackness filled Daruth’s vision as he felt his life draining from his body. He felt his great muscles shrink as his body reverted back into a man. It was over. He would die, but at least his brothers could get away.

Maybe it would be enough.

Screams filled the forest as the Litch threw its head back and cried out. His hands were frozen in place as he tugged them from Daruth’s now human head. His fingers blackened and then his arms. It spread up to his neck as he staggered to his feet and stumbled back. He looked down at Daruth in shock and fear.

The man was as confused as he was.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He looked at his hands and then at the others. The dead Wolves had fallen to the ground, lifeless once more, and even now were reverting back into their human counterparts. The ones still alive just looked at him. He took in one last breath and screamed before the end came.

The Litch burst into flame!

Phoebe smiled to herself and smoothed her white robes. Daruth had done an incredible thing. He had given life! Her Alpha had taken time to help someone who would have otherwise died without his gift.

This was sacrilege to a Litch.

A Litch fed off life, it didn’t give it. The gift of life struck the ancient Wizard to his core as he tried to absorb Daruth and add his strength to his own.

It almost worked.

Until, that is, the woman transformed and rid herself of her fate. In one fell swoop she had taken life from the Alpha and returned it in kind.

The feedback ripped through the Litch and consumed him. The simple act of kindness had destroyed him.

The Litch was no more!

Phoebe got up and went to find her husband.

It was just a simple Wolf, she told herself. What’s the harm in that? She echoed his words to herself. She walked almost ten feet, trying to keep her face from smiling.

She didn’t quite make it.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Daruth lay naked and fully human on the ground as the Litch all but evaporated before him. The air filled with the intense smell of decay as the white skinned man died in front of them. When it was done, nothing remained save a light cloud of gray smoke that dissipated within moments.

“What the fuck was that?” Silas was almost changed himself. He bore heavy wounds from his fight as did Ryan. Only Andreas and Michael stayed in Wolf form.

“What did you do?” Silas demanded as he leaned against a tree for support and panted for breath.

Daruth looked back in shock. “What did I do? I laid here to die is what I did!” He looked at the men all around him. “The Witch did this? Made them rise?” Silas looked at the mass of bodies, most men he knew for decades. “We had no chance. It drained us and made them turn” “But it’s over? We won?” Before Silas could answer the sound of running broke the air. A Werewolf came out and looked at them.

He was followed by two more, one clearly injured.

“Cole!” Daruth cried out and sat up, with some effort. The big Wolf began to shift back into a man. He stood tall, his breath labored. He looked at Daruth for a moment, just long enough to connect with his Alpha and then he turned to Michael. His eyes went wide at the sight of the BEAST and he fell to his knees in servitude.

“My Lord!” he opened his hands palms up. “Your daughter is deep in the forest!” He pointed from where they came. “She is under someone’s control! The others are trying to stop her!” The sound that ripped from the BEAST’S massive chest was deafening. He launched himself into the forest and knocked trees out of his way, leaving the others behind.

Daruth looked stunned. “Controlled by who?” he glared at Silas. “The Witch is dead!” The other Alpha said nothing.

“Right?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Michael ran for forty minutes. He followed the trail they left with ease. He cared nothing for himself, only his daughter was important. If it was the last thing he did; if it cost him his life; he would protect her. The path he left in his wake was impressive. It looked as if a truck had forced its way through the dense forest. Branches and bushes clung to his heavy legs as he ran through them, only to rip them from their roots and tear them from the trees.

Then his great heart skipped in his chest.

He saw her floating there!

His spine tingled.

He didn’t need an introduction.

It was the Witch!

He opened his massive hands and dug into the ground with all his might. He would kill her quickly and end this before she knew what hit her. He opened his mouth and prepared to rip her apart with his teeth as he hurtled toward her.

Her body spun in the air with supernatural speed and her hideous face glared at him with hate. She opened her mouth and blew out a hurricane of wind, lifting his massive body off the ground and sending him up through the trees. He tried to grab the branches as they shot by but the ones he took hold of just snapped away and travelled with him.

He saw the sky and still he flew upward. It felt like he was trapped in a tornado as the trees became small below him. His great body tumbled backward as he tried to unsuccessfully control his flight.

Five miles later…he began to descend.

Emma came out. She was scrapped up with cuts all over her body. Dirt clung to her as she pulled and tugged something behind her. It finally came out and the Tree gave a massive sigh, its great branches slumping with relief.

The Book of Lies was free!

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague


The Witch had almost died at the hands of the Black beast; and he was clearly beyond a simple Werewolf; the Grand Alpha however, was a Wolf, and she blew him away like so much trash.

She had no desire to fight him, not because he was too powerful but because he was irrelevant. The Book was all that mattered. It had been her driving force for the last seven decades. The secrets the Book held were beyond measure and could not be duplicated without the Tome.

She knew it existed but had never seen it. In fact no one had; at least no Witch. The Book had been hidden for almost a century, the last being to use it, long dead.

To say the Book was a treasure, was akin to saying the Sun was warm. It was the ultimate seat of power.

For a Witch like Kripka it held knowledge that she could never attain on her own. Whoever held the Book would have an infinite well of magic to draw upon and render any defense obsolete. It was the reason the Book was kept far away from beings of dark magic, and undoubtedly evil, since the Wizards never used it themselves.

She was not worried that the Book had been destroyed because she knew it couldn’t be. There was no force on Earth that could harm the Book or even remove it from this plane of existence. The Book, the rumors told, had a destiny that could not be altered…only delayed. And so it went. The Wizards did the only thing they could…they hid the Book.

After scouring the planet for the Book, the Witch systematically ruled out location after location until she realized what the Wizards had done. It was ingenious actually. While everyone else looked to them for it, they had in fact…given it away!

Finding the right Druid was problematic but far from impossible. Kripka was nothing if not resourceful and determined, and if she had to rip through every Druid to find the right one then she would.

Her mind slipped back to the Black beast. The way it reflected her power disturbed her. If only there was a body left to dissect she might have learned the secret. That would be a valuable skill to learn, she mulled. Maybe the Book would give her insight. Maybe it would hold the secret to the dark animal; one she denied herself when she burned it alive.

It was the eyes, those big golden eyes. She saw the flash and before she knew it her curse came hurtling back at her with surprising speed. It wasn’t magic, at least not the way she knew it to be. This was a natural event, if that were even possible. Whatever was inside those golden eyes had the power to reflect magic, at least partially. The fire had burned it but it was far more primal than the curse she cast out early. The curse was a complex spell and one with a defined purpose, while the fire, was just that.

She wouldn’t make that same mistake again. Next time she would burn first and curse later; providing she ever saw another set of gold eyes staring back at her.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague A part of her felt she should know what it was. The problem was, Kripka didn’t dwell on things that did not directly concern her, even if she had heard of something like this before; which she felt she had. It would have left her thoughts almost immediately as she focused on more important things, like expanding her witchcraft.

Now, after almost dying at its hands, she felt she should reassess her priorities.

Her thoughts filled with theories when she felt the child trigger her magic.

She was back! And she had the Book!

The BEAST opened its eyes and saw the sky.

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