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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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A huge section of branches were torn away and left a gaping hole where it had dropped to the earth. He didn’t know how long he lay there unconscious. He didn’t feel that much time had passed, although he couldn’t be sure. His head swam with disorientation from the effects of the Witch’s spell. His massive claws dug into the earth for support. He took in deep breaths and tested his body. He was bruised badly but there were no broken bones. He lay still, letting his healing ability kick in. He didn’t know how much damage had already been repaired, but he didn’t want to take chances; his family was depending on him and he would help them or die trying.

His mind raced with thoughts of Emma and of Chase. Both his children were gone and he was all but helpless to do anything about it. He wasn’t with his Son when he died. He didn’t know of the battle or how the angelic boy had met his fate. He only knew that Chase was no more.

The Witch was the vilest thing he had ever seen. Her face was a twisted version of a human’s, if it could even been called that. Her eyes burned with hell fire, and she had the power to back it up. In mere moments she had defeated him, rendering his thick mass of muscle useless. Whatever power she tapped from was well beyond his ability to combat, even in his Second form.

He sat slowly up and moved his stiff neck and arms around.

She moved so fast! One second she faced away from him and the next, she had directed the extent of her magic right at him. Maybe if he dropped from the sky? Maybe if he threw a rock at her before she saw him?

The BEAST didn’t know.

But it did know one thing.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague It knew her smell!

And now there was nowhere on Earth she could hide from him.

The Witch watched as the small girl dragged the heavy book behind her. She wore the red cloak and she still had the bag the Witch had given her. Her eyes locked onto the Book. It was big and leathery. The child had trouble even holding it. Large pages where curled up and some sticking out, uneven as if the pages were made one at a time.

Kripka knew the Book to be old. It was rumored to be the First Book. A Book made not by man.

She wanted to take it, to touch it! The Book seemed to call to her as if it recognized her intent.

But she couldn’t.

If she came in contact with it now the barrier would snap around her. She had to get it outside. Only then could her hands hold The Book of Lies! She would need time to study it, to absorb some of its power before they came for her, Wizard and Witch alike. No one would allow her to simply keep it.

They would kill her, some wanting to hide the Book again, while others wanted it for themselves. It was far easier to take the Book than it was to find it and free it Kripka knew. They would come for her like an army and she had to be prepared. Only the Book could protect her, but she needed time.

She floated in the air as the child moved by with slow determination. It would take hours to get to the archway the little Druid created and the Witch didn’t think she had that much time. It was no problem to keep the child bewitched, but with the Black Wolf, and the Grand Alpha’s confrontation, she knew her window of opportunity was quickly coming to an end. She waved her hand and the red cloak dropped from the girl’s shoulders and hovered in the air behind her. At the Witch’s command it took the form of a balloon again. A long red strap then snaked up and wrapped itself around the child’s arms and pulled them up to ease the weight.

Now the Book was off the ground and in her arms, her burden much lighter than before.

Emma was able to walk faster.

The Witch looked around.

They were alone and unchallenged.

At least for now.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Silas and the rest of the pack made it back to Michael’s house. His was the closest to the mountain. Only Daruth was unharmed. He argued that they could not beat whatever was moving through the forest and killing so many and retreat was the only option, save death. They were unprepared and ill equipped to fight this battle so they left to gather the entire pack.

If the BEAST could not deal with the threat alone, then it could not be beaten; at least not by them.

When they came out from the tree line Daruth saw three men in long robes standing near the barn.

Silas and Andreas were in human form while Ryan and Daruth stayed as Werewolves.

Daruth growled and Silas looked up.

One was old while the other two appeared in their forties. All wore robes of different colors although the colors were of the darker shades. No bright reds or blues, these men favored black, brown and grey.

Magic users to be sure. Silas could damn near smell the energy coming off them. He didn’t know them, but Daruth did. The big Wolf growled and pawed at the ground in anger.

The Wizards of Blackmore had arrived.

Daruth charged the Wizards. His massive paws threw large chunks of dirt up in a cloud behind him. His thick muscles were bunched and fueling his entire body as he made to attack them. He made it almost twenty feet away before the old one tapped a long staff on the ground and sent a bundle of magic his way.

It struck him in the chest and made him crumple to a ball and tumble backward in the air and striking the ground hundreds of yards from them.

Like the predator he was he rolled easily back to his feet.

“Easy Wolf. You have no pendant to protect you today” the older Wizard spoke.

Silas found his clothes and put them on as he watched the robed men. Andreas slipped on his pants and joined his side as Ryan stood in front of them protectively.

“What do you want?” Silas demanded, hiding his injuries well and stepping around Ryan. He put a hand on the great animal’s back as he did.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “We have been summoned and so we are here” the first man said, stepping forward to face the bulky Alpha.

“I did not summon you” The old man tilted his head in amusement. “That is irrelevant..as is your permission” Silas took a big step closer, his thick chest and broad shoulders towering over the much smaller man.

The man continued, taking no notice of Silas’s act of intimidation.

“Dark magic has dropped on this site” His eyes ran over Daruth’s Wolf. “You are ill equipped to deal with it, even with your healing ability and claws” Silas was not used to being ignored. He raised his voice. “State your business old man, my patients with you is at an end!” The ancient Wizard met his eyes with a cold fire. “Careful Werewolf, you willpower is lost on me and as of yet, we are not enemies. If I was you, I would do everything in my power to keep it that way” He looked back at Daruth. “But you…you I know well…Wolf. By your hand you crippled my brotherhood and denied me knowledge it’s taken years to rediscover” Silas looked at Daruth and saw Ryan circle behind the Wizards from the corner of his eye.

“Why are you here?” Silas kept the man’s attention on him as Daruth approached slowly.

The man looked at him sternly. “There is dark magic here. I thought it Wizards. We take special interest in those that fail in the dark arts. Much is gained from their deaths; artifacts, and of course knowledge” He waved at the two others with him. “We are seekers of knowledge. We welcome the study of magic in many forms” His eyes ran over Silas’s large frame and Daruth growled loudly. It was a look of interest, like one given to an animal before dissection.

The Wizard tilted his head and looked at him. “Your friend knows this, although he objects to our goals” Silas had no idea what was going on but he knew two things, these Wizards were not to be trusted considering Daruth’s actions, and there was history between them. It was time to get answers.

“This was not done by Wizards?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

The old man shook his head. “No. It was not. Only one thing makes a mark like this” He glanced at the destroyed home. “Witchcraft” “Witchcraft” Silas repeated. “What do you know of Witches?” The man’s eyes darkened. “I know a great deal. A great deal indeed” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “I’m listening” The Witch responded in an instant.

A massive boulder was hurtling toward her as if shot from a cannon.

She spun in the air and threw up one hand making the huge stone stopped cold in the air suspended not ten feet from her. Dirt fell off of it as it turned, held in the Witch’s spell. She pulled her hands back and then clapped loudly, her arms fully extended.

The boulder exploded into rubble and rained pebbles to the ground.

She looked for him. He was here somewhere. The large Wolf was back. Her hands cracked with power as she pulled her magic around her. If the fall didn’t kill it then she would find another way. She had many.

The air vibrated above her and the Witch flew away in an instant, fifteen feet to the right, as the BEAST dropped from the sky and landed where she had been standing only a moment before. His claws missed her by inches as she quickly escaped.

The Witch opened her mouth about to spit fire, when she saw Emma. If the Druid wasn’t able to carry the Book then the Witch could not claim her prize. Kripka herself could not touch it, at least not yet.

The child must live, at least for now.

She waved at the ground instead and a mound of dirt rose up to meet the BEAST. She threw it at him and it surrounded his head on all sides and began to spin. She rose into the air as the BEAST charged her position and swung its massive head to escape her spell. She just needed time to move, she was still weak from her battle with the Black Beast and could not risk this one touching her with its immense claws.

He lunged for her, swiping his long arms in her direction. His sharp claws caught the end of her robe and tore it a foot down the center. She flew higher as he dropped to the ground and ran around a large tree. The dirt began to fall away as the Witch moved upward and her spell broke apart.

He tried to lead her away, to make her follow him!

Kripka smiled.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The BEAST meant to protect the child, but so did she, he just didn’t know that. She allowed herself to be separated from the girl, giving the BEAST what it wanted.

Now she could kill it!

It jumped from limb to limb and closed the distance between them within moments. The Witch hovered just above the trees and waited to strike. She took in a deep breath to burn it to dust when the unexpected happened.

The BEAST was pulled down and to the side with a sudden and powerful motion and ripped from the Witch’s sight leaving a mass of dense green leaves and branches blocking her sight.

She interrupted her spell and turned her head as a small plume of fire belched out and into the sky. Her magic had already begun and some of it was coming out no matter what. When she spit the rest away she floated back toward the ground and saw the BEAST tangled up in several branches with large thorns and thrashing around for escape.

The Druid child was holding out her hand, her small bag open.

The Witch forgot. She still had an ally. The child was still under her spell and better yet, she was the one thing the BEAST would not hurt.

Kripka floated to the ground but did not touch it, as more and more roots formed a massive mound of snaking wood completely enveloping the BEAST.

She looked at the child, the red balloon still floating with her. With no emotion on her face the child turned and began to walk away, carrying the Book in both arms again. Even as she moved, more roots were coming out to secure the animal in place.

The Witch was impressed.

She waited to see if it would escape as it struggled to free itself. She could still burn it like she did the other. She almost opened her mouth when she thought it a bad idea. How much more magic would see have to expend to get free of the barrier? She felt the blood run down her back slowly and she knew she could not waste more energy on this. This was why she brought the Litch and her Raven in the first place, to save her precious magic for herself.

No. The Druid had done an admirable job. If it gets free she can always burn it later.

She floated away and followed the Druid to freedom.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Emma walked for almost an hour, the dense forest parting as she moved. The Witch, meanwhile, floated behind her and kept a watchful eye out for danger.

They came to the spot where the Witch had almost died. The earth was burned and the air thick with smoke. A wide swath of ground was bare where her fire had touched. It would take many years for anything to grow there again. The violence of black magic was immense and left a heavy mark.

Emma kept walking, oblivious to the damage. She was so small she disappeared under the black cloud, only the red balloon visible and floating above her. The Witch moved forward, the pain in her broken legs still throbbing from the reflected curse. As she reached the cloud of smoke, she waved her hand to shift it away from her face. It parted and swirled in the air, thick and dense. It smelled of sulfur.

Emma made it out first, although the Witch did not actually see her.

Kripka was not so lucky. Something was wrong! She felt it on her skin.

They were not alone!

“Why is she here?” The old man shrugged. “Who knows, but if she wants something you have you will not be able to stop her. Not alone at least” “She’s not alone either” Andreas spoke up. “We faced a white skinned man with dark tattoos on his body” The Wizards looked at each other. A younger one asked, “Did they glow?” “Yes…when he drained us. He was like some kind of Vampire” “You saw this?” The older man asked. Andreas nodded. “And yet you live?” Andreas waved to Daruth. “He killed it” The old man’s eyes bore into the massive Werewolf, his hate for the animal clear. “You killed a Litch?

With no magic?” His voice showed his disbelief. Daruth pawed at the ground and flashed his large teeth in a growl of satisfaction.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “A Litch?” Silas asked.

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