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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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Michael moved forward and backhanded Bart across the face, knocking him on his back. He fell on top of him and punched Bart in the jaw. The wolf growled and snapped its teeth in the air but well away from Michael’s human face.

Bart was lust drunk, but that didn’t make him stupid.

Michael pushed Bart’s legs apart and moved closer. He lifted the Werewolf’s lower body up and sunk his thick cock into Bart’s ass with a strong thrust.

Bart moaned loudly and took a swipe at Michael’s head, only to be rewarded with another punch to the face.

Michael took two handfuls of Bart’s chest fur and lifted him clear off the ground, only to slam him back with the force of a train. He grabbed his thick arms and pinned them over his head and glared down at him. Then he started to fuck him.

Bart got fucked hard.

Michael was merciless. He sunk every inch of his big dick into the struggling boy with no regard for him whatsoever. This wasn’t just about sex, this was about power; raw masculine, animalistic power.

Bart pushed against the hold Michael had on his arms but it was no use. Even in human form the Alpha was far stronger than he would ever be. He lifted his head and made a show of snapping his jaws in the air inches from Michael’s face but Michael hauled back his fist and struck Bart again.

To further demonstrate his power he now used just one hand to pin Bart’s arms to the ground. “Little fucking Werewolves!” He pulled back his free arm and backhanded the Wolf across the face.

Bart whimpered and sunk to the ground. His beastly anger was now replaced by lust and desire. No longer did his Wolf challenge the Man. The battle was over and there would be no more fighting. His big head rocked back and forth and he began to moan at each thrust of the human’s big dick.

It took five minutes of hard fucking before Bart could no longer contain himself. His heavy prick swelled up and sprayed large amounts of thick white cum all over his fur. He showering himself with hot fluid as Michael continued to pump into him.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Michael let his chest swell up in front of the Werewolf. He took hold of Bart’s neck and lifted him up with one hand. He glared into the Wolf’s eyes, but Bart was broken. The beast looked away, its arms hung limp by its side as Michael tossed him back to the ground and pulled his hard cock out.

He looked across from him.

Sean was fucking a sleek black Wolf with steady strokes. The dark legs were wrapped around the Werewolf’s waist and his muzzle was being licked frantically as Sean thrust away at the small animal.

This was the first time they had had full blown sex Michael knew. He wouldn’t have cared otherwise but there was a problem with this scene…Chase was not focused on him!

Michael walked over until his feet were next to the Werewolf’s head. Sean looked up at him and Michael growled, “Release him!” Sean’s Wolf needed nothing else. He pushed Chase down and pulled his big dick from him and moved quickly out of the way.

Michael stepped in front of him and snapped his fingers.

Sean crouched down on all four paws and lapped at the great cock before him. His thick tongue wrapped around the Alpha’s heavy prick and tried to pull it into his mouth. He kept the sharp teeth away, using his tongue to protect his master’s flesh.

He didn’t expect what happened next.

The Alpha’s power pushed at him and wrapped around him like a vise. He felt the hair receded into his arms and legs. His large feet shrunk and his claws pulled back. Thirty second later, Sean was fully human, Michael’s cock still in his mouth.

“SUCK IT!” The sudden change from human to wolf and now back again, made Sean tremble with exhaustion. It was only his intense desire for Michael that kept him on his knees. Sean sucked deeply, the Alpha’s immense prick stretching his jaw to the limit. Tears formed in his eyes as the heavy dick pushed into his throat. Sean held onto Michael’s strong legs for support as he did his best to please his master. His cock raged between his legs as the sweaty prick of the Alpha Wolf lodged inside his throat.

Michael looked at his Son, who was still a Wolf, its wide eyes taking in the scene before it. He cast out his will and Chase trembled and shrunk into a small boy at his command.

Chase moved up and hugged his Father’s great thigh and he watched Sean struggle with his Dad’s enormous cock. He had never seen his Father have sex with anyone else before. He couldn’t believe the power a true Alpha had over so many wolves at one time. Even in human form his Dad was the most The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague dominate being here. Watching Jason get fucked while he was changed bordered on the fantastic, but seeing Bart literally beat into submission by his Dad was something he would have never believed.

Even now Bart was limp. His big chest heaved for air, his cum still gleaming in the moonlight. Jason was slowly recovering but it would be a while before he was back to normal.

Sean gaged but the Alpha held him in place. He fucked slowly into Sean’s hungry mouth, over and over again, sinking inch after inch of his big dick into the blond boy. Sean was moaning, if it could be called that. It seemed to Chase that Sean’s body was simply responding to the Alpha, as if singing back to the big man in thanks.

It took less than three minutes. Michael gave him what he could take, maybe a little more. He wouldn’t have been so aggressive with the three of them, except his Son was present, and order had to be established. He gripped Sean by the hair and held him still. His mighty cock swelled and Chase could practically see his cum erupt from his Dad’s heavy shaft.

Sean’s eyes opened and Chase saw the most amazing thing…they were glowing!

Chase barely had time to react because Sean was pushed away and his Dad grabbed him by the hair and thrust his big dick into his mouth. Chase’s lips clamped down on the head of his Father’s hard cock as his mouth was flooded with cum!

Chase felt the power of the Alpha surge through his body. Every muscle, every fiber of his being was electrified. He arched his back and drank deeply from his Father’s heavy prick. His small hands had a death grip on his Dad’s huge thigh as the man feed him a river of cum.

Everything disappeared. For Chase there were no other Werewolves, no other boys. There was no lake, no trees, no sand. His throat was filled with a warm fire that fed his body the only thing it truly needed.

His tongued lapped at his Father’s cockhead, coaxing as much cum from it as he could get. All that existed for Chase was the fluid his Father fed him.

He didn’t know how much time had gone by. When he opened his eyes the others were staring at him.

His mouth was tightly wrapped around his Dad’s full cock head and he was still sucking. He felt the warm sensation in his throat and it took a moment to realize that it wasn’t just in his throat but on his chest as well. He reached up and felt his body.

It was wet.

His Father was too big, too powerful. His neck was coated with his Dad’s cum. It had run out of Chase’s mouth and down his naked frame.

Michael gently pulled his dick away from his Son and knelt down. He pulled him into his arms and licked at his face and neck, cleaning him up and avoiding the danger of Bart or Jason from doing it instead.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Chase smiled weakly at his handsome Father. His blond hair gleamed in the moonlight and the muscled arms held him possessively as Chase found he was no longer able to stand under his own weight. He looked down and saw the ground below him saturated with cum.

It wasn’t his Father’s, it was his.

Chase had cum just from sucking on his Dad’s big dick.

Michael smiled at him as Chase understood.

“You alright love?” Chase nodded slowly, but in truth, he wasn’t sure.

Jason helped Bart stand. He was human as well. Sean joined them in the lake to clean up and gave the Alpha private time with his Son.

Michael pressed his lips to Chase’s and he sunk his thick tongue inside for the boy to suck. Chase wrapped his arms around his Dad’s neck and held on as best he could, moaning contently into his Father’s mouth. As the minutes ran by Chase was slowly released, until Michael broke the kiss and walked him into the lake.

The cool water ran across his body and washed any evidence of their frantic lovemaking away.

As the others came near, Michael allowed first Sean, then Jason and Bart to touch him and kiss at his arms and neck. The boys thanked the Alpha with soft tones, Bart’s face still marked by the Alpha’s blows. Michael knew that would heal before the hour was up and in front of the others it was a badge of courage for Bart. No one else needed to be beaten. Bart was the only was defiant enough to require that, and he was proud to show it.

He lifted his arm up and Bart lapped at his hairy pit while Sean and Jason kissed at his back and neck tenderly.

Finally it was time to leave.

“Sean take my Son home. Make sure he gets inside” Sean nodded as they left the cool water of the lake. “Yes Sir” Sean stretched out and looked up at the moon. He changed into a Wolf with record speed as Chase was pulled into his Father’s arms and kissed deeply one last time.

“I love you” His Dad tenderly. Chase could only nod. He still found it hard to speak. He saw Sean holding out his clawed hand and he walked forward and climbed on the boy’s back. The two of them took off into the dark woods as his Dad watched.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Michael looked at Bart and Jason. Both were breathing heavily and Michael saw the problem.

They were no longer able to change.

Unlike Sean and Chase, they had not swallowed his potent cum, and in turn, were exhausted. Michael nodded to the woods. “I’ll walk you both home” No one said anything. The journey would take almost an hour in human form, but without the ability to change into a Wolf, they would be vulnerable and in danger of attack.

The trip was made in silence for the most part. Near the end Michael said, “I know what the two of you do for Chase. It hasn’t gone unnoticed” The boys said nothing right away; they only looked at each other and it was clear to both of them that tonight’s coupling was a reward for their efforts.

“You should be careful around Silas. Befriending my Son could cause problems for the two of you” “Silas won’t do anything to him. He knows better” Bart offered with more than a hint of threat in his voice.

“He’s your Alpha. Don’t underestimate him. There’s a reason he’s in charge and it’s not because he’s stupid. Don’t let his muscles fool you. Silas is no one’s puppet” “I think by letting us spend so much time with Chase he feels like he has some kind of power over you. Like we’re his spies” Bart said. “He wants to know what Chase is” “Don’t we all” Michael replied. Bart turned his head to look at him.

“You don’t know?” his voice rose.

Michael gave him a hard look and then shook his head.

“This whole time everyone thought you knew but just didn’t tell us!” Bart stopped walking.

Michael shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know any more than you do. I don’t know what makes him so fast, what makes him so black or so silent. I don’t know why he’s not as strong as the rest of us…” His voice trailed off.

Jason spoke next, which surprised everyone because he never speaks in the presence of authority. “It’s his eyes isn’t it?” Michael’s gaze locked onto Jason as Bart turned to his friend.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “That’s the worst part about him right? I mean everything else could just be genetics or something. His speed could be because he’s so much smaller than us, and even his fur could be explained away. But not the eyes” Michael said nothing.

“We should talk to Daruth. He has deep connections with wolves all around the world. Maybe he would be able to help” Bart offered.

“I would have thought Daruth would have already done that” Michael replied but Bart shook his head.

“He won’t cross you. He won’t risk you finding out he’s looking into your only Son without your knowledge” Michael smiled. Daruth was nothing if not loyal. The perfect Werewolf in so many regards. He walked the political line far better than anyone else.

“He knows old Wolves. Maybe Chase isn’t the only one like this?” Michael nodded to Bart. “I appreciate your offer Bart, but I can’t have you doing business for me.

Silas will only bend so far” “Silas thinks Chase is weak” Jason said, his eyes looking at the ground in case he offended Michael.

“He thinks its proof that the Alpha is not a strong as he wants everyone to believe” “He’s a fool!” Bart spat out. “Everyone saw him change again!” he pointed to Michael. “No one will dare challenge him!” “It’s not him they have to hurt Bart” Jason said softly. “The Vampire proved that” “He proved nothing!” Bart’s big body thickened up at Jason’s words and Michael put a hand on his shoulder to calm him.

Jason looked at his friend but said to Michael, “He’s right about Daruth though. If anyone can get answers it’s him” Michael looked at both of them. “Alright boys. Talk to Daruth. If I go Silas will think we’re plotting against him” His powerful hand came out and rested on Jason’s shoulder as well. “If Silas harms you, I want to know” They both bowed their heads to him. Michael watched their act of submission and squeezed. The next thing he said made them both look up.

“Ask Daruth to find out the best way to kill at witch” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Jason’s face was blank and Bart simply blinked. As Michael took his hands away they felt his power wash over them. They fell to their knees at his feet. Each reached out with one hand and humbly took hold of the Alpha’s strong leg.

“My Lord” Bart said humbly. Jason followed suit and waited on his knees, eyes down as the Alpha slowly pulled away and then disappeared into the forest. They waited until he was gone completely and could no longer feel his influence before they rose.

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