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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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Bart looked and Jason and sighed. “Fuck” “He doesn’t know” Jason replied.

“Daruth will find out. I’ll go tomorrow” “No!” Jason stopped him. “Silas will notice if you’re gone. I’ll go instead” Bart thought about it and shook his head. “I won’t let him…” he began, worried for Jason’s safety, but Jason cupped Bart’s thick neck.

“With you around bullying the others, he won’t even notice I’m gone” He moved in and rested his forehead on Bart’s. Bart’s big hands took hold of Jason’s waist and he held him in place as he rubbed his face against his friends.

“Be quick about it” Bart commanded. He pulled Jason off his feet and threw him over his shoulder playfully. “Or else the Alpha isn’t the only one you’ll get fucked by!”


Jason walked slowly into Daruth’s territory; his hands held away from his body and his posture as nonthreatening as possible. A large man walked out from behind the trees and blocked Jason’s path. He was big, and Jason knew who he was on sight. Everyone did. It was Destel; Daruth’s assassin.

“Silas should know better than to send you unannounced. That’s how people get hurt and Wolves get disemboweled” Jason nodded and slowed his pace. He had been a Werewolf for a few years and understood how rank worked. Even on his best day, and Destel’s worst, he couldn’t beat him in a fight. Appearances meant everything. He had to be submissive, and quickly, or it would be considered a challenge.

A challenge he would lose.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “I’m here to speak privately with Daruth…if he will have me” Jason said softly.

“Silas sends children to converse with an Alpha? I think not” “I am here on Alpha business…but not the Alpha you think” Jason picked his words carefully. “It is a delicate matter” Destel walked up to him and sniffed at Jason’s body. The boy held still for the inspection. When the big man looked at him Jason knew he understood. The scent of the Alpha was hard to mask. In fact Bart and Jason scrubbed in the shower the moment they came home, and still stayed away from Silas for fear of being caught.

“I see” He nodded and then he pointed to a tree. “Stand there. Come no further” Destel gave him a soft cuff to the back of the head and waited for Jason to obey.

Jason nodded and did as he was told while Destel walked back into the woods and disappeared. Long minutes went by before he returned.

“Come” he said and Jason followed a few feet behind him. He walked him to a large home and held the back door open. When Jason walked inside the door closed, Destel remained outside.

“Jason” Daruth said. “I don’t think you’ve even come here on your own before” The man was big. Like Silas he was an Alpha, but the similarities ended there. There was something about Daruth that was different from all the other powerful Wolves. His mannerisms were not like the others. He was always nice, even when he wasn’t. He was completely comfortable with who and what he was. He was smiling at Jason and draped a large arm over the boy’s shoulders as he guided him inside his office. He closed the inner door and waved to a chair for Jason to sit in. Daruth handed him a beer and sat on the desk in front of him, his large body towering over the boy.

“What brings you here son?” Jason nodded in thanks for the drink. “Forgive me for coming to you like this Daruth. I realize I put you in an awkward spot” “Silas is unaware of your journey?” Jason shook his head. “He is, my lord” Daruth watched him. It was clear this was difficult for Jason. “You have nothing to fear from me Jason. You may speak freely here. Silas has no sway over me or my Wolves” Jason nodded and took a large sip of his beer. “I didn’t think you even knew who I was” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Daruth smiled. “I could say that you are important as of late. You, Bart and Sean have made quite a name for yourselves. But the truth is I’ve always known who you were Jason. I knew your father Jacob. He was a great Wolf. He single handedly stopped the slaughter of pack children. He killed twelve before they took him down. Silas of course, punished them …severely” He was referring about a rival pack that tried to absorb Silas’s territory many years ago. Jacob had held them off until help could arrive. He protected six children and five women before he himself was killed.

No one else was harmed. At least not until Silas arrived. The opposing pack did not live to attack again.

Jason blushed at Daruth’s kind words. “The Grand Alpha Michael requests your services great one” Daruth showed no surprise. He let Jason continue.

“If you are willing…he would like information about his Son” “Chase?” “Yes. Perhaps there are Wolves that have heard of such a beast before? Perhaps Chase is not the only one?” Daruth leaned back in thought. Jason’s presence made sense now. Michael could not come; Silas would see it as a move against him. Having Andreas so close to Chase’s mother didn’t help matters for Daruth either.

“You put yourself at great risk by coming here. With so many keeping Silas in the dark, he would have every right to kill you for this” Jason’s face flushed.

“Michael could have commanded me to do this. I don’t like putting children at risk” “He was against it as well. Bart and I sort of convinced him to let us” Daruth laughed. It was a warm laugh. He took in a deep breath. “You spend a great deal of time with Chase” Jason nodded.

“He’s given you no indication of what he is?” “Chase is so new at everything I don’t think he can handle much more” Daruth nodded. “Still, you must have noticed in how many ways he’s different?” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Jason looked up at Daruth suddenly. “Bart said Silas couldn’t force the change in him either. That day in the woods. He says Silas didn’t want anyone to know” Daruth had suspected as much. It was child’s play for an Alpha to force the change of a lesser wolf into beast form. The reverse was true as well.

“There’s far more about your friend than just the way he looks. Silas may be all bark but he knows Chase is something else besides a weak Werewolf. He is no one’s fool” That was the second time Jason heard that.

“If, and only if, you see Michael again, tell him I will do as he asks. These secret meetings must stop. Leave it to me and my people. I will contact the Alpha another way” Jason nodded and finished his beer. He stood up and Daruth put his arm around him again and walked him to the outer door.

“It was Silas’s right to take you since your Father belonged to him, otherwise I would have been glad to have you for my own” His arm pulled Jason in.

“My lord, there is one more thing I’m to ask” He swallowed. “The Alpha would like to know, the best way to kill a witch” Daruth held still. His arm kept Jason close. It took his mind a moment to process the request. “He said a witch?” Jason nodded. “I know nothing else about it” “Alright Jason” The door opened. Destel stood outside, waiting. “Escort our friend to the edge of open space. His visit stays between us” Destel bowed low to his Alpha. “As you command” He held out his hand and took Jason by the arm and led him toward the woods. Daruth watched as they disappeared and thought of Jason’s final request.

“A witch?” he said to himself.

Just inside the edge of the woods Destel pushed a big hand gently into Jason’s back. He watched as the young Wolf turned to him. “Don’t ever come her unannounced again boy! I won’t be so nice next time!” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Jason nodded and kept his head bowed. No one was around. This was the most dangerous time for a Wolf to show aggression to another Wolf. Jason slowly moved forward and rubbed his face against Destel’s hard chest. He did it until he felt a big hand push him away. Destel nodded at him, accepting his submission and waved to the woods.

Jason ran as fast as he could.

The animals were used to Michael. It was strange for a Werewolf to have a farm. As gentle as he was with them it seemed like there were no secrets about what he really was. The cows and chickens gave him a wide berth and became silent in his presence. They allowed his touch and made no move to harm him. When other Werewolves came near, it was a different story though. Cows cried out and chicken ran in terror at their presence.

He watched Chase in the field surrounded by eight cows. Michael used them for milk mostly. It provided him a modest living but gave him a peace with nature he found hard to get anywhere else.

Money was not a problem for him. He had used his abilities to secure a fortune for himself and his family, to include Helen and Chase.

Chase was jumping over the cows.

He was testing his powers and trying to use them in human form the way the other Wolves did. He barely made it each time. Michael grinned as it seemed the cows were cheering him on. They seemed at peace with him…yet another mystery for Michael to solve. As the days past by it seemed like Chase generated more questions than he would ever answer.

Michael laughed as his Son tripped over the wide back of a cow and tumbled to the ground on the other side.

“You’re supposed to land on your feet Son” He called out in jest.

Chase stood up and brushed the dirt off his hands. “Yeah, thanks Dad!” Michael shrugged at him playfully, a big grin on his face. “Anything to help” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Wendy watched them from the window. Michael was so happy. She knew he worried about Chase and what he had become, but the joy he got from spending time with his Son seemed to wash most of that away. She looked at Emma, happily making a potted plant sprout a massive flower. She shook her head and thanked the powers that be that Emma was just a druid and nothing more.

“What’s that supposed to be?” she asked as massive green leaves opened to reveal the soft petals of a flower.

“Blue!” Emma said defiantly, as if her mother should have known. What a ridiculous question, she squinted her eyes in concentration.

“Of course” Wendy grinned. Her eyes move to the ceiling.

She heard a noise upstairs.

She stood and looked out the window. Chase and Michael were now wrestling, Michael keeping him at bay with one hand while Chase was straining to move him. He let the small boy grab him around the waist and simply stood there as Chase used every ounce of strength he had to move him. Michael scratched at his neck and just watched with amusement. Wendy smiled and patted Emma’s head.

“Stay her pumpkin” “I can make a pumpkin!” she shouted with confidence at her mother.

Wendy laughed and walked up the stairs reminding herself to watch her words next time. She looked around the hallway and at the pictures on the walls. Everything was in place. She went to her room, the bathroom and checked to see if something had fallen.

Nothing was amiss.

She went into Emma’s room. It was messy but that was nothing unusual. She leaned down and picked up some clothes and put them away, folding them as she did. She closed the dresser drawers and checked the window. With a final look around she walked out and headed back downstairs.

With Emma and Wendy’s laughter filling the house, there was no one to notice that the bedroom window began to open…all on its own.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Andreas spoke with Daruth in private. He listened carefully as his Alpha spoke his commands. “Stay near the compound. I don’t want anyone else making decisions but you” “Of course” Andreas replied.

“I shouldn’t be gone long. A week at the most” “What do you make of this witch business?” Daruth shook his head. “I don’t know. I don’t think Michael has told anyone else about it. I would think his wife would know more than we would” “I’ve never even heard of a witch bothering Wolves before. Hell I don’t remember anyone even mentioning it in passing” “It does seem strange that Michael would need to know this considering the way Chase turned out” Daruth said. “Was he cursed? Is that why he won’t have children with our women? Did this all stem from a witch?” “Seems unlikely” Andreas offered. “How could it, and why? Black magic is an effective way to kill, even a Werewolf, why go through all that effort. You would think Michael would just hunt her down and be done with it” Daruth nodded. “I don’t like this Andreas. I don’t like all these secrets, especially after what we’ve been through” “Doesn’t sound like he knows much more Daruth. Who does he confide in anyway? He has no second, or pack for that matter” Daruth thought for a moment. “How is Chase around you?” “Horney” Andreas grinned.

Daruth laughed. “Well, that’s a given” “That boy gets hard when the wind blows” “To be fourteen again” Daruth sighed.

“He’s gentle, reserved” Andreas answered. “He loves his mother!” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “What boy doesn’t?” “True. It seems he still in awe of everything. You should see his face when his Dad is around.

Everyone else simply disappears in his eyes” “Aside from the physical, have you noticed anything else odd about him?” Andreas answered right away. “His speed. No Wolf moves the way he does, especially a new one.

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