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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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Everything else aside, there should be no physical way he blends into the forest so easily. We’re not a bunch of human hunting a deer. A full Werewolf pack that can’t pick up his trail? That’s beyond bizarre, and I must say I find it more than annoying” “The few times I’ve been around him, I try to sense why he is the way he is, but I get nothing. I get no reading of anything but Wolf. It’s like something invisible is standing between us and him but I swear there is something else Andreas. Something none of us as ever seen” “That’s actually a good way of putting it” He looked around for a moment and said softly. “I’ve even thought of having sex with Chase. Let him drink from me to see if I could feel what makes him tick” Daruth shook his head slowly and put his hand on Andrea’s shoulder. “Don’t. Don’t ever let the boy do that, no matter how tempting. The Alpha is too dangerous to cross. Give him no reason to harm you” Daruth commanded. “I cannot lose you and I am in no position to exact revenge on your behalf” He gripped Andreas by the neck and squeezed lightly. “Besides, the Alpha has already bonded with Chase, and he knows no more than we do” Understanding flowed across Andreas’s face. He was right of course. The Alpha had created Chase. He would know before anyone if something was amiss. Chase could, or should, have no secrets from him.

“The fact that he can blind the Grand Alpha, is more disturbing than anything else” “Agreed!” Andreas nodded.

Daruth handed his Second a list of tasks he wanted completed. They spoke about pack business and settled on several items of interest. Before he left Andreas asked, “Have you ever seen a witch?” “No. But I’ve heard stories. Old ones, way before our time. That’s the nice thing about being a Werewolf. We travel in packs, while others are alone and fending for themselves. Even the Vampire war was a fluke. THEY take distrust to a whole new level” He scratched his neck.

“Witches! I can’t imagine why” Andreas paused and then said, “Maybe we just need to keep buckets of water nearby?” Daruth laughed loudly. “This is why you’re my Second Andreas! Always thinking!” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Hey, you laugh, but the first tin man I see in the forest I’m gonna give you a big…‘I told you so’!” Late that night, Chase walked down the hallway. His mother was out shopping leaving him alone with Andreas. He stopped at her bedroom to see the large man without his shirt and buckling his pants up.

He smiled as he looked over the rugged body, covered in soft brown hair and layered in muscle. He sighed, making him look up.

“Hey little buddy” Andreas grinned.

“Hi Andreas” Chase said, coming in the room. Andreas sat down to put on his shoes and Chase ran his hand down one thick arm, squeezing the man’s solid bicep.

Andreas grinned. “You’re gonna get me killed you know that?” “My Dad likes you. He likes Bart and Jason too and they’re from different packs” he reasoned.

“Yeah but they’re just boys” He stood up, his muscled body towered over Chase. “I’m not” He lifted a massive arm and flexed his bicep for show.

Chase couldn’t help himself. He reached up and ran his hands down Andrea’s thick chest. “God your big” Andreas watched the boy’s hands and made no move to stop him or push him away. “You know Chase;

I’m a man and a Werewolf. Nothing would make me happier than to couple with you” Chase let out a soft moan at his words and his hand moved to one big arm.

Andreas let Chase squeeze.

“If I thought for a moment that you Father would allow it, I would happily eat you alive” his large hand stroked Chase’s face affectionately.

“Next to Bart, you’re the only other Wolf I think about all the time” Andreas laughed. “You mean next to your DAD and Bart!” He stroked Chase’s hair. “Hearing that makes me very happy Chase” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Chase moved in and wrapped his arms around Andreas’s strong body. Andreas pulled him in tight and surrounded the boy with his thick limbs. His big cock pressed against the boy and he knew Chase felt it, but it couldn’t be helped. He pushed Chase gently away.

“I hear there’s a big dinner for you at your Dad’s house?” Chase nodded. “Yeah, it’s for my birthday. Mom says everyone is going to the farm” He looked at the big man hopefully. “You’re coming too right?” Andreas nodded. “Your Father has been nice enough to invite me” Chase grinned as if proof that his Dad liked Andreas. He looked down at the man’s thick bulge but Andreas’s pulled his head up by the chin.

“That’s provided that my zipper stays up and your hands don’t wander” “Sorry” Chase replied.

“At the party? Try not to look at me. At least when your Dad is around okay? I really like having a head on my shoulders” Chase laughed. “A big Wolf like you is scared of my Dad?” “Scared, terrified, frightened, and proud of it!” He snatched Chase off the floor and threw him over his shoulder as he picked up his shirt. “Let’s get something to eat before your mom comes home” As Andreas walked to the stairs with his struggling package in tow, Chase said, “I hope you marry my mom” Andreas groaned as his big feet moved down the steps. “Son, you’re really gonna get me killed one of these days you know that” The Raven sat at Emma’s open window and looked inside. The scent of magic filled the air and made the bird’s eyes shift. It was different than what it was used to. It was sweet and vaporous like incense, nothing like its master’s. Plants filled the room in every corner and waved gently in the breeze. The black bird moved inside and walked to the side of a dresser. Its large talons scratched at the wood, marking it with a deep groove. The bird looked around to make sure it was still alone and then flew out the window into open air.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague The glass slowly came down and settled into place, the lock turning on its own. The room was silent, the breeze abated. A small red drop formed on the dresser where the Raven had scratched it, oozing slowly to the floor.

Emma’s plants began to die.


Daruth moved easily through the woods. His sea plane dropped him off near a large fishing community in Alaska, but unlike the others who debarked, Daruth wasn’t there for sport. There was a very old pack of Wolves that lived far up in the wilderness many miles from any populated town. The nice thing about Alaska was that it was so remote that human encroachment was almost at a standstill and for a Werewolf; it was one of the few places left where that would hold true for years to come.

He had taken a room at a small hotel and rested a bit before the journey. The Wolves he was attempting to meet would be surprised at his visit and he thought it best to be fully refreshed before any encounter with them. After several hours sleep he showered and got dressed for the trip. It would take him almost a full day to get near their territory and that was travelling as a Wolf. He had paid for the full week and told the inn keeper he would be hunting with friends so not to expect him to be around. It was daytime, the sun only recently rising.

Alaska was beyond beautiful. It was summer, and the trees were bright green and thick with growth. He took in a deep breath and enjoyed the rush of cool fresh air into his lungs. There was almost no trace of pollutants.

A good mile from the inn Daruth stopped near a large tree and marked it with his open palm. He rubbed at the bark until he could smell his own scent and then dug a small hole. He took out a plastic bag and began to undress. He folded his clothes tightly and wrapped them in the bag before burying them in the ground.

With the woods full of life and animals of every type rustling for miles around him, Daruth stretched out his arms and took in a deep breath and changed into a Werewolf.

The effect was impressive. Animals from all over, from birds to moose, to deer, quickly moved away, giving the new predator his space. Daruth never stopped marveling at the way animals communicated with one another. If humans only knew the truth about them, he thought, things would be quite different indeed.

His limbs now thick with hairy muscle, Daruth turned north and began to run. It had been many years since he had been there and his new status as an Alpha would not go over well with the local pack. He only hoped his name would still mean something to them.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague He came near a few hunters. They had on bright orange vests and held very large guns. They wouldn’t go much farther north he knew. Only the bravest and most skilled among them would dare to do that.

By the looks of them, in their crisp new jackets and leather boots, they didn’t come across as die hard hunters, as much as guys on vacation. Two were older, in their fifties maybe, and one was around twenty five. Daruth couldn’t help himself. He charged forward as they sat in a small circle talking about their guns.

He jumped high into the air and landed right in front of them!

Everyone screamed!

Daruth lifted up on two legs and roared like a great beast, baring his massive fangs and splaying his claws at them.

The two older men fell on their backs while the younger one fumbled for his rifle. Daruth backhanded it away and it shattered against a tree in several pieces. He moved right in front of the boy and growled!

The boy fainted.

By the time the others managed to stand up Daruth was long gone, having left them with one less gun but a whopper of a story to tell when they went home. He could hear them yelling back and forth and running around trying to find him. As the wind moved through his thick fur, his lips pulled back in a toothy grin and Daruth continued to run.

Emma yawned and pushed her small body against her Dad. It was only eight, but for her it might was well be midnight. Her Father’s big arm wrapped around her and hugged her tight, kissing her forehead.

“Sleepy angel?” he asked her. She managed to nod her head as Wendy came up and smiled at her.

“I’ll run your bath and then off to bed young lady” Emma didn’t object. She loved bath time. Wendy walked up the stairs and ran the water, making sure it wasn’t too hot. She poured in some bubbles and watched as they formed into a thick frothy cloud before going into Emma’s room to turn down her bed. She stood still, not moving as she looked around.

All the plants were dead.

Michael saw her at the staircase looking at him. She carefully nodded upstairs and he nodded back. He kissed his daughter and told her how much he loved her before propping her up on some thick pillows The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague and covering her up with a blanket. As he walked up the stairs Wendy put her finger to her mouth to tell him to be quiet.

She showed him what she found.

“What happened?” he asked softly.

“I don’t know. I found it like this. This morning everything was alright” “She did this?” Wendy shook her head. “I’m not sure, but I would say no” “Why?” “Because some of these plants she didn’t grow” She pointed to a cactus on the dresser. “I bought that for her months ago. All it needs is water and sunlight. Those don’t die overnight, and certainly not in a matter of hours” Wendy moved into the room and looked around. She opened her hands up and released her power. The plants began to respond and turn green once more. She looked around and waited.

Nothing happened. The plants remained alive.

“What could have done it?” he asked.

She shook her head. “I don’t know. I feel…” He waited a moment and then asked, “What?” She looked frustrated. Michael moved up and wrapped her in his thick arms.

“She’s a little girl. Her emotions run high, maybe this is a side effect of her being mad or something” Wendy ran her hands across her husband’s hairy forearms almost absently as she thought.

“You said yourself you didn’t know of a Druid who came into their power so young” Wendy nodded at his words and leaned against Michael’s powerful body. “No. That’s true” “Keep an eye on her. See if it happens anywhere else” She turned and kissed his mouth, loving the way he made her feel safe. She moved by him to check on the tub and Michael took another look around. Emma’s room was filled with exotic flowers of every The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague shade and type. Wendy’s considerable power brought them back to life and filled the room with sweet smelling scents. Michael breathed in, and for just a moment, thought he smelled something out of place.

He waited to see if it would come to him, but it never did. He went downstairs to get his daughter for her bath.

The red ooze from the dresser had turned black.

Daruth had travelled for hours. The sun was still up and it would remain that way for a while. In Alaska during certain times of the year the sun never fully rose or set. Being summer it was mostly light, although it would be a few months before full sunlight would remain for the entire day. As he ran, breathing in the fresh air, he couldn’t remember when he felt so alive. Even in the woods of Montana there was a slight smell of pollutant that wasn’t present here. Maybe it was the cold, or maybe the amount of animals roaming around that just made it seem more alive. Daruth moved happily up the hillsides and leaped over the rivers like he was reborn.

He smelled her from a good mile away.

It made him stop and sniff the air all around. She was alone, her scent undeniably female. He made it to the top of a hill and climbed up a large tree for a better view. He let out his power to feel for other Wolves.

There were none.

He knew the direction of where they should be and in truth he didn’t expect any contact for at least another hour. He climbed back down and carefully made his way toward the human female. She was alone just like he thought. He watched her from a safe distance, far away enough to ensure she couldn’t see him with her eyes alone. His Werewolf sight made her appear as if she were no more than ten feet away.

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