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«The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son.by Teague CHAPTER ONE Chase watched Sean from the rearview mirror. He was changing a flat on the truck, ...»

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“I haven’t fought a Vampire in almost a century. Nasty things, but cowards when confronted with superior numbers” The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Kalibrus was old. He was now close to three hundred. The immense power he held would not let him go. He was an ancient Wolf, strong, able, and like all Alphas, deadly. Wolves like him were rare. He was naturally born, the Wolf growing inside him since birth. Both parents were the same. When Kalibrus was an adult his Alpha immerged with a fierce authority that literally ripped through lesser Wolves to assert itself. He became leader within a few short years and has remained such ever since.

“Your pack is glorious. It’s a true family. I can only wish for a fraction of the same” Kalibrus gazed at the vast fields of green. “Like all families, we have our own problems. But otherwise, I’m proud of them all” Daruth didn’t need further explanation. Kalibrus had a unique tribe. They lived undisturbed to grow and expand, with no Alpha powerful enough to challenge Kalibrus. But Wolves were made in two ways, birth or bite. The usual life expectancy of a Werewolf was about the same as a normal man, maybe less.

A wolf usually died by violence, be it from another Wolf, or man. But when no one was there to hunt them, the wolves lived a long time, maybe too long.

Kalibrus said nothing.

“How many have you culled?” Daruth asked softly.

“Far too many” He took in a deep breath. “I’ve lived a long time Daruth. I wait for nature to call me home, to let me rest with my brothers, but she refuses. Man was not meant to live so long; the brain cannot handle the passage of so much time. I’ve forgotten more about my childhood than I currently remember. When that happens…well” “Are you dying?” He shook his head. “Disease will not touch me. The years pass by, one by one, and I am still here.

My children die and are replaced by new ones, only to grow and die themselves” He moved his foot and pushed at some small rocks.

“You are a great man. It’s clear there is no one to replace you, so nature demands you stay” He looked at Daruth. “I’ve killed too many of our kind Daruth. I no longer want that responsibility” Kalibrus had a grave duty. A duty few Alphas had to face. When a Wolf was created through a bite, drastic things happened. First the change, especially the initial one, was painful. The human body rejected the Wolf and the animal had to take control, but do so in a manner that it wouldn’t kill its host.

This didn’t always happen, and many humans simply died from the bite. Once the change was mastered and the human accepted the beast, a new challenge was presented. Wolves don’t usually die from disease. It’s a rare thing for cancer or heart disease to take a Werewolf, so the wolves live a long time.

As the years pass and the human born Werewolves outlive their original families, their minds tend to go. They’re not able to cope with a life they were never meant to have.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague They go insane.

When this happens, they attack others in the pack and any humans or animals they can find. It’s up to the Alpha to kill them…to cull them from the pack. Only this way can order be maintained. This is one of the reasons why Wolf born births are so coveted. They simply live longer and remain sane.

“You’re strong” Kalibrus said. “Your Wolf is a powerful one indeed. Your pack is lucky to have you” Daruth shook his head. “I’m a pale shadow of the Alpha you are Kalibrus. Even in my prime I have but a fraction of your legacy. Silas commands more Wolves than me, and he does so with an iron fist. His men bow down to him and never question his authority” Kalibrus laughed. Daruth looked at him, unsure of his response. “The mark of a true Alpha is not measured in the amount of Wolves he commands Daruth. Loyalty is a far greater gift. When given freely, a true Alpha is made” Daruth didn’t understand and Kalibrus, as usual, didn’t offer an explanation.

It was time to tell Kalibrus the rest.

“I have a Grand Alpha” The old man looked at him sharply. He thought Daruth was at war. “A Grand Alpha is a rare thing among Wolves. Their power comes from Phoebe herself. Do not challenge him Daruth” He shook his head. “No Kalibrus, you don’t understand. There is no conflict. The Grand Alpha does not lead” Kalibrus was shocked. “No!” “It is true my Lord. He lives near us, but takes no role in pack business” “This is unheard of. Phoebe would not allow it!” “It is true. Even though he does not lead, if not for him we would all be dead. The Vampires brought Ghouls and a Naga to kill us. Only the will of the Grand Alpha stopped them” Daruth finished the rest of his story, telling of the destruction of DeMarco and the role the Grand Alpha Michael played in it.

“He has a Son. The boy is named Chase” They spoke for a long while. Daruth told him about Michael’s concerns.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Many years ago, when I was just a child, my Grandmother told me a story about a Wolf…” Kalibrus began.

The packs were hunted. Anything supernatural was wiped out as Christianity swept through Europe.

The Vampires were the first to go. Villages were unsettled and turned upside down as the blood suckers were burned alive at the stake. Magic of any kind was shunned and the slightest hint of supernatural ability was dealt with swiftly, with beheading or fire. No one was safe.

Thousands were killed in the name of God. Most were merely human, having no power whatsoever but used as a show of power by those who were in charge. The true children of the supernatural were smart enough to flee to higher ground. Not all survived, but enough to ensure their continued existence far away from humanity.

Phoebe saw the injustice, and a new Wolf was born. It was her child, given to Wolf to guide and lead her people to safety. He was pure white, and blended into the snow to hide his presence. He hunted those that hunted his kind and killed without mercy. Packs were formed in his name, and Alphas were born to guide and control them. Gone was the age of the rogue Wolf. No longer would humans need to fear the raging beast, they would control and govern themselves. The packs grew and stray Wolves were brought into the fold.

Wolf, beget Wolf.

The White beast was feared among all. Untouchable and unable to be controlled, it moved through the vast forests of Europe and butchered any Werewolf that would not conform. Vampires, Trolls and the like were wiped out, to clear the way for the Wolf. Fighting between the packs was forbidden and the White Wolf would punish all who disobeyed. Justice was swift and absolute. Even Alphas were killed when they sought to rule in the White Beast’s place. Grand Alphas were born to control them. Peace settled and the packs flourished.

All Due to the White beast.

It was powerful and fast, its claws lethal to anything it marked. It moved silently and was upon its victims before they realized it. It brought death, and the Wolves knelt in its presence. Then the White Wolf disappeared. Decades went by with no sightings anywhere in the world. But others surfaced, other Wolves with bizarre and frightening powers. Always alone, they roamed the world and culled dark Wolves into submission or death.

And they too disappeared.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Kalibrus took in a deep breath. “It was a myth, even in my Grandmother’s time. Most have changed the story to illustrate the arrival of the Alphas; no doubt an Alpha himself did that” “I’ve heard a variation of that story too. But the Wolf was not white, it was just powerful” Daruth said. “It was the first Grand Alpha” He looked at Kalibrus and added, “Right?” “Nox Nesting” The old man said.

Daruth had never heard the phrase.

“Alphas are Alphas are Alphas. Any Wolf with big muscles and delusions of grandeur, call themselves Alphas. But the history of our kind paints a far different picture. Grand Alphas were born to control large areas, to make sure even Alphas obeyed the law. Before that there was simply Wolf. The Wolf ran wild, uncontrolled” Kalibrus looked at the mountains. “Nox Nesting is no Alpha. It never was. The story was perverted and shifted to praise the rise of the Alpha…but it was never about them. It was about Phoebe” Daruth was lost and Kalibrus sighed. “We’ve lost too much of ourselves over time. We no longer know our own history. A thousand years ago the Wolves cried to Phoebe for protection. ‘Deluc de notting mar, kneb revas delan’ ” Daruth didn’t understand the language.

“The tongue of my mother’s, mother’s, mother” Kalibrus explained. “It means, ‘beware, the night Wolf’” “I’ve never heard of the night Wolf. Not even from you” Kalibrus smiled at him. “Why of course you have Daruth. The Nox Nesting was not born just once.

There have been others like the original. All different, built for whatever task Phoebe needed.

Some were strong, some fast, some could even fly. My Grandmother told me that one of them could look like anything it wanted. Stories like this came from every part of the world, of Wolves that were different than the others. We’re so spread out, that by the time the stories reached the packs as a whole, they were already considered old. Many thought they were just that, stories.

Stories that were used to frighten the packs to obey the Alphas. Ancient stories became myths and childhood rumors. Nox Nesting was no more” He paused.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “In truth there have been maybe four in existence since the beginning of the Werewolf. Maybe more, maybe less, who can know?” Daruth looked frustrated. “If they’re so different how can we know one is born? And why would it be born in the first place? What triggers it?” Kalibrus raised his hands up in question. “What indeed? Only Phoebe knows. The minds of Gods are not ours to question Daruth. But she has left us a sign” Kalibrus leaned in and spoke clearly.

“Regardless of their differences, the Nox Nesting have one thing in common. They are Phoebe’s true children and are marked as such” he paused. “Lupine tregora julista see” Daruth felt a tingle up his spine, his mind completed the thought. He didn’t understand the language, but he already knew what Kalibrus was going to say.

“The Wolf with the Golden Eyes!” Michael swung the ax with one hand. The wood split cleanly down the middle. A large pile of firewood was building up nearby and he was almost finished when he felt Andreas’s presence. He turned to see nothing at first and then the form of a man came from the woods almost a half mile away. Andreas took his time, making no attempt to hide or show aggression of any kind.

He walked up, hands open and empty. It was a common greeting and one most Wolves didn’t bother with once they knew one another. But Andreas was already walking on uneven ground due to his relationship with Helen and he could not risk a mistake of intent with the powerful Alpha.

“My Lord” he bowed.

Michael stared at him. “What do you want Andreas?” The lesser Wolf looked embarrassed. “I…I have come to speak with you about a matter I would normally take up with Daruth. But he is not here, and I fear with the task he is on, that my silence could bring harm to you or your family” Michael heaved the ax and sunk it so deep into the tree stump that it almost split in two. Andreas took a slight step back at the display of strength.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague “Speak Wolf. And speak quickly!” Andreas recounted the prior evening at Helen’s home.

“You felt threatened?” Andreas shook his head. “No, it wasn’t like that. I just felt…it. It’s hard to explain. I wouldn’t have brought it up at all except my Wolf became silent” He looked away in embarrassment. “I could not bring it forth” Michael stared at him. He could control a beast like Andreas. He could make his Wolf receded. But Andreas would know it. He would feel his power wash over him and force his animal to submit. But for a wolf to simply not respond?

“With the talk of witches…”Andreas began but Michael cut him off.

“We know no such thing. I don’t want rumors spreading about witches because of a dream I had” Andreas bowed. “Of course my Lord” Michael looked around to make sure they were alone. “I want you to try and change. Right here” It was an order.

Andreas nodded. His body swelled up and the thick muscle began to expand.

Michael threw out his will and pushed the beast back. Andreas’s eyes were wide and looking at him as the beast reluctantly withdrew. It was clear he didn’t like someone else controlling his beast but he was in no position to protest.

“Was it like that?” Michael asked.

Andreas was unsettled. He shook his head. “No my Lord” he took in a few deep breathes to recover. He didn’t enjoy the last twenty-four hours and his Wolf shuddered inside of him. “My Wolf was just absent. I don’t know how else to put it” “I wonder if you would have even realized it if you hadn’t tried to call it forth? You never felt it leave you?” Andreas shook his head.

Michael rubbed his neck in thought. “If Sean was there, maybe I could have felt it through him” Andreas agreed. That would have been a good test.

The Book of Lies Book 2 of Werewolf and Son………by Teague Michael took a large step forward until he was inches from Andreas. “I know you have pack business to attend to since Daruth is gone. Since he’s doing this for me I want you to call me if anything else happens at Helen’s home, no matter how small you think it may be” The man nodded.

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