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We are conscious that the finalisation of tariff is a priority for our business and operations for which approval of financial package by CEA is necessary. All necessary steps for the same are being taken.

The management shall continue to endeavour to claim incentives available under the PPA.

Under the PPA, we are entitled to receive incentives for higher Plant Availability and generation of Secondary Energy up to specified limits. The incentives for Plant Availability are available in case the Plant Availability is more than 90%. Incentives on generation of Secondary Energy are available to the extent of saleable generation of 155 MU of power. In FY 2004, such incentives aggregating to Rs. 228.88 million. We shall continue to endeavour to claim incentives available under the PPA.

Restructuring of outstanding debts and reduction of other expenses Our efforts shall continue on an ongoing basis, to restructure our outstanding debt and to reduce and contain our other costs and expenses. Such efforts are expected to improve profitability, cash flows and liquidity of the Company.

Upgradation of technology for repair and maintenance We will continue to keep ourselves abreast of and to apply advanced technology for necessary repairs and maintenance of the Power Plant, whenever required.

Potential business opportunities We see opportunities for growth in the power sector as the Electricity Act, 2003 ushers in comprehensive reforms in all segments of power sector – generation, transmission and distribution. The renewed thrust on private sector participation in the power sector by the GOI opens up new avenues for growth for our business. Himachal Pradesh is endowed with huge hydro power potential, and with JHPL being a pioneer in Himachal Pradesh in private hydro power generation is expected to leverage its own and the groups capabilities for enlarging its footprints in all related fields of generation, transmission and distribution.

Power Plant: Location, Engineering And Design And Equipment

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The details of the project are as under:

Location and Catchment Area Our Power Plant is an environment friendly run-of-the-river power generation plant. The plant site is located on the river Baspa, a tributary of river Satluj in Kinnaur District, about 210 km from Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. The diversion barrage is located on river Baspa at village Kuppa near Sangla and the power house is located at village Karcham about 800 metres upstream of the confluence of rivers Satluj and Baspa, on National Highway 22.

The nearest broad gauge railway station to the project site is Kalka under Northern Railway and the nearest airport to the project site is Shimla.

The Power Plant was commissioned on June 8, 2003 and has generated an aggregate saleable energy of 990.76 MU up to March 31, 2004 with Plant Availability of 96.80% as against the Design Energy of 940.41 MU. During the six months period ended September 30, 2004, the Power Plant has generated an aggregate of 853.79 MU with Plant Availability of approximately 99.54% as against Design Energy of 780.73 MU.

For more details of the major events in our company’s history, please refer to the section titled “Our History and Certain Corporate Matters” on page 50 of this Draft Red Herring Prospectus.

River Baspa originates from the glaciers of the Himalayan ranges at an elevation of 5,800 metres. The catchment area of the river at the barrage site is approximately 967.72 sq. km. including, approximately, 514 sq. km. of snow catchment area. The major part of the run-off in the river basin is derived from snow during the winter period from December to March. The river basin receives scanty rainfall during the monsoon months. The river is perennial with lean flows in winters.

Water availability at Sangla, the site of the diversion barrage, has been computed using 10 days flows for the period 1977-78 to 1992-93 and the same has been considered for the estimation of 90% dependable year for water availability. Based on the above data, the 90% dependable year has been identified as the year 1981-82 and the Design Energy for the plant based on the water flow in that year has been estimated at about 1,214 MU of electricity. The secondary energy generation potential of the plant based on average discharge for the period 1977-78 to 1992-93 is about 179 MU.

Project Components

The Power Plant is housed on a total area of 43.58 hectares out of which 29.67 hectares is government land and the balance 13.91 hectares was acquired under the Himachal Pradesh Land Acquisition Act by the GoHP. The following

facilities are located on this land:

• Diversion barrage,

• Intake

• Sedimentation and Desilting chamber,

• Head Race Tunnel (HRT),

• Surge Shaft

• Pressure Shaft

• Power House

• Tail Race Tunnel We have also constructed other facilities like stores, office, residential colony and workshop in addition to the above facilities on the above land.

The energy generation for the 90% dependable year and with 95% availability of Installed Capacity with a design head of 685 metres has been worked out as 1,219.08 MU. The Design Energy, after considering release of water for aquatic life, has been calculated as 1,213.18 MU. The Saleable Design Energy after deduction of auxiliary losses and losses on account of transformation up to the Interconnection Point and delivery of 12% free power to the HPSEB works out to 1,050.40 MU.

Diversion Barrage

The diversion barrage for the Power Plant, is 61 metres long, and is located 500 metres upstream of the suspension bridge. We have partially diverted the river at this site, so that the river flows in a straight and defined reach into the diversion barrage. The general riverbed level at the barrage axis is at an elevation of 2,519.0 metres and the riverbed has a slope of the order of 1:80.

The diversion barrage comprises of four spillway bays of 13 metres each separated by three metre thick piers for passing the design discharge of 1,150 cubic meters per second at a high flood level of elevation of 2,525 metres, the discharge intensity being 17.7 cumec/metre.


Baspa river carries a large amount of sediments. The crest of the intake has therefore been kept at elevation of 2,525 metres, i.e. 4.50 metres above the barrage crest level. The Intake has four bays, each of which is four metres wide.

This height has been considered adequate for restricting the entry of coarse sediment into the intake. It will also provide adequate space for trapping of sediment in the reservoir pond from where it can be flushed periodically by lifting the gates of the barrage.

Sedimentation Chambers

The hydraulic design of sedimentation chamber, including the number and sizes of openings as well as the flushing duct have been finalized on the basis of a mathematical model. For setting the particles coarser than 0.20 mm, the maximum flow velocity works out to 0.197 metres per second. However, based on hydraulic model studies, a flow velocity of 0.3 metres per second has been permitted.

Two sedimentation chambers each of 138.50 metres length x 17.00 metres width x 11.00 metres height have been provided to accommodate the flow during maximum pond level which is four metres above the minimum pond level.

Each chamber has been provided with one row of hoppers (with a total 32 hoppers in each sedimentation chamber) for the purpose of hydraulic flushing of the sediment.

Head Race Tunnel The head race tunnel is required to pass a design discharge of 52 cubic metres per second. A 4.00 metre finished diameter, modified horseshoe concrete lined tunnel 7.95 km. long has been constructed. The centre line of the inlet end of the cut and cover portion of the head race tunnel at sedimentation chamber end has been kept at an elevation of 2,520.50 metres.

Surge Shaft

A restricted orifice type surge shaft with a height of 121 metres has been provided at the end of head race tunnel. The finished diameter of surge shaft up to an elevation of 2,485 metres is six metres and above this elevation, eight metres.

The top of surge shaft is at elevation of 2,582 metres. These levels have been fixed in such a way that the maximum upsurge and down-surge determined as per standard criteria remain contained within the surge shaft.

The surge shaft has been lined with reinforced concrete lining. The lining will prevent leakage of water through cracks and weak shear zones of the surrounding rocks. It will also protect turbines by preventing loose rock particles falling in water and will also withstand the high velocities of water.

Pressure Shaft

The pressure shaft is required to negotiate a net head of 636.50 metres between center line of head race tunnel at the junction with surge shaft elevation of 2,452.00 metres and centre line of distributors elevation of 1,815.5 metres. The pressure shaft is steel lined, with 3.10 metre diameter, and is 885 metres long along with two “Y” pieces (3.10 metres x 2.50 metres and 1.80 metres) branching into three 1.80 metres diameter unit penstocks.

Power House

The approach to the main power house cavity and the transformer hall has been provided through a 298 metre long and seven metre D-shaped adit to erection bay. A six metre D-shaped branch tunnel of length of about 156.0 metres takes off from this tunnel and extends upto the “Y-piece” bifurcations of the pressure shaft. This approach tunnel has been used for excavation of bottom portion as also the inclined portion of the pressure shaft by using a raise climber.

The erection of penstock liners in the bottom portion, and Y-pieces was also carried out through this tunnel. Another five metre D-shaped tunnel of 314 metres length has also been constructed to provide access to the top floor of the control block at an elevation of 1,840.75 metres. During the generation stage, this tunnel will be used to carry outgoing cables. The ventilation gallery also branches out from this tunnel. The 3.5 metres x 4.0 metres D-shaped cable tunnel originates from the transformer hall at an elevation of 1,834 metres. The other end of the cable tunnel is at an elevation of 1,813 metres. The total length of the cable tunnel is 217 metres.

The underground power house is located about 800 metres upstream of the confluence of rivers Satluj and Baspa and on the right bank of river Baspa and left bank of river Satluj. The power house is located within a good quality gneisses band. The minimum vertical and lateral rock covers at the power house complex are about 250 metres each.

The size of the main cavity of the machine hall, which houses three Pelton turbines and generating units of 100 MW capacity each with service bay (about 20 metres long) at one end and control block (about 17.60 metres long) at the other end, has been kept as 92.00 metres long x 18.00 metres wide x 39.75 metres high.

Independent tail race tunnels of 3.60 metres x 4.25 metres size have been provided below the runner of each turbine which joins a single 5.60 metre D-shaped concrete lined tail race tunnel. The tail race tunnel is 250 metres long and will discharge water into river Satluj. At the outlet end of the tail race tunnel, a skj-jump structure has been provided to discharge the water into river Satluj. Gates have been provided just before the skj-jump structure.

The power house also includes a 400 KV switchyard which comprises of generator transformers and gas insulated switchgears installed in a separate underground cavern.

Plant & Machinery The generating equipment was supplied by Siemens AG consortium (Siemens and VA Tech Hydro Vevey), which included turbines, generators, valves, static excitation equipment, transformers, unit controls, microprocessor controls etc. The scope of services of Siemens AG consortium included design, engineering, manufacturing and supervision of erection and commissioning of equipment.

The Gas insulated switchgear and 400 KV high tension cables were supplied by Alstom T&D, France. The scope of services of Alstom T&D, France included design, engineering, manufacturing and supervision of erection and commissioning of equipment. Generator transformers and other auxiliary and ancillary equipment are procured indigenously.

Hydraulic Turbine

The hydraulic turbine is vertical shaft, single runner, four Jet Pelton type turbine, directly coupled to a vertical shaft generator with a nominal rating of 111,000 KVA, 0.90 power factor, 375 Rpm. The turbine is capable of delivering 103,000 KW at shaft coupling without exceeding normal stresses.

Hydro Generator The generators conform to IEC 34 standards.

Generator Transformers The generator transformers are provided to step up the generating voltage of 13.80 KV to 400.00 KV for evacuating power from the Power Plant. Ten 41 MVA, ODWF cooled, single phase 13.8/400/3 kV, and eleven oil immersed, 50 Hz, indoor type generator transformers are provided along with fittings and accessories. We have one standby transformer for emergency use purposes.

Fire Protection System

The fire protection system supplied by Technico (India) Private Limited consists of:

• High Velocity Water (HVW) Spray System for generator-transformers;

• Hydrant system for power house complex;

• Addressable fire detection and alarm system (FDAS);

• Portable fire protection system; and

• Generator fire protection system (dealt with generators) The design, manufacture, testing and performance of fire protection system comply with latest applicable Indian Standards.

Computerised Control System The configuration of the control system is structured keeping in mind parameters such as high availability, safe operations and high performance. The control system comprises of local control Boards (PLC system) that acquire the state of indication and alarm points from the process, as well as analog measurements and digital metering, perform command actions, and execute automatic control and interlocking sequences.

Evacuation of Power

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