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No fee on transfer or transmission Article 45A, provides that no fee shall be charged for registration of transfer, transmission, Probate, Succession Certificate and Letters of Administration, Certificate of Death or Marriage, Power of Attorney or similar other document Power to close register of members Article 46, inter alia, provides that on giving not less than seven days’ previous notice by advertisement in some newspaper circulating in the district in which the Registered Office of the Company is situated, and subject to the provisions of Section 154 of the Companies Act, registration of transfer may be closed or suspended during such time and for such periods not exceeding in the aggregate forty five days in each year, but not exceeding thirty days at any one time as the Board may from time to time determine.

Persons entitled to shares by transmission

Article 47, inter alia, provides that in case of the death of a member, the survivor, where the deceased was a joint holder, and his legal representative, executor or administrator where he was a sole holder, shall be the only persons recognised by the Company as having any title to his interest in the shares; but nothing herein contained shall release the estate of a deceased joint holder from any liability in respect of any share which had been jointly held by him with other persons.

The Board may require any persons becoming entitled to shares in consequence of the death of any Member to obtain a Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration or other legal representation, as the case may be, from a Competent Court.

Provided it shall be lawful for the Board in its absolute discretion to dispense with the production of Probate or Letter of Administration or such other legal representation upon such terms as to indemnity or otherwise as the Board may think fit, without in any case being bound to do so. The powers and discretions of the Board under this Article may be delegated and exercised by a Committee of Directors or an officer of the Company duly authorised in this regard.

Transfer of shares of insane, infant, deceased or bankrupt Members

Article 48 provides, inter alia, any committee or guardian of a person of unsound mind or minor or any person becoming entitled to the transfer of a share in consequence of the death or bankruptcy or insolvency of any Member or by any other lawful means, upon producing such evidence that he sustains the character in respect of which he proposes to act under this Article or of his title as the Board thinks sufficient, may subject to the right of the Board to decline

registration under Article 43 of these Articles, elect, either:

(i) To be registered himself as a holder of the shares, or (ii) To make such transfer of the shares as the deceased or the insolvent Member could have made.

Nomination Article 48A, inter alia provides that notwithstanding anything contained in the Articles of Association or in any other law for the time being in force, where a nomination has been made in the manner prescribed in Section 109A of the Act, purporting to confer on any person the right to vest the shares in, or debentures of the Company, the nominee shall, on the death of the shareholder or holder of debentures of the Company or, as the case may be, on the death of the joint holders, become entitled to all the rights in the shares or debentures of the company or, as the case may be, all the joint holders, in relation to such shares in or debentures of the Company to the exclusion of all other persons, unless the nomination is varied or cancelled in the prescribed manner and the provisions contained in Sections 109A and 109B of the Act, shall be applicable to such cases.

Election under the transmission Article

Article 50 inter alia provides that:

(1) If any person so becoming entitled under the Transmission Article shall elect to be registered as holder of the share himself, shall deliver or send to the Company a notice in writing signed by him stating that he so elects.

(2) If the person aforesaid shall elect to transfer the share, he shall testify his election by executing an instrument of transfer of the share.

(3) All the limitations, restrictions and provisions of these Articles relating to the right of transfer and the registration of instruments of transfer of shares shall be applicable to any such notice or transfer as aforesaid as if the death, lunacy, bankruptcy or insolvency of the Member or transmission or devolution of his share by any other lawful means had not occurred and the notice of transfer was a transfer signed by that Member.

Right of person entitled to shares under the Transmission Article

Article 52, inter alia, provides that any person so becoming entitled under the Transmission Article to a share by reason of the death, lunacy, bankruptcy or insolvency of the holder thereof or by any other lawful means shall, subject to the provisions of these Articles be entitled to the same dividends and other advantages to which he would be entitled as if any were the registered holder of the share except that no such person shall, before being registered as a Member in respect of the share, being entitled to exercise in respect thereof any right conferred by membership in relation to meetings of the Company. Provided that the Board may at any time give notice requiring any such person to elect either to be registered himself as a Member in respect of such share or elect to have some person nominated by him registered as a Member in respect of such share subject to the right of the Board to decline registration under Article 43 of these Articles and, if such notice is not complied with within ninety days, the Board may thereafter withhold payment of all dividends, bonuses or other moneys payable in respect of the share, until the requirements of the notice have been complied with.

The Company not liable for disregarding of a notice prohibiting registration of transfer Article 53, inter alia, provides that neither the Company nor any of its Directors or other Officers shall incur any liability or responsibility whatsoever in consequence of its registering or giving effect to any transfer of a share made or purporting to be made by any apparent or legal owner thereof as shown or appearing in the register of members to the prejudice of persons having or claiming any equitable right, title or interest to or in such share, notwithstanding that the Company may have had notice of such equitable right, title or interest or notice prohibiting registration of such transfer and may have entered any such notice or referred thereto in any book or record of the Company, and the Company shall not be bound or required to regard to attend or give effect to any such notice nor be under any liability whatsoever for refusing or neglecting so to do though it may have been entered or referred to in some book or record of the Company, but the Company shall nevertheless be at liberty to regard and attend to any such notice and give effect thereto, if the Board shall so think fit.

Transfer of Debentures Article 54 provides that the provisions of these Articles shall mutatis mutandis apply to the debentures or other securities issued by the company.

Term of Issue of Debentures Article 54A, inter alia provides that any debentures, debenture-stock or other securities may be issued at a discount, premium or otherwise and may be issued on condition that they shall be convertible into shares of any denomination and with any privileges and conditions as to redemption, surrender, drawing, allotment of shares, attending (but not voting) at the General Meeting, appointment of Directors and otherwise Debentures with the right to conversion into or allotment of shares shall be issued only with the consent of the company in the General Meeting by a Special Resolution.

Joint holders Article 55, inter alia provides that where two or more persons are registered as the holder of any share, they shall be

deemed (so far as the Company is concerned) to hold the same as joint tenants with benefits of survivorship but so that:

(a) The Company shall be entitled to decline to register more than three persons as joint- holders of any share, and (b) The joint-holders of any share shall be liable severally as well as jointly for and in respect of all calls or installments and other payments which ought to be made in respect of such share.

Receipts of one sufficient Article 56 states that any one of the joint-holders of a share may give effectual receipts for any dividends or other moneys payable in respect of such share or bonus share.

Delivery of certificate and giving notices to first named holders Article 57, inter alia, states that only the person whose name stands first in the Register of Members as one of the joint-holders of any shares shall unless otherwise directed in writing by all joint holders and confirmed in writing by the Company be entitled to delivery of the certificate relating to such share or to receive notices (which expression shall be deemed to include all documents) from the Company and any notice given to or served on such persons shall be deemed as a notice of service to all the joint holders.

Subject to the provisions of these Articles, the person first named in the Register, as one of the joint-holders shall be deemed as a sole holder thereof for all the matters connected with the Company.

Voting right to first name holders Article 58, inter alia, provides that anyone of the joint-holders of a share may vote at any meeting personally or by proxy as if he were a sole holder thereof provided that if more than one joint holder of the share is present personally or by proxy then such of them whose name stands higher in the Register in respect of such share shall alone be entitled to vote in respect thereof.

Borrowing Powers

Power to borrow Article 59 inter alia provides that, the Board may, from time to time at its discretion, subject to the provisions of Sections 58A, 292 and 293 of the Act and of these Articles, accept, deposits from Members either in advance of calls or otherwise and generally raise or borrow moneys, either from the Directors, their friends and relatives or from others for the purposes of the Company and/or secure the payment of any such sum or sums of money, provided however, where the moneys to be borrowed together with the moneys already borrowed (apart from the temporary loans obtained from the Company’s bankers in the ordinary course of business) and then remaining outstanding and undischarged at that time exceed the aggregate, for the time being, of the paid up capital of the Company and its free reserves, that is to say, reserves, not set apart for any specific purposes, the Board shall not borrow such money without the consent of the Company in General Meeting by an ordinary resolution. The Board may raise and secure the payment of such sum or sums in such manner and upon such terms and conditions in all respects as it thinks fit, and in particular by receiving deposits, issue of bonds, debentures, perpetual, redeemable, debenture stock, or any security of the Company or by mortgage or charge or other security upon all or any part of the property or undertaking of the Company (both present and future), including its uncalled capital for the time being; provided that the Board shall not give any option or right to any person for making calls on the shareholders of the Company in respect of the amount unpaid for the time being on the shares held by them, without the previous sanction of the Company in General Meeting.

Indemnity may be given

Article 61, inter alia, states that subject to the provisions of the Companies Act, if the directors or any of them or any other person shall incur or be about to incur liability or become personally liable, whether as principal or as surety, for the payment of any sum primarily due from the Company, the Board may execute or cause to be executed any mortgage, charge or security over or affecting the whole or any part of the assets of the Company by way of indemnity to secure the directors or persons so becoming liable as aforesaid from any loss in respect of such liability.

General Meeting Annual General Meeting Article 62, inter alia, provides that the Company shall in addition to any other meetings, each year hold a general meeting as its Annual General Meeting in accordance with the provisions of Section 166 of the Companies Act, at such time and place as may be determined by the Board and shall specify the meeting as such in the notices calling it. All general meetings other than Annual General Meetings shall be called Extra-Ordinary General Meetings. If for any reason beyond the control of the Board, the general meeting (including an Annual General Meeting) can not be held on the appointed day, the Board shall have the power to postpone the general meeting of which a notice should be given to the members through advertisement in at least two newspapers, of which one should be in the language of the region in which the office of the Company is situated.

Extra-Ordinary General Meeting

Article 63, inter alia, provides that the Board may whenever it thinks fit, and shall on the requisition of the members in accordance with the provisions of Section 169 of the Companies Act, proceed to call an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting of the Company. The requisitionists may, in default of the Board convening the same, convene the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting as provided by section 169 of the Companies Act. Provided that unless the Board shall refuse in writing to permit the requisitionists to hold the said meeting at the office, it shall be held at the office.

Proceedings Of General Meeting Notice of business to be given Article 64, inter alia, the ordinary business of an Annual General Meeting shall be to receive and consider the Profit and Loss Account, the Balance Sheet and the reports of the Directors and of the Auditors, to elect Directors in place of those retiring by rotation, to appoint Auditors and to fix their remuneration and to declare dividends. All other business transacted at an Annual General Meeting and all business transacted at an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting shall be deemed as Special Business.

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